Glory of love…

I guess some of you would be familiar with this product…


What I know is come Chinese New Year, there are people who would buy this and roll it in those frozen popiah (spring roll) skin and deep-fry to serve as snacks. Well, I would say that it tastes great on bread and crackers too and with the astronomical price of our straight Rajang hay bee/udang kering (dried prawns), this would be a sufficiently-nice alternative instead of making our own. Even the cheaper variety of those dried prawns ain’t that affordable anymore these days.

This isn’t all that cheap either actually – one bottle would cost more than RM10.00 now but the other day, I saw some on special offer at around RM9.00 only so I bought a bottle…and among all the things that I did, I used it to cook some fried rice. Of course, I would need the usual ingredients for that…


…and having fried a handful of ikan bilis (dried anchovies)…

ikan bilis

…till golden brown, I put in the sliced shallots and garlic…

shallots & garlic

…and after those, the rice…


Then, I threw in the sliced chili and chopped spring onions before adding three spoonfuls of the serunding udang

chili, spring onions & serunding udang

…and fried it altogether, making sure that everything was mixed thoroughly and evenly. Lastly, I added the eggs…


…and once they were done, I dished out everything and served – with a sprinkling of more serunding udang on top…

Fried rice

Frankly, I did think it could do with a lot more of the serunding udang in the frying but at that price, I guess one would have to use it sparingly and be happy with it. Of course, it would be a whole lot nicer to pound one’s own sambal hay bee and use to fry the rice but these days, I guess we do not have much of a choice but to do without all those luxuries.

Well, on a brighter note, it’s National Day today…so Happy National Day to all fellow-Malaysians and do enjoy the weekend, everyone, here in our home…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

22 thoughts on “Glory of love…”

  1. oooh, that is a nice one!! i just love fried rice, of any kind.. wanted to go to bed but saw this new post from you.. see, you have made me hungry now!! @#$%^&*?!!

    Hahahahahaha!!!! Go to sleep! Got water at your place? Cannot mandi, cannot cuci gigi… Eyewwww!!!! I hear some diesel spill there, water supply cut off…and some people have checked into the hotels even?

  2. Happy National Day to you & family. Cooking any special dish for this occassion. The fried rice looks great. As for me, I usually fried with ikan bilis, eggs & chinese sausages only. Simple & nice. Yum!!!..Yum!!!…

    In my case, it is either ikan bilis OR Chinese sausages, never the two together. One is kampung-style and the other’s Chinese, not so bersepadu… Oops! LOL!!! Happy National Day to you all too, have a great weekend.

  3. Hey, I must look for those shrimp floss! Never seen before perhaps because I haven’t actually looked for such a thing. Really like the look of your fried rice. Yeah, hay bee is very pricey. Have to eat sparingly 🙂

    Have to learn to do without…or at least, with less – can’t have it all anymore these days… 😦

  4. ooo, i haven’t noticed this serunding udang before either. yums, i just woke up and haven’t had breakfast yet. am inspired by your post to go look for some fried rice with egg 😀

    Lots around…but the ones outside, the really nice ones are few and far between – I would order something else when eating out – not fried rice. Prefer my own.

  5. Oh Bananaz favorite fried lice would be those much smaller ikan bilis top up with one flied yummy. Used to eat this kampung style flied lice at PWTC during those working days there

    Wahhhh!!!! PWTC! So high class your fried rice… LOL!!! 😀

  6. Happy Merdeka… Hahaha…and i like your fried rice style!

    Same to you. You do? More or less the same recipe as usual – just a little bit different here and there.

  7. Nice fried rice. Must try your cooking one day. Wait for me, ya??

    And Happy Merdeka! I love this song too.

    Same to you. Ya…you’ll be here for a while, I guess so not a problem at all… 😉

  8. Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Happy Merdeka to you, wife and Melissa. Hope we will live in a blessed and peaceful country for many years to come.

    I seriously hope that you will come over here and cook all bloggers a nice dinner! You never failed to impress me with your culinary skills, This fried rice also made me drool.

    No problem. As long as somebody is willing to let me use his or her kitchen. Yours?

  9. Nice to eat kapit with roti. Lol..probably u think me weird la :p

    No leh. I do that all the time – I did mention that in teh past. Been doing that since young – with my own sambal hay bee.

  10. I love fried rice and your version of fried rice shown here looks so tasty! Yummy, one of my favourite type! Anchovies… the more the merrier 😄Looks more appetising than the one you ordered at a restaurant some time ago ( it was not so nice looking but you said it was ok).

    Ya, I love anchovies in fried rice…gives it a lot of taste and no need to add salt some more, already salty enough.

  11. By the way, at this hour, my stomach is growling after looking at your fried rice. All your fault! 😩

    Oh dear! But no worries over there – KL, the city that never sleeps… Can get lots to eat any time of day. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  12. Wah, looks sedap, one plate please 😦 😦 😦

    You want kah? Fried wor…and got dried shrimps and egg and ikan bilis some more. High cholesterol! LOL!!! 😀

  13. Love any type of fried rice, but i will opt out that shrimp floss, it taste like “hay bee”? I don’t know why i don’t like hay bee taste. 😛

    Lucky you! So expensive now, sure you can save quite a lot since you will not have to buy those.

  14. When I saw this post, the day you posted it, I bookmarked it since I would love to make homemade shrimp floss at some point. I see shrimp paste, but I never heard about “shrimp floss” until I started reading your blog. I’ve found a few recipes for it and one day soon I’ll attempt to make my own.

    Now you have me craving some type of fried rice dish. Perhaps I’ll make that today with wontons and Spring rolls. I think my nephew would like that. I know he likes Asian cuisine. Poor kid, gets a lot of purchased foods not too many home cooked meals.

    I wouldn’t know how to make shrimp floss – it must be quite a lot of work. That’s why considering that and seeing how much dried prawns cost these days, I thought this one was reasonably-priced…but of course, I shouldn’t be consuming too much factory-manufactured bottled or canned stuff – dunno what preservatives and all that kind of stuff they’ve added to the product.

  15. I’m thinking about trying my “Vegan Egg” called a Vegg to try and make a Egg Fried Rice of sorts 🙂 Your photos inspired me to try it!

    My mum used to fry rice with just shallots and egg added. Maybe I can try one…without the egg one of these days, a purely vegan fried rice. Will need more vegetables though – to give it the taste.

  16. Can I know where you bought it? The Chilli Shrimp Floss

    Available at all supermarkets and mini-supermarkets e.g. Kim Tak, Sibu…but I saw many bottles at Ta Kiong (Sibu too) a week or two ago – on special offer.

    1. Ohh..At east malaysia ar…I stay at west malaysia..bad luck~~

      You should be able to find it there. It’s made in West Malaysia.

      1. I tried to find most of the place but still cant get it..

        Oh dear. They’re all over the place over here…

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