It’s just another New Year’s Eve (2)…

There we were, my missus and I – stuck in KL on Chinese New Year’s Eve…and it so happened that my auntie was in town with her daughter and her grandson, staying in this hotel…

Melia KL

…which was very near the one where I was staying. I stayed here once before when I won a free one-night stay, inclusive of breakfast and buffet dinner for two for a poem that I wrote in a National Day Creativity Contest on national radio – TraxxFm.

Anyway, my auntie asked us to join them for the New Year’s Eve reunion dinner…and initially, we wanted to go to Esquire Kitchen but it was closed for the festive season. In the end, we settled for the poolside…

Melia KL swimming pool

…barbecue and steamboat buffet at…

La Brisa by the pool

in the hotel itself.

Here, you can have glimpses at the salad, fruit and sushi bar…

Salad bar

Sushi bar

…and the dessert spread…

Dessert spread

There were a lot of choices as far as the meat and seafood were concerned…

Meat & seafood 1

Meat & seafood 2

…and we really had a feast that night…

BBQ steamboat

Healthy eating

The others had wine but I did not drink a drop. Instead, I went for the dessert and I particularly loved their durian dodol, so much so that I had seconds…and thirds…

Durian dodol

So, thanks to my auntie – there we were…all the way in KL, getting together and having our own “reunion dinner” on Chinese New Year’s Eve. It certainly did not turn out too bad after all…

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23 thoughts on “It’s just another New Year’s Eve (2)…”

  1. I have heard of Melia Hotel, seems like it is very popular with Sarawakians.
    Is the dinner a ‘everyday thing’ for the hotel or just a CNY special?

    No idea. I just went and ate! LOL!!! πŸ˜€ The hotel’s right opposite Berjaya Times Square – ideal for shoppers…but I guess you’d rather stay at Millennium or Marriot – close to Pavilion! Hehehehehehe!!!!

  2. met up with the turtle from kk on tuesday.

    Yup! He told me…and was singing his own praises – how you guys never grow old…unlike the ladies from your time! Chesh! Did you hear that his return flight to KK was booked for March? ROTFLMAO!!! He had to rebook and fly the following day instead… Not old, he says? πŸ˜€

  3. Hi, it was a last minute’s change of plan that I need to travel on the 3rd day of CNY. Rachel joined me in KL too. She took a flight to Melbourne this morning from KL departing at 1 am. Should be touching down soon. She will stay a night in her best friend’s house and take a flight to Adelaide tomorrow.

    So, we miss the catching up!

    Happy New Year, still, while observing the Lent Season! God Bless.

    Oh dear! Missed meeting her and you too! I just got back on the night of the 1st Day…was recuperating the 2nd day and visited parents and in-laws only. 3rd day, I was attending a wedding and I met Clare – asked her if she went to ur place… Didn’t know you had left by then. Anyway, Qong Xi Fa Cai…hope it will be a great year for you, Rachel…and the rest of your family!

  4. Yes, I seen this hotel before too.. right in town.. so your cny eve was not too bad after all, a reunion with your auntie and company.. and the yummy seafood too plus the 2nds and 3rds helpings.. i guess u must have a real satisfying meal that night! πŸ™‚

    Ya…it was a delightful dinner and evening. Thought my missus and I would have to spend Chinese New Year Eve at KFC or McD’s… LOL!!!

  5. The spread looks good but if I were there I would have walloped the wine instead. Haha! Hey that last pic with the seeds looks very artistic…did you do that?

    Yup…thought that would make it more presentable. πŸ™‚ Hey! The wine wasn’t inclusive! Had to pay separately – a hundred plus a bottle!!!

  6. What is that seed little thingy on the plate of that last pic ? I feel….eiii….i think i have phobia on these

    Some kind of sago thingy to go with the ice kacang. I did not have that – just for decor… My auntie said they used to have that long ago – not easily available anymore. At first, I thought they were the seeds of the kiwi fruit! LOL!!!

  7. so many greens but i think u took to look healthy insted consume…lol

    i dun like anything produce with durian as the smell made me vomit… :O

    Oh yes! We took a lot of greens with the meat and seafood – scared next day constipate! LOL!!! Then you’re like my girl – she doesn’t like durian either!

    1. I oso dun like durian. Smell onli feel headache oredi. 😦

      I’m not a fan of durians but I love those durian desserts that they sell at places like Mid Valley, Sg Wang… Ooooo…the durian pancakes! Like ice cream! Yum! Yum!

      1. 😦 I cannot tahan durian… and I wouldn’t touch durian if they’re not frozen up!!! LOL… will only take durians if they’re cold… hot hot punya durian i dun like… to smelly, and taste too weird!

        I thought there are certain hybrids that West Malaysians love – golden colour, does not have the slight bitter taste, not so smelly compared to the natural original ones…but the die hards would go for the real thing, nothing less!

  8. Kudos. At least you’ve been to the restaurant that I haven’t been. ooh I like steamboat… and I’m sure you ate quite a fair amount right?!!

    Ah! Maybe we can go there the next time I go to KL. I’m cheap – senior citizens get a special discount! LOL!!! That night, only my auntie and I were eligible. I ate quite a lot…but old people, not like in the past. I guess that’s why they give us a discount! 😦

  9. OMG, makan again? LOL… Eh, the seafood looks very nice. Was it fresh? LOL… the swimming pools really looks tempting…with this hot weather, i can really use a good swim!

    Ya…next time I will bring my swimming gear…but hopefully, all the water will not overflow. Worse still, diners may mistake me for a whale! Hahahahaha!!!!

    1. Ahahahahaha…. dun worry… whale black colour wan… where got whale brown in colour? Ahahahahahahaha….. aiyohhh, on a serious note…the weather is really terrible this year, sizzling hot… 😦 Even if go swimming oso, nid to put on some sunscreen, if not will be toasted!

      Swim in the evening…or at night!

      1. Definitely cannot swim at night. Will easily catch pneumonia. I caught it once, and God, i dun want it again. It’s horrible!

        Aiyor…u so sickly one meh? This sick, that sick… In the end, this cannot, that cannot…so susah like that.

  10. Good! At least you got a decent meal on the chinese new year eve. The steamboat look very good and yummy. Hmmmm…durian dodol as dessert i will said “no” hahahhahahha. I don’t like durian too. πŸ™‚

    Gosh! Then why do they seem so popular…and are so expensive? Seems like many people do not like them? Ya…anytime better than KFC or McD’s! LOL!!! Come, see your photo in tomorrow’s post! Hehehehehe!!!

    1. Annie oh annie…. bila mau belanja gua makan steamboat? LMAO….

      Hey! Who was supposed to be organising a bloggers’ meet? Penang-Ipoh-KL-Sarawak etc… That would be a good place. The kids can all go and play in the pool…

    1. I second Merryn. I would rather eat maggie mee with people that i love, rather than eat shark fin’s soup with people that i cannot tolerate. Eating with loved ones, even when the food taste like ash, will give you the warm and fuzzy feeling inside. Agreed? I tink a lot will agree wif me! LOL…

      Hey! Isn’t Merryn the one who’s supposed to be organising the bloggers’ meet in KL?

  11. Ooooo… Melia. I love that place…

    Yup…nice place…and now that Berjaya Times Square is right across the road, that makes it even better! All the other shopping malls right round the corner…can use monorail, if too lazy to walk! πŸ™‚

    1. when my parents & i stayed there, the monorail was still under construction. what more to say Berjaya Times Square. But I really like the service there.

      Still the same… But when I stayed there, there was a Tai Thong Restaurant outlet on the ground floor – not any more.

  12. Hi ,

    This is also a very nice poem. Now, I have more references to prepare for the performances. πŸ™‚
    Anyway, thanks a lot for giving us permission to use your poems. I’m looking forward reading your next poem. Thank you once again.

    Most welcome. All the best to you and everybody there! πŸ™‚

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