Quite alright…

If you remember, I mentioned in an earlier post that my missus went out and brought home this particular brand of made-in-Thailand instant noodles…

Yum Yum

…and I liked the green curry one. She also bought the shrimp flavour one which I tried but did not really like – though I did not mind the fact that it was extra-spicy, I found it to be a bit too sour. I guess she doesn’t like it very much either seeing that the remaining packets are all still there in the pantry.

What I did not know then was that she also bought a pack for Melissa – the seafood one and she complained that it was too sour and spicy too. Well, when we went over that day to spend the night at her quarters in her rural/jungle school, I ate one for breakfast and thought it wasn’t too bad…so I took the remaining packets home since she would not be eating them.

I had another one for breakfast the other morning and as what I would do these days, I boiled the noodles first and drained them thoroughly…


…and then I cooked the soup and poured that over the noodles…

Soup added

There wasn’t much of anything in the fridge or the freezer so I decided to cook an egg to go with it.

Well, when it comes to cooking eggs, they call me an eggs-pert but that is only true when it comes to half-boiled or hard-boiled ones or fried eggs, sunny side up or omelette. I love poached eggs but so far I have yet to master cooking them like those at the breakfast places – the nice-looking ones on their Egg Benedict or the other dishes.

They told me that I would have to stir the boiling water vigorously and break the egg and drop it into the swirling “whirlpool”. I’ve tried that before but no, Β I was not successful but the other morning, I did it again in the soup that I was cooking and it turned out quite well, I would say…


No, it did not come out looking very nice like a little pouch or purse but at least, that was an improvement from my previous attempts and the egg yolk…


…was runny and exactly the way I wanted it. I wonder if anybody has any idea what I did wrong and how I would be able to get my poached egg to be absolutely perfect.

Moving on, this has got nothing to do with the above but I thought some of you might be interested in these seeds…


I did grumble about my curry leaf plant once – how it would grow out of control but this is the first time I have ever seen the seeds myself and I guess I’m not the only one.

Then, just the other day, I was trimming it AGAIN and I spotted these…

Flowers 1

Gee!!! It flowers too!!!

I am sure many of you have never seen these either…

Flowers 2

Well, I’ve got the trimming done but rest assured that it will grow and grow out of control again very soon and I would have to go through the chore all over again…and that reminds me of a joke about a teacher:

She entered the classroom one day and was shocked to see the word P***S written in very small print on the blackboard. Needless to say, she was furious but she kept her cool and quietly wiped it off.

The next day, she saw it again – a little bigger this time and again, she just rubbed it away calmly.

The third day, there it was – that offensive word again…and even bigger than the previous times. Angrily, she scolded the kids, “If I see that word on the board again, I would not stop till I get hold of the culprit…and if I fail to do that, I would punish the whole class!!!”

The next day, she went to class as usual and lo and behold! There it was – that word on the blackboard in BIG letters and this was written right below it, in smaller print, “You silly woman! Don’t you know that the more you rub, the bigger it gets?”

Well, the moral of the story is – perhaps I should not keep on trimming my curry leaf plant…seeing that it does seem to stimulate its growth so much. LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

28 thoughts on “Quite alright…”

  1. Wakakakakakaka.. You and your dirty jokes!
    I used to play with those curry leaf seeds in Thailand. As kids we used them in the catapult as bullets to shoot the monkeys on the trees! The monkeys screamed and ran away!

    If you go to Thailand now, you will be shocked to see all their instant noodles on the shelves. They seem to make all types of unbelievable flavours. I still like their Koay Chap instant noodles. Damn good!

    Hmmmm….you did not buy any and poslaju to me leh? Sighhhhhhhh!!!!! 😦

    We did not use the seeds of the curry leaf plant – there was a tree with similar looking seeds, green ones…and we used those in our own-made bamboo pop guns. I doubt kids these days have seen anyone playing with that – much less play with one themselves…or worse, make their own. They probably do not get to play with own-made catapults either, I’m sure.

  2. My grandfather liked runny eggs, I never was a fan. Regardless I do like seeing your noodle dishes or any other food dishes that you share.

    I wish we could grow curry here, climate isn’t warm enough to withstand the cold weather we have.

    I never heard that joke before, lol.

    So, now you have. LOL!!!

    I’ve a friend, originally from here, living in SF or LA and she has a curry leaf plant. Not a very big one, growing in a pot but at least, it’s thriving well. I don’t think it will grow very big though – being in a pot, it is somewhat controlled but over there, I guess planting that on the ground is out of the question – not sure if it can survive the winter.

    I love runny egg yolks and it seems many people here love it like that too – or hard-boiled but the yolk is still very soft and moist, not runny. I think they get that in Japanese restaurants with their ramen and that’s how they would want it all the time.

    1. I’ve a friend, originally from here, living in SF or LA and she has a curry leaf plant. Not a very big one, growing in a pot but at least, it’s thriving well. I don’t think it will grow very big though – being in a pot, it is somewhat controlled

      Oh now that’s a thought! California tends to stay much warmer than my area during the fall and winter. After reading your reply, I did an online search, and it looks like I can keep one but it will be housebound! I’m going to get one. Thanks for that tip.

      Here in Maryland, the Farmer’s Almanac, they are calling for unseasonably cold weather and a ‘snowy winter’. We’ll see if that’s true. I love snow so I think I’ll start doing my snow dance now! πŸ˜‰

      Ya, we do experience extremes in the weather these days. Here, it would unbearably hot on some days and on other days, there would be a rain storm. We had hail the other day a week or so back! Good luck with your curry leaf plant – hope it grows well.

  3. Perfect runny yolk!

    those are such gorgeous blooms! Never saw them before actually!

    First time seeing that myself too. Sigh…I was trying to get the egg to look like a pouch or a purse, still can’t seem to do that successfully so far.

  4. That’s a nice bowl of noodles & egg. Me too, boiled & drained to remove the so-called wax. Oh boy, your curry leaves is growing so well and my first time seeing the berries & flowers. Have planted it but not successful. My neighbour has a big tree but never see berries or flowers sprouting out.

    Perhaps they will appear soon. Ya…many of my friends took the seedlings that are sprouting everywhere to plant…but they all died. They keep saying it’s hard to plant…but look at mine! Sighhhhhhhh!!!! Out of control! 😦

    1. Actually my friend gave me the baby plant with roots but still it does not survive. Will get the seeds from my neighbour if I ever saw it. Wondering how yours was growing so well.

      It was all right at the start. Maybe the roots have gone into the hard soil and are spreading far and wide…so we get seedlings appearing out of nowhere…at times, even outside the fence of my house compound…and my regular trimming probably encourages it to grow new branches perhaps.

  5. I saw in one cooking show to get the eggs in a pouch they lined glad wrap in a small bowl n cracked the egg in n tie the plastic tightly n poached the egg as usual n once done just snipped off the plastic.

    Eyewwwwwww!!!! I’ve this thing about cooking things in plastic, no, thank you. I’d rather have ugly looking eggs.

  6. I’m no good in making poached egg. hehe….
    Wah… curry leaves. Every house must plant this plant…. very useful. huhu

    I’m ok…just that they do not look so nice like those they serve in the cafes. Yes, I use the leaves regularly…but they grow too fast, that’s my problem.

  7. I like the egg yolk!!! Hahaha, I always cook my egg like that!!! =]

    The egg came out perfect…except for the appearance – some of the white was stretching out. I’d like it all wrapped around the yolk.

  8. Arthur, you seem to have a great liking on instant noodles! I for one only take them when I am really too lazy to go out on a heavy rainy day… other than that, I sure go tarpau whatever cos the food court is less than five minutes drive away from my house… πŸ™‚

    I wouldn’t say I’ve a liking for them just that there are some lying around in the house (and I did not buy them) so they would come in handy when there’s nothing for breakfast.

    If there is leftover rice, I would fry that or at times, there’s fresh mee or kway teow in the fridge or sometimes, I would fry mihun or cook mee sua…and on other occasions, there may be bread or biscuits/crackers so we’d have that…and of course, I was keen on trying out the top 2 of the Top 10 instant noodles – watch out for No. 7 – coming soon!

    The only thing I would say for sure is that I must have something for breakfast – not just a cuppa to last till lunch…and no, I would not drive out to buy anything these days unless there is a valid reason for me to go out – real lazy these days, must be old age.

  9. Wow…almost perfect done poached egg. I don’t think I can master this skill considering I am not a huge fan of poached egg. Basically I don’t touch the runny egg yolk.

    Oooo…I like! Especially the non-organic ones with the very nice eggy smell. Yummmmm!!!! Muahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜€

  10. What a perfect egg! It seems like you like instant noodles a lot eh? 😑

    Nope to your first statement – it’s not supposed to look like that with the white spreading out…and to the second, see my reply to Claire’s comment…

  11. I can drool by just looking at a bowl of instant noodle. Instant noodles advertisement always made me feel hungry. kekeke…..

    Gosh!!! To me, they’re something I can always have when there’s nothing in the house for breakfast. Can’t say that I love them but I do know of people who would rather have these than rice and dishes.

  12. A friend brought me back some soupy noodle mix from Thailand. It was so spicy I was lucky my tongue didn’t fall off. πŸ˜‰

    I also got a few from my friend, Annie-Q. Very nice – I think I have a couple of packets left but they’re all in Thai so I may not really know what’s in them. Just have to guess by looking at the pictures.

  13. ooh looks good to me though.. there are times we crave for instant noodles with egg, and it was the moment I saw those photos in this post!!! you are wicked~~

    Huh? Pictures of instant noodles make you crave for them? Aiyor…. It would take more than that to make me drool. Hehehehehe!!!!

  14. Super like your noodles last pic with runny sunny !!! I’m trying my best not to buy instant noodles knowing I will be craving for it everyday if I start eating them.. argh.. evil post !!

    Hah!!! I don’t buy but my missus will…to keep in the house just in case and in the end, I’d be eating them all one by one. Hehehehehe!!!!

  15. I love runny eggs! I think it is easy to handle compared to doing that hard boiled egg with runny yolk, so hard. Usually i will crack the egg in and turn off the fire just before i take out the noodles. I let the egg cooked by itself with the hot soup. Yum! Now, i want my instant noodles.

    It is all right when I’m cooking instant noodles – just break the egg and drop it into the pot – will be perfectly done after a short while. My problem is when there is just boiling water in the pot and I want to cook poached egg looking like a purse, for example…to place on top of my toast – just cannot get it right but I certainly will go on trying. Will blog about it once I succeed. LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  16. Heheh, eggs-pert, that’s very cute! I’m only an eggs-pert at eating them! πŸ˜€

    Lucky you! Either you have someone to cook for you or you can afford to eat out. I guess it’s the latter since you seem to dine out all the time…in style. πŸ˜‰

  17. He he… Nothing can beat our very own Mee Maggie lah.

    >Nice! I suppose that usually, they do have something like this for Malaysia too – what’s your contribution?

    Sure got Malaysia festival in London. Also got Singapore one.
    Thailand, Taiwan, Turkey, Spain, France, Russia, Korea, etc. I have been to these country-based festivals here.

    Contribution? Don’t ask like that lah. Me malu now.
    Does eating count huh? πŸ˜‰

    Good! Good! At least you do go to support…and your favourite’s a Malaysian product! That’s the spirit.

  18. Cheeky joke πŸ™‚ Some years back my curry plant also flowered, small as it was. But they just fell off after that and did not become seeds like yours.

    I don’t know. I saw the seeds first…and then the flowers. Dunno which came first….

  19. Hahahaha! Like the joke!
    Hmm, an eggs pert, huh πŸ˜‰.
    I love eggs in all forms – hard boiled, soft boiled, poached, fried, steamed, scrambled.. Do you know how to make a perfect steamed egg, Arthur? Please blog about it if got chance.

    LOL!!! Steamed egg? Many have been blogging about that these last few days – the three-in-one…like Phong Hong, for example…
    My mum used to cook steamed egg, plain with soy sauce – loved it then but I’ve never cooked it myself…nor the three-in-one.

    1. Thanks for sharing Phong Hong’s blog on the three coloured steamed egg. I love this dish but dont know how to cook. Will try one day. But I can’t even make a normal perfect steam egg! 😦

      Welcome. Good luck!

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