All in one day…

The gospel reading in church last Sunday (not today) made me think of our own situation at home. You see, my missus would sweat it out in the kitchen every weekend cooking all kinds of dishes for Melissa to bring back to her quarters at her school in Selangau so it would make things easier for her there – she would just heat up what she wants and eat that for lunch or dinner. I, for one, do not think it is a good idea as the weekend, when Melissa comes home, would be the only time for us to spend quality time together and it would be better to do all the cooking on Thursday or Friday and then, enjoy Friday afternoon and the whole of Saturday doing things that may be of general interest before  we send her back on Sunday…like last Saturday (not yesterday), for instance.

While everyone was still asleep (I get up very early in the morning, you see), I cooked this simple fried rice dish, Chinese style with lap cheong (Chinese sausages) and egg and some frozen peas that I found in the freezer…


…for breakfast. I would prefer it kampung-style but Melissa is not fond of that as she had been eating it that way at the stalls across the road from her teacher-training institute in Sungai Petani, Kedah all the years she was there and has grown quite sick of it.

Later, we went out for lunch at this place as I wanted her to try the tiramisu mille crepe (RM9.00) and crème brûlée (RM7.00) that I had not too long ago and thought they were both really very good. She had their sizzling chicken chop with creamy mushroom sauce (RM18.80)…


…and she loved it! I don’t know how they cook it but she particularly liked the corn-on-the-cob.

My missus had their sizzling beef with rice (RM10.20)…


I had this before but with kampua noodles and to me, that would be one of the must-try items on their menu. I certainly thought it was really good.

The baked cheese rice with pork chop (RM14.90)…


…that I had was very good too except that it was served with a fork and spoon and eating that slab of meat could be quite a hassle. I would think that they should provide a knife to eat it with…or they could bring along a pair of kitchen shears and cut it into smaller bite-size pieces to make it more manageable.

It was not a very big bowl actually – you can see that the bowl was, in fact, quite shallow…


…but there was quite a lot though – definitely substantial enough for a good meal for one.

We spent the afternoon shopping for stuff for Melissa’s quarters and things that she needed for her lessons and in the evening, we went for the sunset service in  church before going for a late dinner. For that, we went back to this place as we enjoyed the food there the first time around and Melissa said she wanted pasta. However, when we got there, she had a change of heart and wanted the fish and chips that I had the last time around (RM14.90) instead…


Probably she saw that the pasta dishes cost a little bit more, I wouldn’t know…but that girl of mine is always very careful with her spending.

In the end, I ordered pasta myself – their spaghetti carbonara (RM15.90)…


…and shared that with her. It was very nice, really well done and with all that ham and cheese in it, I would say that the pricing was pretty fair. Anyway, we do not get to eat it all the time so I guess it is all right once in a while to pamper ourselves a bit.

My missus ordered the seafood tom yam with rice (RM13.90)…


…which was good but not spicy and I think their version had a bit of santan (coconut milk) added so to me, it wasn’t exactly my favourite. The ones here taste a lot better except that theirs are more expensive and they are not as generous with the ingredients, unfortunately.

After dinner, we called it a day and headed back home. That, I must say, was a day well-spent – bonding with loved ones and enjoying all the food as well.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

24 thoughts on “All in one day…”

  1. Not really into baked cheese rice cause i always think that it’s overpriced and I never gonna order sizzling dishes cause my dad is a chinese chef and he knows how dirty the hot plate is. I don’t mind trying ur fried rice tho! 😀

    Oh? Your dad a chef? In Sabah? And he says those hot plates are dirty? So he does not cook any sizzling dishes, I guess? In what way is the hot plate dirty? Does it rust? It’s cast iron so it probably will…or there are things stuck to it and they did not wash it properly. Most places, I noticed that they line the base with a layer of egg – maybe best not to disturb the egg and just eat what’s on top then – sizzling venison is very popular here…or avoid sizzling plates altogether. 😦

  2. Fried Rice for breakfast ?!?! @.@”, haven’t had fried rice for months, can’t afford to add the calories onto my diet 😛

    We’d keep all the leftover rice, no matter how little…and when we have enough, we’ll have fried rice in the morning. It’s a sin to waste, yunno. I wonder what diet you’re on. Go and exercise, young man…join a gym or something. Even girls do that these days – to stay fit and keep their figure… Of course, there are things best avoided, and things best eaten in moderation.

    1. STP’s got it spot on. If it isn’t for weight loss, Ken, it’s at least to keep your weight at bay.

      Young people, no excuse, eh? 😉

  3. yay, so much food for the family. yeah, the spaghetti carbonara looks nice, very creamy 😀

    Yes, and thank goodness my daughter and I were sharing – too much of such creamy stuff, I get “jelak” after a while… 😦

  4. That’s a lot for the whole day. All looks great. I like the fried rice but would replace the peas with finely chop long beans instead.

    No long beans in the fridge, only peas. You know, I never buy what I use to cook – will always have to turn the fridge inside out to see what’s inside and what I can use… 😦

  5. Yeah, this would be better unless everyone likes cooking and gets to the kitchen for quality time. 3 chefs is a bit too much though, you know how the saying goes. Haha!

    Your fried rice looks good – I prefer it like this too, with lap cheong instead of Malay style.

    My daughter likes it this way – I prefer the kampung-style, anchovies and all… Ya, I will only cook when I’m alone in the kitchen – cannot function when there are others intruding… I’m so very kotak one. Hehehehehe!!!!

    1. Haha! Well, a lot of chefs are like that.

      I do it mostly for fun so the more hands, the better (not too much, had a pizza making session with fresh dough that had 7 people participating at a house party – that’s too many chefs).

      I’m not a huge fan of anchovies so I’ll have lap cheong anyday!

      LOL!!! So I’m not alone then… 😉

  6. Arthur, you and your missus cook food for Melissa to last a whole week at Selangau? She keeps it in the freezer at the school? Your posts about picking up Melissa from her school on weekends reminds me of my pre-university days when I had to stay at a residential school in Terengganu. We were only allowed to go home once a month 😦 I should tell this story in my future post one day 🙂

    Oh? You were in a residential school? Wahhhhhh!!!!! Those schools are only for selected students. You must have been a smart kid, eh? 😉

  7. I never like baked cheese rice. but I dont mind your fried rice. lol

    I’m not a fan either but I just wanted to try – it was nice, like fried rice…unlike what I had before – had to struggle to finish. Cafe Cafe’s nice too…but I have not had it for a long time, so dunno if it’s still good.

  8. So your wife is “Martha”? I guess if the food is going to be frozen and reheated, cooking them a day or two earlier, like you suggested, won’t make much difference.

    She’s “Mary” now after I mentioned it to her – now, we will go out and enjoy the little family time we have over the weekends and of course, we’re looking forward to the school break – just a week away. 🙂

  9. I love the scripture reading you linked too, I do think that is a lesson to all of us to a times remember what’s truly important. At times, meal preparations can wait, spending time with those we love is more important. You had it right, make things early so not to interfere with the times spent with your daughter. It’s something I practice myself. I do a lot while she’s sleeping, so the time when she’s awake can be spent interacting with her. 🙂

    Your daughter is truly blessed to have such loving parents that will do so much for her. Based on your comments about her, it seems you both have been rewarded also since she’s a loving daughter.

    As always, the food looks great. I’m really drawn to the first dish, I guess because I’ve been craving rice for quite some time. 🙂

    Hey! Saw your fried rice – that looked really good too. I just fried some the other day using “western” ingredients – melted olive oil margarine (instead of butter) to fry the chopped garlic, mixed herbs (sold in boxes), worcestershire sauce, cheese and egg and it tasted great! I did add some leftover luncheon meat though…so it wasn’t a vegan dish.

    Yes, when my daughter was small, we used to do everything when she was sleeping. I do believe that what goes around comes around and as one gives, so shall one receive. We are indeed truly blessed and for that, I never fail to give thanks everytime in my prayers.

  10. this post is overloading with appetizing foods huh
    i like each and every dish you’ve got there
    most especially the first and third

    Drool! Drool! Hehehehehehe!!!!

  11. Funny that the fish and chips is cheaper than the pasta, would have thought it’s the other way round! Very thoughtful of your misses to prepare food for Melissa.

    I guess cheese is expensive here and other than cheddar, not easily available, not too sure about pasta.

  12. I dont fancy Baked Cheese rice. Had it once in a popular resturant didnt like it

    Me neither but I liked this one…and another one at another place, that is if they have managed to maintain that standard. Others elsewhere, rather disappointing…

  13. The fried rice looks so yumms! Bet its yumms too.

    The husbter walked pass while I was looking at this post…the he walked back…and requested that I cook lap cheong fried rice like yours…with thick cuts of lap cheong. Hahaha…

    LOL!!! That shouldn’t be difficult to do. I got the lap cheong from my friend in KL, Annie-Q, and if I’m not mistaken, they make theirs themselves…and theirs are wine-infused. Extra nice… 😉

  14. WOW! Look at all of that food!
    I’m going to have to do a Broccoli and Rice Dish, tonight, I think!!!

    I love broccoli…but it’s not cheap here – imported…like carrots and potatoes. 😦

  15. The rice, I like the rice!!! Hahaha, I will have two bowl of it!!! =]

    Hmmmm….control, control. You would not want to look like me, I’m sure…. 😉

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