Much more than that…

I checked out some blogs on how to cook half-boiled eggs, also known as half or soft-cooked eggs, the old school way – the way my mum would do it and those before her. This one, for instance, has really nice photographs and they all said the eggs would have to be immersed in boiling water for 6 minutes to be perfectly done.

Well, I was thinking of having our typical Malaysian breakfast that day – half-boiled eggs with kaya toast and kopi-o (black coffee) so I took two eggs from the fridge and left them out for around an hour and then I rinsed them before use. My missus has this thing about washing the eggs first though I always wonder why since we do not eat the shell – I guess her years working as a nurse have made her more particular about cleanliness, not like me. More often than not, I, on my part, would prescribe to the age-old maxim, “La sap ciak, la sap pui!” – direct translation: dirty eat, dirty fat! LOL!!!

I placed the eggs in my little pot…

Two eggs in a pot

–Β I love this set that I bought from Giacomo a long time ago, three of varying sizes in a set for only RM10.00, if I remember correctly, and this one is the smallest, absolutely perfect for this purpose.

Then, I poured in hot boiling water…

In hot boiling water

…and covered the pot.

In the meantime, I toasted some slices of bread on a non-stick pan (I love having toasts like this – not toasted in a toaster) to make my kaya toasts…

Kaya toast

Incidentally, if you are thinking of buying some kaya, I would not say this would be the best choice. That day, it was more of a case of carelessness on my part. I needed some kaya to eat some kelupis that I had bought with so I just stopped by the mini-supermarket near my house and grabbed a bottle. Only when I got home and sat down to enjoy my kelupis with the kaya did I realise that this was not the brand that I wanted.

I thought I had purchased the made-in-Singapore Glory Brand that I like very much – same kind of bottle, same shape and size, and the labels look rather similar, near identical. Both brands also have the pandan ones but my girl does not like that – she prefers these traditional ones. This brand that I bought is rather sweet, a bit too sweet for my liking, and has that kind of taste that reminds me of those coconut candy that I used to eat when I was a kid – the cylindrical ones in colourful foil, wrapped in transparent plastic wrappers.

However, when applied with a generous amount of butter on toast, it actually tasted pretty good! Still, I do not think I would be buying another bottle as it is more expensive than the Singapore brand so unless they lower the price or there is a special offer, I would still go for the latter.

Anyway, back to the eggs, I waited a little longer, 8 minutes to be exact – 2 minutes extra, and when I broke the eggs, I was rather disappointed…

Eggs, not quite cooked

As you can see in the photograph, they were not really cooked yet, the white especially. Ah well!!! I guess we can literally say they were half-cooked. Tsk! Tsk!

So where did I go wrong? I poured in the water the instant it started boiling so that would rule out the possibility that my boiling water was not as hot as the rest. The eggs did come out of the fridge but I did not cook them right away – that was around an hour later plus I waited an extra 2 minutes longer than the stipulated time. I did not notice at the time but looking at my 2nd photograph, perhaps I should have poured in more of the boiling water to completely cover the egg?

When my missus got up, I asked her how long she would usually take to do this – hers always turned out perfect! Well, she told me 10 minutes…or maybe a little bit more than that. I do not usually do it like this – instead, I would boil the eggs like this, around 3 minutes or a little bit longer from the time the water starts boiling and I would get them the way I like them – egg white already hard, like hard-boiled, and the Β yolk still runny.

I guess I could just put the eggs in the microwave for a bit but I did not bother and I just ate everything just like that…

My traditional Malaysian breakfast

…for my breakfast, no problem at all – no after effects. Perhaps my tummy is steel-lined already from all those years of la sap ciak, la sap pui? Hehehehehe!!!!!

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22 thoughts on “Much more than that…”

  1. I could have told you, dear friend, because I love eggs in the morning and I make them soft boiled where the whites are firm and the yellow is liquidy! About 7 minutes, actually. I allow the water to boil, then gently put the eggs in and time it 7 minutes. πŸ™‚

    I will put them in the water before I start boiling and leave uncovered for fear that they would explode as they are always straight out from the fridge. 3-5 minutes once the water has started boiling and they would be the way we like them. My girl isn’t into her egg white hard though so I would use this old-school way for her…or fry them, she likes them fried.

  2. I never get right with half-boiled eggs. Ooh. Kaya toasts. Hubby bought a can over the weekend. Maybe I can make myself some toast later.

    A can? What brand did he buy? Yeo’s?

    There is a plastic gadget that you can buy and use to get perfect half-boiled eggs. They used that in my school canteen last time…but it is easier to follow what I did in this post – just keep longer, at least 10 minutes and cover the eggs completely with the boiling water.

    1. Yup. Yeo’s kaya.

      I know that plastic gadget. As matter of fact, hubby bought one long time ago and I never use it before. Lol.

      Eyewwwww….Yeo’s. LOL!!! Can give it a try – the canteen people would get the eggs perfect everytime.

  3. I don’t have any strategy to cook half-boiled eggs, I just take them out from the fridge, put water to boil.. Once boiling, off the fire, put aside, and put the eggs in.. Wait about 15-18 minutes, the yolk would be slightly hardened (because I’m feeding to kids, don’t want too raw/runny), kids love it..

    Yes, since our eggs come straight out from the fridge, we would need a longer time. My missus said 10 minutes or more. My girl prefers her eggs fried but she takes them half-boiled because “they are easier to eat” – just slurp it all down. πŸ˜€

  4. I think you lost the heat through the steel pot. Normally I use ceramic bowl or even a thermos mug.

    Oh? Possible. Yes, I remember my mum using a ceramic pot…or was it enamel? Yellow colour. Don’t see much of those around now so we would use those Zebra’s stainless steel “kong” – the mug-shaped ones with a cover. Will try again, longer next time…and in the meantime, I will look for those old-school enamel ones that my mum used before. I think they still have those – colourful ones with red coloured flowers, I’ve seen those somewhere.

  5. Oh, usually i don’t rinse the egg when i cook them… As like what you have mention, we don’t eat the shell…

    Hehehehehehe!!! You’re just like us men, eh?

  6. I never success in making half boiled egg…

    Always ok with my direct-boiling method. Will try again soon, see how it turns out. Very easy, just needs to adjust the timing, I think.

  7. You used to get it perfectly done but this time doesn’t seem right. I am always a failure in half boiled egg. I also has the habit of washing the egg first. Maybe a woman thingy to do so.

    Yes, with my direct boiling method – never a problem. I just thought I would give this old-school method a try, did not turn out right…but sure, I will try again till I get it perfect! Ahhhhh…women, eh? A lot cleaner than us, men. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  8. Hmm a little rare but if its kampung eggs, i don’t mind too ehehehehehe πŸ˜›

    Have kampung eggs, they’re smaller…may not need that much time to cook. Will use those when I try again.

  9. Oh, I never thought of washing the eggs before cooking. next time I will do that… πŸ™‚ I also cannot get the perfect half boiled eggs, I think buying the egg timer plastic container might have a better effect… As for the kaya, homemade ones are the best… and since you are good at cooking, why don’t you try your own homemade ones? I bet your girl will love it!!

    That’s the problem – my girl is not really a fan of kaya, much less the pandan ones…may not mind this traditional ones. That is why I never bother to make my own – most of the time, I am the only one eating it. My sister-in-law makes it very often and gives to us – very easy now, no need to double boil and stand there and stir, just use blender or thermomix, I hear.

    I’m ok with my own direct boiling method for cooking eggs – this time, I wanted to try the old-school method. Didn’t turn out so well, not like when my missus does it, will try again.

  10. Making perfect half boiled eggs is an art. Maybe your eggs are bigger than the ones used in the recipe you followed.

    Maybe. Size does matter too, I guess…and mine came out of the fridge too, that will make a difference as well.

  11. I saw on American Test Kitchen the best soft-boiled egg method is put cold eggs in half-inch boiling hot water, covered for 6.5 mins. Steam will cook the egg whites. Try it πŸ™‚

    Oh? And 6.5 minutes only? Gee! Are eggs overseas easier to cook or what?

    Ya, I’ve watched the video clip. This is similar to my direct boiling method but not exactly the same. Indeed, boiling with the egg half-immersed works well. Just keep time to see whether you want half-boiled…or the white hard and the yolk runny…or the white hard and the yolk still soft and moist and not hard-boiled hard. It is this old grandma method that I am trying out to see how I can get perfect half-boiled eggs. Will update in another post once I’ve got it 100% right.

  12. Actually my daughter love eggs like that, personally I love my eggs where the yolk is just in between wet and dry

    …and the white hard. I like that too, don’t mind the yolk runny sometimes but I would want the white hard. I do not have a problem getting either of those with my direct boiling method – just remember to keep time.

  13. V amusing post uncle Arthur,…reminds me of what my mum always says,..”.la sap chiak, la sap tua….”
    Undercooked or otherwise still made me wanna go and make some 1/2 boiled eggs w kaya toast.

    There is some truth in that actually, too clean, never sick…low immunity, low resistance. As they say, only the strong survives. You’ve gone and had yours yet? πŸ˜‰

    1. Made mine this morning and alas also ended up a tad over cooked despite using one of those contraptions for boiling eggs…looks like it’s always an issues w refrigerated eggs and the duration of time that they need to be out of the fridge….but indeed ur right..being too clean leads to a lack of immunity

      I got it right this morning, so that settles it. Will blog about it soon. I think I would go back to my direct boiling method – I do prefer it done that way.

  14. this is my second favorite breakfast, after bak kut teh of course πŸ˜€

    I would order once in a while for a change but I am more into noodles – for me, bkt’s usually for lunch.

  15. My stomach is just like yours – tahan lasak! πŸ˜€ I have eaten soft boiled eggs like that and suffered no ill effects whatsoever. There is this plastic gadget for making soft boiled eggs. You put the eggs in, then depending on how many eggs, you fill the container with boiling water up to the level indicated. The water will slowly drain out of the container and once empty, the eggs are perfectly done.

    Yes, my school canteen used that and they get their eggs perfectly done as well. I think some coffee shops use it too. I’ve tried it again this morning, quite successfully this time – with kampung chicken eggs. Somehow or other, though they may be healthier, I do not really like them…as they do not have that eggy smell. Eating those, one does not feel like eating eggs at all, takes away the enjoyment. Hehehehehe!!!!!

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