Am I that easy to forget…

I guess when one gets older, it gets a lot easier to forget…and I did! I went out for dinner and I forgot to bring along my camera! Anyway, I’m not going to let that stop me from posting about it…

It was on Mother’s Day when I took my missus out to dinner at Payung Cafe here…

Payung Cafe Sibu
*PayungCafe photo from Facebook*

Sounds familiar? Well, I’m not surprised as I’ve been there here, here and here…but it was the first time for my missus.

I ordered the lamb masala (RM16.00 with rice)…

PayungCafe lamb masala
*PayungCafe photo from Facebook*

…but I was somewhat disappointed. Firstly, it certainly did not look like in the photograph – there was a lot of gravy and I would say that it was something like curry, a few days old. To me, it tasted kind of peculiar…probably because of the yogurt used and I’ve never been a fan of yogurt. Perhaps some people would like it but for me, I would definitely not be ordering that ever again.

My missus had the green curry (RM15.00 with rice)…

PayungCafe green curry
*PayungCafe photo from Facebook*

…and again, it did not look anything like the photograph but the consolation was that it was very nice.

I ordered the mushroom roll that I had had on my previous visits for my missus to try and we also had the banana cake with ice cream for dessert. Other than that, we shared the jelly pisang too.

All in all, it certainly was a delightful dinner although if I had known, I would have ordered something else instead of the lamb masala. While we were there, I spotted this photograph of the Payung rojak (local salad)…

Payung rojak
*PayungCafe photo from Facebook*

…and I thought it looked really good. From the name, I thought it would be something like the Penang fruit rojak but obviously, this is nothing like that. According to the proprietor, it is very popular among diners there and many would come back for more.

Well, I certainly would want to give it a try, should I happen to drop by the place again. Anybody coming to Sibu anytime soon? We can have dinner there, my treat! Wink! Wink! LOL!!