Day and night…

I came a number of times to this restaurant…

Mitsu Sibu

…in the morning for the dim sum but I had never been here at night. I knew they were running some kind of restaurant business in the evenings and lately, they are also having shabu-shabu (steamboat) if that is your preference.

Well, I was invited to dine there the other night and this was the first dish – the sio pua (hot plate) as it is called here…

Mitsu sio pua

It was so very nice and while the others were raving over the Taiwan sausages, I was stuffing my face with the ham – such thick slices…and so many! Here, four paper-thin slices of frozen ham would be selling for well over RM10.00.

I did have a bit of the other stuff as well and after all that, I was already full. Good grief! And dinner had barely started! LOL!!!

Then, we had the soup that shall not be named…

Mitsu sharks fins soup

They were very generous with the expensive stuff but I thought the taste was just so-so. I can think of a few places where I feel the soup is nicer.

Then came the fish head curry…

Mitsu fish head curry

…and the funny thing was that it was not served with rice as they would at other places…or at least, with some bread or deep-fried mantao (plain steamed buns) for diners to dip in the gravy. The dish in itself was quite nice though – not the best that I’ve had, but it was good enough.

The asparagus was good…

Mitsu fried asparagus

…especially with the huge fresh clams used in the cooking.

The cheese chicken had a very strong cheese flavour and many at my table did not like it very much.

Mitsu cheese chicken

I thought it was all right, quite nice…but I don’t think I would be craving to come back for more.

The tofu with spicy fermented bean sauce and meat was all right too…

Mitsu tofu with fermented bean sauce

…but I was already too full by then to truly appreciate it.

I did not touch this last dish…

Mitsu abalone baby kailan

…as I was sure that if I had forced anything else down my throat, I would explode! LOL!!! For one thing, many of the invited guests did not turn up…so there were only six of us at a table for 10 people and all the dishes were extra huge. Personally, I would very much prefer smaller servings but better quality stuff instead.

We had this for dessert…

Mitsu custard pudding dessert

The custard pudding was a bit hard and I prefer caramel instead of the chocolate sauce that they used.

That table cost RM350 which is not really expensive, I would think. For one thing, I don’t know if it is like that every night or it just happened that there were so many of my ex-students with their families or friends having dinner at that same place that night and they all stopped by to greet or say hello – so much so that the people at my table said that I would have to be very careful where I go or what I do outside…and some even said that I should stand in the next general election. LOL!!! Thanks…but no, thank you.