Fun, fun, fun…

Well, I’m finally home…back home in Sibu, that is. I took the 8.50 a.m. direct flight to Sibu and got here on schedule before 11.00 a.m. Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to go online in the past three days while I was in KL, so the next few posts will still be on things that I did in Penang before I get to what I had been up to in KL.

For instance, my friend, Eng, took me to the Botanic Gardens in Penang…

Penang Botanical Gardens 1

The first and last time as well, I think, that I set foot at that place was in December 1973, and if my memory serves me right, it was called the Botanical Gardens at the time…

Penang Botanical Gardens 2

I cannot recall what it was like at that time and all that I remember is that there was a waterfall and that there were a lot of monkeys. I came across this tree with some interesting fruits…

Penang Botanical Gardens 3

…and some uniquely beautiful flowers…

Penang Botanical Gardens 4

…and I did notice that the monkeys are still around in abundance…

Penang Botanical Gardens 5

I guess they are the descendants of those that I saw in 1973. This ice cream stall also caught my attention…

Penang Botanical Gardens 6

…but we did not have any as we had stopped at a coffee shop somewhere near the New World Park earlier before we went for a stroll in the Botanic Gardens and I had this ABC (air batu campur)…

Penang Botanical Gardens 7

…which did not impress me at all. We went for a steamboat dinner after that, but that will come later in another post.

Well, I have the rest of today to rest and recuperate from all the fun, food and the hectic travelling…and tomorrow, it’s back to the grind! Sigh!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

20 thoughts on “Fun, fun, fun…”

  1. Now,i am very upset,, tell me who took you took botanical garden? when i asked you, was there any place i could take you jalan jalan, you said no, now i baru realized you got go see monkeys rather than letting me to take you there……………

    so now i feel lagi sad, cos i was a bad host to you,,,, i dont want to talk about it,how you broke my heart………………..and i dont have a wooden heart

    Hahahahaha!!! Rod Stewart and Elvis Presley in one breath, old man!…..I didn’t want to go, my friend dragged me there, said I must exercise before going for dinner. Me, tuapui…where got want to walk one? I was dripping in my sweat…and pretended to stop to take photographs, actually wanted to rest a bit! ROTFLMAO!!!

    1. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha …..stopping to take pics LOL…..yup i saw how you sweat!

      Actually it was good. After all the days being cooped up in the air-conditioned hotel room, the sweating plus the walk were much needed, in fact….

  2. wah..eugene sounded like he is a lovesick puppy after seeing u, STP.. breaking his heart indeed too! lol.. what did u do to him..
    U r more blessed… i wanted to see him but didnt have a chance to.. i even brought him something from IPOH.. but too bad, we didnt get to meet up.. sigh…

    Because u so sombong…didn’t go over to Penang earlier to meet me, so now he also boycott you liao! Hahahahahaha! Actually, my KL friend wanted to drive to Ipoh on Sunday on a day trip…but last minute I pulled out – midnight-changed my mind. Old man, cannot lah…so hectic, nanti cannot tahan, pengsan! LOL!!!

    1. aiyah..u should come la.. then i can take u eat good ipoh food… wasted opportunity.. wrong timing too.. i went on saturday and came back on monday, eugene said he was too busy with dont-know-what… maybe u have worn him out… hahaha…
      Day trip to IPOH is ok one.. if just makan makan… no need jalan-jalan…

      ok, ok, next time maybe all of us meet in sibu … (talk big again…lol….)

      Don’t blame me! He took me out once only… Maybe he’s got lots of other more interesting things to do, or maybe he really was busy over the weekend – he like YB one, went everywhere, everyone knew him and greeted him. Ya…must make a trip to Sibu. You will find that it is SO different here – the food, the people. My friend from Penang was amazed….

  3. Looks like penang trip was lotsa fun. I’ll be going back Friday though. Then it will be long long months till I get back again.

    Well, we had fun…and a lot of food, but the best part was spending quality time with my daughter! She had a nice holiday, she said and was happy that I went over to be with her…

  4. The monkey picture is so cute! Nice to meet you, STP!

    Ya…my pleasure meeting you too! Will post on that…but not too soon, I guess! Whole lot of photos waiting in line. Think I was better off snapping with my hp camera – and just a few miserable pictures! LOL!!!

  5. Welcome home 🙂

    Why the big sigh? I am already back to the grind today! Blessed, you are.

    LOL!! Indeed I am…and it’s just for another month. October onwards, I will not be having any more lessons… No money, of course, but never mind! I just wanna take it slow and easy…

  6. I have been there too with my family 2 years ago. Back then, Daddy, Mommy, Wifey and Me really enjoy it. =) Aww….you make me wanna go there again, Suituapui!

    Go lah… Personally I think it’s a nicer (and cheaper) place to go to than KL…or even Malacca! LOL!!!

  7. Once you’ve tasted Ah Kang’s ice kacang, nothing else comes close la…..

    Open air?…I prefer ang tau peng with the ang tau well done – soft and mushy – not this bigger variety – not nice!

  8. Ah Kang operates at Jalan Hj Taha now. Not sure whether they will continue with their stall at open air. C4STP is right about the ice kacang. I like the ang tau cendol. My two daughters love his ABC. They said it’s the best they’ve tasted.

    Not sure whether I’ve tried Ah Kang’s. I probably had…but once upon a time, the one at Museum Gardens was the most popular until some in the family were murdered at the premises and the crowd dwindled…

  9. ha ha, after coming back from Penang, how can that ABC impress you????

    That was in Penang…but to be fair, I never was a fan anyway. More a kopi-o-peng guy!

  10. KL posts can wait then 🙂

    Don’t worry – there are only a couple of posts left and pretty soon, you’ll get to see what you missed – choosing to play with your long club and trying to get your balls into a hole. Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  11. I must say Sibu’s ang tow peng and ang tau cendol is far better than Ah Kang’s (next to Emas Corner) I had kampua once only but ang tau 3 times. Don’t try the bubur buang panas!

    Haven’t tried at this place – must go one of these days. Usually I go to Thomson Corner opposite SHS. Nice! And the ang tau shake also nice!

  12. ooooo.. reach home d? 2 weeks fly.. sorry kenot meet up with u!

    Yalor…I was hoping I could get to meet the doctor! But luckily you didn’t come! This time they gave me a room with a huge king-size bed at the hotel…and I was telling Daniel that if you had come, you would have to sleep in the same bed with me. Eyew…. Hahahahahaha!

  13. Waaaa…..for a second I thought I had an eye wash! Nice photos…finally…hehehehehehehehe.

    Ah Kang’s iced ang tau cendol is best…and when I am in “tamchiak” mode, I ask for the “tall glass” size…not the puny bowl.

    LOL!!! I’m still learning. All the different functions – old people will take a longer time to find out how everything works!

  14. Sophia, Ah Kang operates 2 stalls – one in jln Hj Taha, and the other still at Open Air. But during puasa month, he operates from Hj Taha only.

    It’s Ramadhan right now…, the time for the gluttons to hit the stalls! Missing that terribly, I bet? LOL!!!

  15. not really, cause the ramadan stalls have been quite appallingly bad since a few years ago.

    Couldn’t agree more. Here too! The food was so much nicer when they were just about half a dozen stalls by the road side. Now it’s a bazaar…and everyone tries to jump on the wagon regardless, so quality has gone down the drain…

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