Turn back the clock…

I came to Penang last Friday (20th) to spend my daughter’s one-week break with her on the island…

Father & daughter

…and my radio-friend in KL, Mandy, was so kind as to arrange her work trip to coincide with my visit, so she could be around these parts at the same time and she even went out of her way to pick my daughter up at Sungai Petani and bring her over to the hotel on the island. Such friends are real gems, worth their weight in gold…and believe you me, she’s no lightweight or featherweight! LOL!!! Well, I’ll be seeing her again tomorrow in KL…

And a big thank you to you too, my niece BDQ and Jon for taking us out for lunch. Nice guy, I must say! Wonder when they will finally decide to pick a date…LOL!!!

And I am also glad to get to meet Shenton Geikie – a friend I made on Facebook…

Shenton and me

I knew the aunt way back in the 70s around the time when she was Miss Tourism Sarawak…and just imagine, after all these years and on the other side of the country, I got to meet her nephew. Life can be so interesting, don’t you think?

Then, there was also my ex-student, Mac, who also drove all the way from KL…


…with his friend, Joseph, who’s originally from Penang…


…and the two of them came in this black thingy…

Mac's car 1

Mac's car 2

…to take me out for lunch in Air Hitam. We had what Joseph claimed to be the best Penang char kway teow on the island…

Air Hitam char kway teow

…and then, we adjourned to another place where the two had Penang assam laksa, the best as well according to Joseph, but I was already too full by then and decided to give it a pass…

Air Hitam assam laksa

My best buddy from Penang, Eng, is back also and we managed to go out for dinner and so on a couple of times. If you can remember, he flew in to Sibu the evening before I left to come over here. He said he’ll be dropping me off at the airport tomorrow…before sending my daughter back to Sungai Petani. I am truly blessed to have such good friends all over…

We also went out for lunch at the Chinese Recreation Club (CRC) with Edmund, a close friend of mine from way back in 1973 when we were in Singapore – 36 years ago! I will have a post on that at a later date.

And last but definitely not the least, it is my honour and utmost pleasure to have had the chance to meet Penang-blogger, Eugene, and his very lovely wife and two sons…

Eugene and family

They were so nice as to take the afternoon off to bring my daughter and me out shopping and eating nothing but the best in town. Thanks so much, Eugene – I owe you one! Do come over to Sibu one of these days, you and your family, and I certainly hope that I can treat you all just as well.

Gosh! How time flies! I will be flying off to KL tomorrow, staying there till the 1st of September when I’ll be on the morning flight home! Then it will be back to the grind!….Sigh!

I reckon there will not be any updates while I am in KL…so everybody will have to wait till I get back to Sibu to find out whether I’ve been (mis)behaving myself while I am there. Have a lovely weekend, everybody!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

21 thoughts on “Turn back the clock…”

  1. good morning STP.. reading this sends a pang of regret to my heart for being unable to meet u up… what time is yr flight to KL on saturday from penang?

    10 something. Should be heading to the airport at around 9…and then my friend will send my daughter back to SP. Hahahahahaha….you’re FC again! Where’s that sleepy head, tekkaus? Still lost in Dreamland?

    1. so early.. think we cannot reach in time… anyway, have a nice smooth flight to home sweet home.. hope u have enjoyed your stay in Penang… i notice that the first pic with your daughter was taken in G Hotel.. i like that place, the 1st time we went there to stay, it was only 204rm.. now i heard it has gone up a lot…

      Ya…Eugene took us to G Hotel and Gurney Plaza. RM204!!! So expensive! Cititel RM135 less 20% for stays over 3 nights = RM108 a night (room only). I used to get govt rate RM150 during my previous stays, inclusive of breakfast for two (Walk-in diners pay RM26 each), so it also comes down to more or less the same…

      1. RM204 was last year… now 300rm over la.. at least… and the time we went was near christmas too so for 204rm considered cheap… πŸ™‚ this saturday we r staying in B-suite near my son’s college, 125net with 2 single beds, what i like is that it is very spacious, 10 persons anytime can sleep .. but on the floor la.. hahaha.. but your cititel hotel is very worth it, esp after the discount…

        125…more expensive leh? Cititel also twin single beds unless you request for a king size bed… Can squeeze in more people but definitely not 10! LOL!!!

  2. *wave* hi Melissa πŸ˜€

    STP, phew! luckily u still look da same! (still as big as usual) *flee 636257845871 miles away*

    LMAO! Notty! Notty! Spank! Spank! Hahahahahahaha! Come to Penang how to slim down! If to Sg Petani, maybe lah…

  3. Not stopping at Kuching?

    Nope…no excuse to drop by. I’m going to KL as my daughter’s going back to SP tomorrow (Saturday), their week starts on Sunday one! And I’m waiting for the 1st = holidays over, so air ticket a lot cheaper, good excuse to stay on in KL for a few days

    1. Good excuse. More gathering in KL, I guess. Staying in Mid Valley’s hotel? I like the Chinese Restaurant there. The food is good but expensive.

      Nope. Staying at the not-so-nice Bintang Warisan in the Bukit Bintang area…because of the location. More happening! Not into shopping, so no point staying in Mid Valley…

  4. Really nice for you to have so many good friends all around Malaysia. Wherever you go, there are friends waiting for you. Blogging really bring you a lots of good friends…and good foods! Haha.
    Enjoy yourself in KL for the long weekend+National Day!
    Happy Holiday!

    Thanks. Ya…what is life without good friends? And good food?

  5. It has been great pleasure to have known you in person, and has been an honour to play host… you know i dont simply take people around one,,,, only those who my criterias… such as 1) Being very good in english,you score 10/10,,,, being able to eat,you score too. 3) being able to give me free promo of my blog,you score too. 4) being easy to get along with, you did well. 5) being truthful and sincere,you damn good 6) being just yourself.. you are truly one……

    thank again bro, “i wish that i could turn back the clock, bring the wheel of time to a stop, back to the day,, when char koay teow was so much better”
    Remember this song bro?…Johnny hates Jazz..

    take care now

    Shhhhh….pretend you dunno Johnny hates jazz, so retro! Then people dunno you’re so old and like me, they’ll think you’re in your late 20s only! Muahahahahahahaha!!!!! Thank you, thank you…for all your kind words! I can say exactly the same things about you…

  6. War…Mandy is really good huh! She is indeed a diamond in the rough. War…you are able to meet the niece after a few decades? Haha πŸ˜€ War…the car looks nice aye.

    Warr…Eugene looks very hip ha. πŸ˜€

    Not my niece after a few decades lah, my very good friend from way back in 1973 when we were in Singapore… You sleepwalking, didn’t read carefully kah? Ya…Eugene real cool one, looks like he’s in his late 20s…but actually much older…..but still a lot younger than me! I’m an ancient relic liao lor! Can put on exhibit in Malacca!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  7. Wow…long holidays!! Hope you have a fun time in KL, see can “bump” into you or not. hahahhaha

    Ya, I badly need this break…. No point working so hard all the time, not enjoying life. After all, life is not all about money! Live life! Cherish it…and cherish your friends too!

  8. hi uncle!

    1. u’re very very welcome. anyway, it’s family obligation MUAHAHAHHAHAH!! justtttttttttttt kidding. ( HI MOM & E-E & UNCLES & AUNTIES !!! I’M SURE YOU’RE READING THIS!! bila gik agak penang? keke )

    2. pick what date? huh? *puts on blur face* no such thing okaayy.. i’m staying in the queue, thank you very much.

    3. thank you for the lard biscuit thingymajiggy, suddenly forgot what it’s called liaw!

    4. i believe that black thingy u mentioned is your friend’s batmobile kekeke.

    enjoy the rest of your holiday!

    Hahahahahahaha!!! Never mind! Hari Raya, will have to use your transport service for Melissa…and don’t worry, will get you more yum yums from Sibu…and ang pao too!! Hehehehehehe!!!!

    You wait for the queue….dunno how long you’ll have to wait! Taking his sweet time!….

    Batmobile! I was thinking of Knight Rider…

    Sure will, heading to KL tomorrow. You still in Penang? Flying to Kuching tonight, izzit?

  9. I’m glad you enjoyed your Penang trip, as evident from your free flowing posts πŸ˜‰

    Good friends, good food. I think heaven must be like this, and better.

    Yes, indeed… I guess I deserve all this after all the years of toil and deprivation! Now must pamper myself a bit while I still can!

  10. wah…really enjoying yourself this time…meeting old friends. i catch up with you when you are back here. maybe can go for some light meals…..u had plenty of good food in penang hahahaha cheers!

    Go back…have to eat bubur and ikan masin liao!!! LOL!!!

  11. Joseph is good looking. Pheweet.. and the satria neo is matt black! wow… cool… can’t help but laugh when u called it “this black thingy”

    Ya, he’s cute. I think he looks even nicer in person…but unfortunately, I think he’s taken. Vacancy closed! LOL!!! And what “black thingy” were you thinking about? Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  12. It is like those requesting days of meeting request fans huh. STP. that is why you will be forever young. And the rest of us follows…..

    Yes, old habits die hard. Some things never change. Those days, I also had friends wherever I went – all avid radio listeners and request fans!

  13. nothing much i could say here is this time i really couldn’t make it.
    fever, running nose and sore throat.
    all came at once.
    went to the panel clinic and as usual i got those prescription like vit c, paracetamol and even gastric pills.
    i didn’t fast for few days too.

    i feel bad that i couldn’t make it.

    i even texted you thinking that i could make it on friday nite but too bad still the same result.
    i drove from jetty to bayan lepas in 2 hours.
    by the time i reached home, it was about to break fasting.
    right after eating, my legs was pain and end up i fell asleep exhausted from the bad traffic earlier on.

    i do hope can meet you if i got chance in the future.

    did you tell joseph about this visit?
    i seriously forgot to tell him as well.

    sorry again ya.

    Nope, I do not have Joseph’s contact. I never got it from you or him. Never mind! There’ll be other times. My missus and I may go again sometime in November to help my daughter move all her things back. Next year, she’ll be going to Wellington…so I don’t think I’ll be heading that way anymore then…

  14. oh gosh STP!!! You’re at KL!????!!!!!!!

    Yes, I was…but I’m back in Sibu now. Everybody ran away when they heard I was coming…but Daniel did drop by and we went for dinner together. I hear you’ve got a bf already…so I didn’t want to kacau2 lor… LOL!!!

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