Say what you want…


I wrote this poem for a contest on TraxxFm and it won me a free one-night stay with buffet dinner for two at Hotel Melia (opposite Berjaya Times Square) in KL…

Like the rigid palas leaves
Bending but not breaking
Thus are the people
Of different colours, different creeds
Interwoven as ONE

Like the individual grains of rice
Tightly wrapped within
The diverse cultures
Of each and every single race
Merge together as ONE

The savoury flavours blend
With the sweetness of santan
Likewise, through thick and thin
The people endure the bitter and the sweet
Sailing through all storms as ONE

ONE people, ONE nation
Together side by side
Hand in hand in perfect harmony
Amidst peace, progress and prosperity
We are ONE, we are MALAYSIA.

Somebody has asked me why I have never published it in my blog all this while.  Well, the simple reason is that I just simply do not see that kind of true Malaysian spirit as I had spelt out in the poem anywhere in our midst, that we would just have to admit…and I did not want to sound pretentious or hypocritical and come across as an ostrich sticking its head in a hole and pretending that everything is all right. Well, THAT was in 2005, long before all this big hoo-haa about 1Malaysia, all that typically Malaysian ultra-superfluous pomp and pageantry like it is going to make one hell of a difference. Well, say what you want but I simply cannot foresee how that is going to happen when on one hand, one says this…

Headline 1

…and on the other, somebody else in the pack says this…

Headline 2

Just pick up any day’s newspaper and look at the headlines! Every day it’s the same old story…

Headline 3

It is always a matter of you or me…or even you and me, but never US!

Happy National Day, everybody, for whatever it’s worth! May God bless this country of OURS…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

18 thoughts on “Say what you want…”

  1. Living in a country like Malaysia, you can’t run away from politics. It’s always race-based. Look at us – all our lives we have been in Malaysia and can’t even speak Mandarin and we are still considered ‘pendatang’. Very sad but true!

    Blame the politicians – always playing with racial sentiments to win votes – all for their own selfish gains!…And all those people with a superficial sense of superiority but a miserable inferiority complex!

  2. well, STP u should have been credited with 1malaysia. sadly we are not really one in the true sense…everybody is talking about their own interest and the the privileges that they have….that idea must be abandoned and we should move forward to things about ALL OF US BEING MALAYSIAN! the 52 years has been a long and winding road. time for all of us to start thinking of the benefit that each and everyone of us can bring to every 1 regardless of race, colour or creed…..

    Ya, I grew up at Simpang Tiga where the Malay and Melanau kampungs converge…and all my childhood friends were Malays and Melanaus – no Chinese other than the Chuas – but they’re Chinese in name only, more Melanau, in fact! We were the epitome of 1Malaysia…the REAL thing!

  3. can i assume that you won’t be displaying the jalur gemilang at your house or on your car??

    i know i won’t.

    Nope. I won’t be home. Sleeping in some hotel in KL… Anyway, I have NEVER done that all these years, and I see no reason to start now.

  4. Met a friend for the first time from Sibu
    He was so nice , and always so cheerful.
    A blogger friend i admire who is truthful.
    Hope our friendship will grow from Penang to Sibu.

    The noodles you gave me tasted so wonderful,
    But it was only good for a few mouthfuls.
    How i wish you could supply me with another loadful
    So everytime i take a sip, will remind me of a friend i have from Sibu.

    Wah! Suddenly inspired to be so poetic kah? Hahahahahahaha!!!! Aiyor…so paiseh! When I get home, I get your address and then I courier to you. Should have brought more…

  5. I agree with you Suituapui! It’s never about us. Is all about me, you, they etc. But seldom…rarely or never about us! Haih…what a shame!

    Until then, all that 1Malaysia crap is all sound and fury….nothing more than that!

  6. Tax payers shall be treated equally. All have contributed to the nation building.

    Unfortunately, cronies are digging deep into the country coffers just to enrich themselves.

    As the English proverb goes, power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely…

  7. Politicians are nothing but a bunch of useless people feeding on taxpayers money. We pay them to read ridiculous news.

    Gone are the days when they were noble…and served the people…

  8. I thought ‘1 Malaysia’ is suppose to be a new shopping complex!!!!!!

    Gosh! You’re up early!!!….Like 1Borneo…or 1Utama…. LOL!!!

  9. Sibu Food review
    1. Best Kompia and char mee (not foochow style) – Taman Jubilee (we went twice for kompia)
    2. Best milo (says Sam cos its not hot and super ‘kau’) Taman Jubilee
    3. Best ice kacang – shop next to Emas Corner opp Sanyan
    You must try the cucur sayur at my favourite tee piang shop in Rejang Park. 3 for RM1. Very nice.

    That Rejang Park shop…have to go early lah! The Taman Jubilee is the “branch” of Kin Coffee Hut – among the shops opposite SHS… Don’t think I fancy ice kacang…

  10. I always have the same thought like you. Why can’t we have us and not you or me? Even in class, students will say that race is better than the other one in certain subject… well… in my case, Maths. I tried to explain that it has nothing to do with the race but they couldn’t accept it. It is more as attitude problems.

    Ya, attitude problem indeed…and somehow some people tend to be very lazy and not motivated at all, as if they own the whole world!

  11. sigh.

    when will malaysian get amalgamated?

    i love all races… in fact most of my friends are chinese.
    we love each other without care of the race, religion and skin color.

    politician always create havoc about the racism which will bring no benefit to any of us.

    they should be smart and find a way to unite all races in malaysia instead of being bias.

    big sigh.

    p/s: i like your poem.

    Thanks. I like your post on this too. We’re talking about the same things…just in different ways.

  12. Well, all I can say is that, with these type of racial parties and politics going on, Malaysia is just as hopeless as other 3rd world countries.

    Btw, get Chan Lilian out and get her to treat you shark fin soup!

    Ya, and with the recent riots and all that, it certainly seems that we are becoming just like the rest of them! The cow’s head affair has got to be the worst!!! It is something sacred – those insensitive people involved should be arrested and thrown into prison under ISA. Bet that would happen instantly if somebody takes a pig’s head and throw it into their place of worship… And in the same breath, they dare to proclaim 1Malaysia! People are not blind…

  13. Sir, glad that they post ur poem in the Borneo Post today, on the eve of Merdeka Day. Too bad they din publish all ur post, esp the 2nd part of it, wch i think its quite meaningful n relevant to watever scenes we r seeing in our country rite now. anyway, Happy Merdeka n glad u enjoy ur holidays. Cheers!

    Ya, I told them not to print that part as some over-sensitive people may take offence. If they choose to come to my blog, then that’s their choice… They can always leave when they do not like what they see!

  14. Agree with you. What about us? What about today? Reminds me of Daughtry’s number. :p

    Safe journey home!

    Thanks, I’m finally home. Too bad everybody can’t be like us – different races whatever colour or creed, we’re the best of friends – we are the true 1Malaysia!

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