Jar of hearts…

There are movies…and there are epic movies and there are  songs…and there are songs that take my breath away. Nope, that Titanic theme song is not one of those songs on my list – somehow, it brings to my mind images of a life-support machine. LOL!!!

But come to think of it, I have not heard a song that I really like for a long long time. It certainly does not help one bit that the teeny-boopers everywhere have gone crazy over kid with a pre-puberty voice…and have you listened to the lyrics of some of the songs lately?

There is one that goes, “Do you ever feel like a plastic bag?”  and another one says, “Ain’t about the cha-ching cha-ching, aint about the ba-bling ba-bling!” and don’t get me started on those Korean songs that young people seem to love to bits these days – I really wonder if they can understand a word they say.

One of the newer songs that I quite liked was “Just the way you are” – not the Billy Joel classic of the same name but a totally different song by Bruno Mars. However, it certainly did not sweep me off my feet and finally, when I was beginning to give up of ever hearing another great song, I found one – this one…

It certainly put me off when I read some of the comments on the video clip about her looks and her teeth. Good grief! Shouldn’t it all be about the talent and not the appearance? No wonder we’re getting all the songs these days that are not really worth a listen – I guess the artistes are all good-looking!

Christina Perri

I love this original version best because of the emotion in the voice – the feel in the song, the hurt, the anger…that is missing in this cover version by that youtube sensation…

…even though I think he did pretty well, I must say and I do enjoy some of his songs like his medley of the old and the new “Just the way you are”, for instance.

Then, this particular song that I love is featured in Glee too…

…but out of the three, I still prefer the original. What about you?

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24 thoughts on “Jar of hearts…”

  1. I must be getting old, coz I feel the original sounds good. Lol!!! :p

    Why old? This one’s quite a new song and I think the original’s the most rockish of all – good taste, you have, my friend! 😉

  2. I sooo love this song arthur… oh and the Glee version too… okay lemme check that Sam Tsui version…

    Aha!!! You have great taste in songs…like me! Hehehehehehe!!! 😀

  3. whoa… not bad… i like it too actually… i should subscribe in his Youtube… I like listening to different covers you know haha…actually sometimes covers are much better than original hahaha

    You should! I love many of his covers – the Michael Jackson medley’s a really good one…and of course, the Just the way you are medley. Brilliant! 🙂

  4. Hmm…venturing into music now huh? This is a lovely song! Gosh I’m so out of touch with pop music. All I listen to now is Baa Baa Black Sheep, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Row Row Row Your Boat, heard of them?

    I like the cutey in the middle. Maybe I’m biased. Love the guitar playing.

    Don’t worry. As your kids grow bigger, you will also grow with their choice of songs…and when they’re teenagers, you will be so up-to-date for someone your age. LOL!!!

  5. When I am being driven in my oldest gal’s car, its Buble. 2nd gal’s MJ, Stevie, Sinatra n French songs. Hub’s Beatles, Uriah n Mcartney n in my car, I play Sudir, Siti, Lobo n when I pick my son up, his ipod blares Korean n Glee, Adele…so guess Im very ‘eclectic’ in music! P.S. btw love the ‘karcherng teecherng n pingkiling’s song haha!

    That’s “Price Tag” – good easy listening song and for people at clubs but not one that I would consider a great song.

  6. yeah it’s just wouldn’t be bored listening to the fav songs over & over, the songs I love mostly come from U2 🙂

    U2? Haven’t heard anything since their collaboration with Mary J Blige on “One”. Not my favourite but I’m ok with some of their songs like “With or without you”, “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for” and “Beautiful Day”.

  7. Dont like original, prefer hot & spicy..oops sorry wrong blog wrong time and wrong comment..thinking of food..putt thor ell liao. *hungry* haha

    You good friend of the old man, Colonel Sanders lah? 😉

  8. Love Christina Perri, nice song and voice. About looks, great mah..cant understand some of the comments from YouTube, think they should look themselves in the mirror first before putting those remarks.

    Yalor! True, so very true… After all, beauty comes from within but unfortunately, many are unable to see beyond the superficial.

  9. What a great Sat morning start, to get to enjoy some good songs at ur site! Sorry… I prefer Glee’s since I’m a fan of it, muahahaha! (Bias bias)

    Definitely a biased opinion… LOL!!! I’m no a Glee fan; in fact, I think most of their covers are not as good as the originals…except maybe “I want to hold your hand”.

  10. By the way, Jar of Hearts happens to be my Marvell’s favourite, he introduced this song to me, when he kept singing along with it and i said what song was that son, “jar of hearts ” lah papa,,,, must be updated lol, i wish i could be saying something as such to him sometimes

    Yup…best way to bond with kids – share their interests. So you have to update yourself now – keep up with the times… Hehehehehe!!!!

  11. oh, first time i heard of it.. cikgu, i think i m extremely backdated when it comes to 2000’s songs… i m more familiar with the 1980s only.. gosh.. that makes me sound so old, huh… these days, most songs I do not know much unless my girl turns on the youtube and plays the songs over and over again..
    when we are in the car, i go for Light and Easy.. and she goes for Mixed FM with all the rap and current songs which are mostly all noise to me! hahahaa…

    Hahahahaha!!!! Ketingallan zaman dah! I always keep up with the latest songs but most of them I know but I do not really like them – just listen. Very few that I would consider really good songs these days…

    1. Oooo…. I like Light and Easy, very soothing.

      For old people…oldies but goodies. Hehehehehe!!!! 😉

  12. Hahaha!…change your taste to songs now. I would prefer sentimental oldies songs only (English & Mandarin). Not really into songs that makes my head spin when I listen to them. Those shouting up and down!…gerrrrrrrrr!…..PENGSAN!!!!…..

    Looks like you’re in the same gang as Claire – don’t tell me you’re in our same age group. Of course, I’m VERY young at heart…and I’m not so much into oldies. Hehehehehe!!!! 😉

  13. Me, more or less your age group..Hmmm….maybe slightly few years younger, hehehehe. Every Sunday nite from 7pm-9pm, got very nice mandarin oldies on air. I enjoy listening.

    Not into Mandarin songs though there are some that I like. Listen to TraxxFm 6.00-9.00 a.m. Saturdays & Sundays for some very old oldies…and from 9.00 a.m. onwards till 1.00 p.m. to some not-so-old oldies. I will always have my radio on at these times on these two days.

  14. Singers with pre-puberty voices? Do you mean Justin Bieber? 😛

    It is sad fact that people of today are quite shallow. They focus more on the looks and the drama instead of the talent of the singer. That is why some of the artists prefer to do some stunts just to get attention like Lady Gaga.

    I hope that talent become the center of music industry, instead of the looks or the stunts.

    Yup! Not a fan of that Justin nor a number of others currently very popular in the pop music scene. True, no talent so they depend on gimmicks to sell their music. real sad. Like the Koran boy bands – great looks, great dance moves…but I really don’t know how to appreciate their songs – and I do not understand a word, anyway.

    1. Yeah. Those Korean Pop fans makes me curious. How can they enjoy Korean Pop songs if they don’t understand a thing?

      Search me. Many of them admire their good looks, I guess…

  15. i prefer the original version too. This is the first time listening to this song. Thanks for sharing.. 🙂
    hello STP, i found your blog through your many friends in blogsphere like Claire’s and Eugene’s. This is a very nice blog of yours and nice to meet you. 🙂

    Thanks for dropping by and thanks for your compliments. Will link you in my blogroll and will hop over to yours soon as I can. Well, hope you like the song – I love it!

  16. so that is the song. i like it 🙂

    You’ve heard it before? And you do not know the name? When I first heard it on the radio, I liked it instantly but the deejay did not mention the title nor the name of the singer so I had to remember some lines from the song and google…and that was how I got the info. Thank goodness for google. LOL!!!

  17. My son say you are so hip!!..and you got good taste…he’s a big fan of Bruno Mars ( he was so dissapointed when he could not attend Bruno’s concert in Auckland recently ). At the moment,he’s practicing ‘Just The Way You Are’ for his piano piece.
    I agree with you whole heartedly on that plastic bag song ( Katy Perry – Firework ) and that Ba bling song (Jesse J – Price Tag).Cannot tahan them…hahaha.I however like that Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol and my all time fav is When The Stars Go Blue by Tim McGraw.Old song la.
    I like the emotions of the first song but prefer the melody of the second one.Third punya I belum listen sebab I tengah tengok American idol and going to the airport to fetch the orang putih.

    Hehehehehe!!! I’ve always loved music ever since I was a kid and over the years, I’ve been keeping up with all the new releases but lately, there aren’t many that I would regard as my favourites – most are quite forgettable. I like Chasing Cars too and their other hit, Run (also sung by Leona Lewis). Not into country – that’s why I’m not loyally following this year’s American Idol – none that I think is really great. Bruno Mars was in Auckland too? He was in KL not too long ago. I know Kate Perry was in Welly but I wouldn’t expect Melissa to go and watch – not really a fan of hers.

  18. Sighhhhh… u know something? These days, it’s really hard to find very high quality singers… these days we have ladies who wear meats and boys who looks like girls. Sobs… I miss my Elvis~

    Michael Buble? 🙂

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