Can’t get by without you…

Kpenyu and Bukitassek, two readers/commentors of mine, are back in town for their high school reunion…and having been away for some time, they were simply dying to have some of the local Foochow delicacies like kampua noodles and kompia.

I’ve posted photos of kompia before but if you’ve missed those, it is basically slightly salted, unleavened bread. Here, you can see the guy preparing the dough by rolling a ball of it, flattening it and poking a hole in the middle…

Sibu kompia 1

He will then stick those circular pieces to the side of this traditional earthenware oven with some red hot charcoal at the bottom to bake…

Sibu kompia 2

…and that’s it! They used to be very cheap but right now, you can only get 4 for RM1.00…

Sibu kompia 3

It certainly seems as if some people can’t get by without it but to me, they’re quite bland (not including the ones they stuff with meat and bake/fry…and Gerrie’s – she would put ham and cheese inside and toast it in the oven) and I never liked it until I tried the ones at this small shop at Rejang Park here in Sibu. The kompia is a bit crunchy unlike those elsewhere that tend to be a bit tough and rubbery…

Sibu kompia 4

Like a Miri friend of mine once said, “I cannot understand! There’s nothing to it and yet, after eating one, I simply must have another…and another!” I guess it’s like eating peanuts…or kissing! ROTFLMAO!!!

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22 thoughts on “Can’t get by without you…”

  1. gong pia…
    i prefer it with minced meat stuffing…

    and gong pia have to be served hot…if not they were hard like stone… :S

    You’ll see those in tomorrow’s post. Me too…and I prefer the deep fried to the oven-toasted ones but they’re less healthy! LOL!!! Your description reminds me of the usual rubbery and tough kompias. I used to say that when cold, if you throw it against the wall, the wall will crack! But not these, nice and crusty…but nicer when hot as they will be more fragrant!

  2. Hey, that’s the shop that I buy my kongpia. Only that the boy at the stall is always not in very good mood. Or may be it’s his style. Very cold. Don’t respond well. Probably, very “lak-gu” – yes, I have to go back there time and again whenever I go to Kuching. My sister wants it. My brother wants it. Now, my best friend Sandra wants it!

    Yes, the guy is extremely lacking in social graces…always seems to be in a foul mood, but that’s his personality, it seemed for that day, he was quite ready to answer our questions though not in a very nice and gentle tone. He makes them twice a day – once in the early morning and another time around noon – and they sell like hot cakes!!!

  3. shipped some here .. or bruing some when you come KL .. ha ha ha

    Sure I will when I go over…but don’t you have plans to come over some weekend? Everyone can fly…

  4. Reunion ? I guess you were waiting at Tanahmas lobby for them on Saturday night ?

    Kingwood! Your dad was there… He must have told you. Hehehehehe!!!

  5. yeah..i think over here in Perak, they sell something like this in Sitiawan.. hot nice.. cold, it will be like rock..
    4 for RM1? mana so cheap.. wa lau.. can buy for me?

    Ya…Foochow area! But I think I’ve seen pictures…they’re kinda out of shape there. 4 for RM1 cheap? I thought that is mighty expensive! Used to be 7 or more before that, even more!

  6. Wah! 4 only? Last time can get 7 for RM1 hor! Damn! Here also got lah but Kuching people don’t know how to eat it kosong like us. They very fussy wan, must put meat lah, must deep fry with meat lah, must put meat and bake in oven la, macam-macam! Oh, I like that one in Rejang Park also 😀

    You don’t know kah? Long time liao lor… So expensive! That’s why I seldom buy. Btw, I’ve got the prawns from Kpenyu….ooooo….SO BIG!!! I also got from bukitassek! So many, how to eat? Watch out for my post! LOL!!!

  7. Eh, when you come over, bring some for me can? I suddenly miss those 😛

    See weather that day…Rains quite a lot these days! LOL!!!

  8. I’m waiting for you to post about the prawns which you claimed are as big as your arm! *gasp* Manatau today kompia post. Hahahahaha!!!

    PS: Last time in school, kompia is also another word for…never mind! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

    Patience! Patience! LOL!!! What was kompia supposed to mean? I didn’t know… LOL!!!

  9. Here in Bintangor I don’t know the going price but then it’s nice to eat when it’s still hot and with hot tea/coffee on a rainy day summore, wahey, sedap weh…
    when it’s cold, throw at my neighbour’s dog sure mati la..
    (or should i throw it at my annoying neighbour who persistently karaoke even though her voice can wake the dead..hmmmm)…

    Count your blessings! I could have been staying at the other side and you’ll have karaoke singing in sensesurround stereophonic!!! LOL!!!

  10. yummy, reading this make my saliva dripping. haha last time i always wait in front of that shop waiting for the kompia. really nice. and there is a pasar malam at my uni now and my friend even order kompia from SIBU and she made some minced meat stuffing and sell it at pasar malam. man, can u imagine how fast they sold out? haha less than 30 mins after they open the stall.haha and those who buy from her are from SIBU~LOL>

    Gosh! Who’s so enterprising? Must be Sibu Foochow lah!!! Best at making money! Hahahahaha!!!

  11. Hahaha…
    Dunno, never hear u sing yet. That I must ask your neighbours le..hehehe
    But this neighbour of mine, mother daughter team u know… Akai, sing happy songs also can give homicidal@suicidal thoughts to us neighbours…

    Then you can balas and sing that suicidal song – Beautiful Girls!!! Hahahahahaha!!!

  12. Heard you’re coming over here sometime in May.. 🙂 wish to meet up with you.. and don’t forget to bring me ‘kompia’ ya? hahaha

    I’ve got the tickets…but I can’t confirm that I’ll be going till the time comes. Shouldn’t be a problem getting those kompias as the flight’s at 11 something so I can go and get them in the early morning…

  13. My dear friend! Thanks so much for being such a wonderful and gracious host! u must be worn out by now,esp having to keep company with Kpenyu over the weekend. Tau tiah boh? ha.
    I finished the 1st batch of kom pias in the hotel room. Went back there the next day to tapau home but all fully booked! So came back empty handed and have to cancel kompia eating session with friends that nite! Too lan! Yr cherry tomatoes were delicious. Will have to go to nurseries to source for the plants soon. Thanks again for yr wonderful company!

    U’re most welcome…and thanks so much for the prawns. The number that I have, I wouldn’t dare go for blood tests till next year! Hahahaha!!!

    Should have smsed Kpenyu about the kompia…and I could have sent some to KK for you with him. He should be on the way right now. Will definitely bring lots over…should I happen to go to KK.

    And next time you come, can always stay at STP Hotel…Most welcome but advance booking please! Very popular!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

    P.S. Thought the cherry tomatoes for u to plant? If I had known you were going to eat, I would have given you more. Lots!!! Very productive… LOL!!

  14. Gosh! equating kompia addiction to kissing?!? *thinks diminishing returns on kompia…same for kissing”? Poor lad, or rather my sympathies for the recipient of the kiss! LOL..this is so off topic!

    LOL!!! It was a line from a movie, the guy kissed the girl…then he wanted another…so he said, “Kissing is like eating peanuts. You take one, you want another…and another…and another…!!!” I think it was Tony Curtis in “The Great Race” if I remember correctly.

  15. Just picked up Kpenyu from airport. Went straight to Kopitiam where we had fried Tuaran Mee and a bowl of “Tu-Kah”. (Real pigs, we’re!) Poor KP thought he was still in Sibu cos when we finished makan, he said “Ngui hen, ngui hen” and then promptly called out “Tou-kay, new wai chieng?!”. Heehee. Of course the tou-kay didn’t understand lah! It’s just like speaking french to a henghua man. Me thinks KP still groggy from the weekend food orgy binge in sibu, heehee!
    And I thought the cherry tomatoes were for me to makan! But may still salvage cos haven’t cr….. , oopsy! heheee

    Hahahahaha!!! Kpenyu brought back some. Let him plant first…and when they’ve sprouted, you ask him for the seedlings!!! LOL!!! He left his soiled CK underwear – I’ll courier it over to him with some kompia for you, want or not?…Wash? Wash what first? Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  16. I don’t know whether it’s a bit too late to warn u but better use a pair of tongs to pick up Kp’s souvenir

    Oh dear! Now only you tell me! Now I’ve to wash my hands with Detoll!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  17. …and no thanks, I’ve yet to acquire the taste of kompia with blue cheese flavour…….hahahaha

    LOL!!!…And the smell of fish? Hahahahaha!!!!

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