Deep purple…

My niece gave me these made-in-Singapore noodles sometime ago…

Purple wheat noodles

…and I loved the chili lime flavour…

Chili lime
*Archive photo*

…very much. Yes, they’re purple – after all, as you can see on the packet, they’re purple wheat noodles. She only gave me one packet of the aglio olio…and since my daughter’s a fan of pasta, I thought she might love that and gave it to her – and she did. That, of course, meant that I never got to try it.

Well, they are now available at a supermarket near my house – the Marketplace at the Delta Mall and the other day, my daughter bought me a pack each of both flavours. I think they’re over RM9.00 for a pack of 5 so it works out to around RM2.00 each. No, it’s not cheap but we do get some nice products from the island republic here and if we convert the prices back to their currency, somehow or other, it does seem that they cost more over there – not very much, but still, they’re cheaper here…and I don’t know why.

Anyway, I took a packet of the aglio olio flavour to try the other morning. Inside, there were the very fragrant canola oil and the seasoning powder…

Oil & seasoning 1

…which I placed on a plate…

Oil & seasoning 2

…following the instructions given. I only used half of the seasoning powder though in case it might be a bit too salty for me. Incidentally, I checked the fine print and I was delighted that there was no msg in the list of ingredients…or maybe, I need a pair of glasses, I wouldn’t know.

I boiled the noodles, drained and tossed them with the ingredients and served with a bit of green veg and one hard-boiled egg…

Aglio Olio purple wheat noodles

Yes, it was very nice but if I remember correctly, I prefer the chili lime flavour more but that was quite a while ago and I can’t really tell. I will have to cook that one of these days to confirm.

Oops!!! The yolk was not as soft and moist as I would like it to be…

Hardboiled eggs

That’s the thing about residual heat in cooking – whatever you cook, it will still go on cooking as there would be the heat all around till it has cooled down…and in boiling eggs, usually I would leave it in cold water while I go on to do some other things prior to peeling and serving. That morning, I forgot to do that and I took quite a while to cook the noodles and that was the result. Never mind! It was still good and that was all that mattered.

Anyone wants to try the noodles?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

26 thoughts on “Deep purple…”

  1. Didn’t know they have such products there in Sg! Would definitely hunt for them, thanks for sharing. I love aglio olio, and this doesn’t look like it has a lot of calories does it?

    I haven’t the slightest idea. Because of the colour of the wrapper, it is near impossible to read the fine print at the back…or for me, at least.

  2. Something fancy about purple food, but i guess usually with desssert
    i’ve try made purple yam pasta and it’t turn out great, tempting to try the purple wheat noodle…..
    lucky you my friend…

    I had purple sweet potatoes just the other day, the Japanese variety…and yes, yam’s purple. Both make great desserts.

  3. Your first picture attracts me… Aglio Olio “instant noodles”… Whoa, I would LOVE to try them.. I don’t think we have it here in KL… Oohh, from your previous posts (I stalked your blog previously too ok), I know you make very nice hard-boiled eggs with runny yolks..

    Dunno if you can get these over there or not. This supermart near my house is well-stocked with Singapore products – the only place in Malaysia where one can get Walkers Scottish shortbread for under RM10.00, cheaper than even the DF shops at the airports. Another supermart stocks up on Australian products and stuff from overseas. After conversion, prices also more or less the same as overseas – but not cheap though…in RM.

  4. Egg-xpert, though the egg looks a bit overdone but still looks good.Love the colour of the noodles. Very unusual & rare colour. Am drooling right now.

    Can’t say I like the colour but yes, it tastes good – love the chili and lime. Just had a packet this morning…with one half-boiled egg for a change. 😉

  5. i’ve seen noodles of white, yellow, cream, green and even black color but this is the first time i see purple!! how call me jakun but it’s interesting, haha..

    i wonder why is the color purple?? purple wheat, does that mean the color comes from the “purple wheat” (got such thing ah??) or there’s some other ingredients that make it purple?? mind to take a photo of the back of the package and show the ingredients?? 🙂

    See my response to Ken’s comment. I’m sure there are many things that we have not seen. Anyway, you can read about it here:
    Why, they even have bread made from the wheat – so do expect to see purple bread soon…not just the black charcoal ones:

  6. Next trip to Singapore, I must look for this too! Wheat noodles, if not mistaken, Mary Moh did them for me when I visited her in Aberdeen… very sedap!!

    Hers purple too?

    I went and checked – she served you buckwheat noodles, like Japanese soba. Don’t think they’re quite as purple as these.

    Next trip to Singapore? Not coming to Sibu kah? I’ll buy them here, give to you. After conversion, may be even cheaper. Come, come!!!

  7. Instant noodle sure has come a long way, would love to try this!

    It’s nice…but not cheap though. What to expect, imported X 2.6 in currency exchange? 😦

  8. instant aglio olio? wow! will ask my friend who’s studying in Sg to bring some back for me. and a laksa flavour one, forgotten which brand, but heard that it’s on par with our My Kuali white curry!

    Prima Taste, I’ve blogged about it. May be nicer…but very big packet, must share by two…or halfway jelak already. Rich, got santan.

  9. Never seen this brand before. Wow…. instant aglio olio. Amazing what the manufacturer can do. Next time maybe got instant kampua !

    But purple noodles….a bit weird.

    FYI, there IS instant kampua available here now. You must have missed my numerous posts on it. Take a look at this one:
    Ya, I guess the colour takes getting used too but we do have purplish-red unpolished rice that is supposed to be very much healtheir – more or less that colour…and I think I would prefer this colour to black buns or mooncakes.

  10. Pricey but….kira okay la coz see from photo , the portion like quite big

    Not really, normal. From Singapore mah, price X 2.6… Well, at least I’ve tried – cuba, jangan tak cuba.

  11. ‘Interesting’ color!

    The Japanese sweet potato I had the other day was this colour too…and so is yam.

  12. i want! ohhh yeah new food for the uni life.

    Come on over, I’ll get some for you…and of course, our Sibu instant kampua too. Or I’ll bring some should I hop over anytime. 😉

  13. So far I have seen the Gardenia purple wheat bread and I like it but noodles, no. I don’t think this product is available here. I don’t mind trying it of I see it.

    Oh? Gardenia has the bread? How was it? I guess, like the noodles, it’s just the colour – tastes the same as any other. Dunno if you have it there or not. Haven’t seen anyone talking or blogging about it.

  14. This looks interesting. Maybe i should go and get some to try. I think i will like the Chili & Lime flavor and i don’t mind to try that Aglio Olio out too.

    Can get them here in Sibu. Small town, don’t play-play…we’ve everything! 😉

  15. This is new to me. Haven’t seen them in KL. Really dont play play, huh…Sibu everything also got 😉. Chili & lime flavour? Interesting. Should be nice.

    Not bad hor, Sibu? Melissa’s friend who came from Kedah was amazed!!!! Bought so many of the imported stuff (chocolates) home – cheaper than at the DF shops at the airports.

  16. hello can i know where to get these noodles in sibu?

    I did state the place in the post: “The Marketplace at the Delta Mall”. That’s the supermarket at the basement of the shopping mall (where Popular Bookstore is), Jalan Pedada.

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