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I drove past this coffee shop the other day and I noticed that there was a new stall in front. So I decided to stop by to check it out. It turned out to be a Malay stall selling the usual stuff – nasi lemak, mee goreng, bakso…and even halal kampua noodles.

The Chinese stall where I had the kampua noodles that I thought were not really that great was still there – in the middle with this new stall to the left/in front and to the right/at the back, I spotted a familiar face – the old lady who was originally in this coffee shop long ago and then she moved to the one across the road and now she had come back to this one. If it’s of any interest to anybody, the one across the road, Peter’s Cafe, has closed down or moved elsewhere…and so has Courts Mammoth which used to be right next door.

That morning, I ordered the lady’s mee goreng istemewa (fried noodles special)…

FastCafe mee goreng special 1

…which came with a fried egg…

FastCafe mee goreng special 2

…and some masak hitam beef…

FastCafe mee goreng special 3

Well, it was still as nice as ever and the best part was that it was only RM3.50 a plate.

We have to pay RM3.00 at least for the Foochow fried noodles at the Chinese stalls/shops and most  of the time, all we would get would be some tiny bits of meat and spinach. Based on that consideration alone, I, for one, would prefer to come by this shop and enjoy this instead…for just  50 sen more. What about you?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

35 thoughts on “Left & right…”

  1. waash i’m drooling over that saucy noodles… actually i partner it with rice too… even those instant canton noodles.. yum yum

    Noodles with rice? Eyewwwww…..like the chow mien rice I had in the UK. I did not want the rice but they insisted that I had it the way they served it…so in the end, I took it…ate the noodles and threw away the rice. Tsk! Tsk! Grrrrrrr!!!! LOL!!! 😀

  2. the real economical meals i can have now is in USM itself. for RM3.50, i can have a plate of fried rice with fried chicken and egg. but sometimes the chapfan (mixed rice) is kinda pricey too :S.

    That’s the same price. Hope it’s good – usually canteen stuff not very edible…

  3. Gosh.. it has been some time since I eaten mee goreng! Normally I order koayteow goreng with cockles and eggs.. how “sinful” hahaha… I don’t mind trying this plate of mee, looks moist enough.. dont like to eat those dry mee goreng, they were like “dry rubber bands.” LOL…

    I think it’s the noodles you people have over there – more “khiew” and more yellow. Ours not so hard, not so yellow…but must eat quickly if there’s sauce as they may get too soggy. Come, come and try…and see whether ours are like rubber bands or not.

  4. i love mee goreng with fried eggs!

    This Malay mee you gaul with the (Sarawak) masak hitam beef…very very nice! Yum! 😀

  5. I was just telling my friends this morning after reading the headlines news about everything going up up and up, the next time i will tao pau ” roti to the coffeshop ” and order a cup of hot water and pour my 3 in 1 cofee mix,,,,,,,then only i can fight the inflation………………….

    Have a great weekend

    I still think things here are still affordable – cheaper to buy and cook our own at home, of course…but no need to go through all that trouble yet. May have to do that if the prices keep going up.

    But I see all those breakfast at McDs, KFCs, Subways and the like…so expensive and yet so many people want to go leh? People must be very rich hor? I don’t think I want – 1 breakfast there, I can eat my nice cheap kopitiam breakfast for 3 days.

  6. is this what we call the mee goreng mamak ..i love when the lime juice is squeezed on the noodle…yummm!!

    I guess that’s what you people over there would call it. We do not have mamaks here so I guess it is just mee goreng or mee goreng Melayu here. 😉

  7. I concur…love the look of the noodle…slightly wet and colour see also syiok…hehehe ( colour very important lor! ). This noodle seller Malay or Chinese?..a bit confusing la your story goes.

    Malay. Two Malay stalls in the same coffee shop selling more or less the same things – very strange arrangement…so they’re located, one on one side of the non-halal Chinese stall, something that you would never see in the peninsula. Very common here – side by side. Hah!!! So you like the colour lah! Not pale like the kampua…and yet you went and married an orang putih. Hehehehehe!!!!

    1. Eh, name only orang putih but he was dark ( bronze ), tall (only now I know he’s not the average mat salleh height..hahaha and for a person who is not even 5 feet tall, he’s considered tall la ) and handsome ( now,all kedut already although he started to get keduts pretty young…it’s the mat salleh thing..muahahah) from all his wind surfing activities. But now,when he’s naked, you’ll have to cover your eyes from the whiteness of his skin or else glaring..kih!kih!kih! NZ cold, ma..so cannot lie down like a whale at the beach to sun bathe. Nowadays, we are the perfect hues of yin and yang…one so white and the other so black!!
      In Subang Jaya,USJ 4 got a coffee shop that got a Malay hawker amongst the Chinese non halal ones. I think I’ve seen a few too around PJ and Puchong area and a few years ago, I saw one in Penang too.

      LOL!!! You’re not even 5 feet tall meh? You look quite big in the photo – I mean big, not fat but maybe, that’s an old photo. Muahahahaha!!! I haven’t noticed any – even at Jalan Alor – they’re on different sides of the road and definitely not in towns like Sg Petani. I think that was why when I had a photo of a stall selling char siew and pork leg and a Malay stall right behind it, somebody commented on that: https://suituapui.wordpress.com/2010/09/30/almost-there/

      1. I only 147cm..not even 5 feet..sob! sob!…but kecik cute,ma..defination of cute:-small but ugly!!!
        Oii..what you mean I look big? old photo or new photo, still same height, what…only size aja different!!..and the photos are new photos ler…I’ll update every month my photos from now on…grrrr!!!

        Ok! Ok! Jangan marah! Nanti cepat tua… LOL!!! 😉 Not big lah….normal, but you don’t look like you’re below 5 feet at all. Must be really cute lah…or else why would the mat salleh want to kahwin u…unless there’s something else that I don’t know… Wink! Wink! Muahahahahaha!!!!!

  8. Oh!…my tummy is growling now. Love this type of mee goreng….looks just nice …not too dry. The mee looks so shiny and tempting and with the egg and beef, it sure taste great!. It somehow goes well with a squeeze of calamansi…YUM!….YUM!….

    Yum! Yum indeed! Very nice. This lady’s noodles are my favourite…among all the Malay stalls in town. Her nasi lemak also nice…but the ones at the stall are cheaper and also nice.

  9. I prefer koay teow and bihun to mee…. but this one looks so good! Wouldn’t mind having em.

    This Malay stall no kway teow…and as for mihun, wait for my post on that…coming soon.

  10. My own homecooked mee goreng always don’t turn out nice, maybe the gas burner not strong enuf, so I prefer eating out too n Mee Siam also nice!

    The traditional nyonya mee siam? Fried mihun and then you pour the nice taucheo sauce over it? I love that! Cannot get it here. Used to eat in Singapore – my father’s friend – the wife could cook…so very nice. Never had that since… 😦

    1. The one I had was soupy,sui sui ti ti n a bit spicy,always had that at the Parkway Parade food court, reli nice! Don’t know if they have the dry version u mentioned?….

      Yup, the sauce/gravy is sui sui ti ti. I remember, the mihun had a lot of chives/kuchai and sliced tau kwa and you pour the sauce/gravy over it and eat – like mee jawa/rebus/Bandong. Definitely not soupy like laksa. I have the recipe somewhere – tried once but was a flop – you know I can’t follow recipe one. I think this one comes quite close to what I had: http://bestrecipeonline.blogspot.com/2009/04/mee-siam-singapore.html

  11. RM3.50 with egg… and meat (beef) !! thats a real steal. A simple mee goreng here without any extras will set you back rm4.50 minimum.. But i’m not really a fan of mee gorengs, always if I were to order, i’ll go for the maggi goreng instead

    You KL people kaya raya bah! LOL!!! I would never order maggi mee outside – I have the idea that if I want that I can cook it myself at home. 😉

    1. Haha I guess you’re right. KL ppl really kaya, but I am Penang Lang.. ><

      Maggi maggi mee maggi 😛 how's your friday STP? tomorrow will be going Langkawi, might be away from the blog for the next 2 days. Do enjoy your weekend ya!

      Wah! Go Langkawi…. See! So kaya, just a weekend and off to a holiday resort. 😉 Penang lang, work in KL earning big money! Poor me, just stay at home. Sobs!!!!

      1. :p it was a free hotel room stay courtesy of holiday villa. Since got free might as well take the chance to try it out

        I see. You’re so lucky. Eat free, sleep free…everything free. Some people have all the luck in the wolrd. Sigh! 😦

  12. oo…i thought the top there is sambal belacan. Yum yummm if eat with smbal belacan.

    Our best-in-the-world Bintulu belacan RM50 or more per kg…you think they will give to you? Dream on! Other belacan, no need lah! I also don’t want. LOL!!! 😀

  13. Dunno why still prefer mee goreng in Penang yet to try a nice one in KL yet. Sorry taste bud set at default cant reboot or refresh to change it. Old dog cant do new taste woh hahaha but can still eat mee goreng in KL me very cincai one *ahem*. Normally would like the egg on top of nasi goreng instead of mee.

    I love egg on top of anything. Hahahahaha!!!! But for fried rice, the egg is usually mixed with the rice leh? I would get fried egg like that with nasi lemak, not nasi goreng.

  14. cheap man..but i prefer maggi goreng 🙂

    I’ve tried maggi goreng once a long time ago…at a mamak stall somewhere in PJ – not nice. Like I said earlier in my reply to a comment, if I want maggi mi goreng, I’d just fry my own at home. I’m sure nicer, more ingredients and cheaper too!

  15. That plate of fried noodle looks so nice and the portion are quite big. We had mee goreng yesterday evening too. First time to that mamak shop and will be our last too. Taste was nice but the noodle was extremely expensive. Only a few strand of noodles and cost us RM4 / plate. Like eating gold.

    Well, I had fried mihun this morning – RM5. Watch out for my post on it… Hehehehe!!!! 😉

  16. I love mee goreng. I prefer mee goreng in Sibu than the one over here. Here the yellow noodles got a kind of smell which i don’t like. I notice that Sibu yellow noodles got no “smell”. *slurp slurp*.

    That’s what my relatives in Kuching say – so special occasions, may even ask me to buy and take over to Kuching for them to cook. Maybe over there, they add a lot of what they call “kee” to make it “khiew” and that’s why it’s more yellow and harder.

  17. Oh this is one of my favourites. Certainly looks delectable! 😉

    I guess you can have this, minus the beef in which case it would be much cheaper – around RM2.50-3.00, I think.

  18. Mee mamak….i defintely love it…I prefer Malay food than Chs food.

    You do? Where do you go for nice Malay food in Sibu? Any good ones that you know of? Or do you cook your own?

  19. For only RM3.50? Of course I’d prefer this to the Foochow noodles, although I haven’t tried the latter:P But I love mee goreng especially with an egg on top! yum!

    Good choice. Both nice but this, I think is nicer but the other one’s also good. Nice to have a change frequently, not eating the same thing all the time… Just can’t understand how people here can eat kampua noodles everyday!

  20. Many shops are closing or moving. Is it because of the bad economic situation?

    Dunno. Maybe moving to a better part of town – new area, new shops…more happening.

  21. Look great! For RM3.50, it is cheap by Miri standard! A little too oily for me… remember, I have taken that green stuff out of me already!

    Yes, one thing I notice – the Malays use a lot of oil in their cooking. When I buy their food, I would put in the fridge first…and then I would remove the thickened layer of oil on top before heating it up and eating it.

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