Same old brand new you (2)…

Kompia is a bagel-like unleavened bread, a Foochow delicacy that Sibu is well-known for. I was never a fan as I used to think it was bland and rubbery tough until I came across this little shop in the vicinity of the Rejang Park market where a not-very-friendly grumpy-looking guy was making them. His were crusty with a slight salty taste and best taken hot from the oven. Then he disappeared and the shop was taken over by some nicer folks…but somehow or other, I thought their kompia was not as nice.

Then I heard that the guy had been employed by Sugar Bun, Sarawak’s very own fast food franchise, and they had set up everything for him – even the authentic charcoal oven…for him to make his kompia for sale at Applebee’s Bakery, a Sugar Bun subsidiary – the original outlet at the Sibu Gateway. I also heard that now they have all kinds of filling, making it some kind of a classier delicacy as compared to its humble beginnings.

This has been going on for quite sometime now and I was only able to drop by on Sunday afternoon. One drawback is that parking in that area is such a pain. Anyway, I managed to drop by and I bought two pieces…

Kompia with filling 1

…one with beef rendang filling and the other, chicken-mayo at only RM1.00 each…

Kompia with filling 2

You can choose what you like from an array of selections, around 10 or so, and they would toast them a little in the oven for you so that they would be warm and crusty. I tried them both…and I must say they were really out of this world. Yum! Yum!

Incidentally, there is also this bigger, softer version of the kompia that is a bit sweet called chu-nu-miang. I do not know what that means but I do not reckon that it is in any way connected to being a female or chu-nu-ngiang in Foochow. (Ok! Ok! All you Foochows, don’t start slamming me! I know my Foochow is quite hopeless, that I must confess!!! LOL!!!)

Now you can have these with toppings like those branded doughnuts that cost an arm or a leg. I bought two at RM1.40 each – the almond crunch…

Almond Crunch chu-nu-miang

…and the Nestum…

Nestum chu-nu-miang

…and I must say that they really put those expensive doughnuts to shame!!! These were absolutely heavenly, to say the least. The girls told me that the one with the generous topping of chicken floss is very nice but I did not think I wanted that at the time. Other than that, they also have other toppings like white chocolate, kiwi topping…and even something pink in colour.

It certainly looks like I will have to go back there again very very soon to try the rest that they have. Sam, when are you coming to Sibu? Hurry! Hurry! LOL!!!

You can still buy the plain kompia at the bakery – 4 for RM1.00 which is the same price as at the usual kompia shops. I do not know how much the plain chu-nu-miangs are because they were all sold out that day when I dropped by.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

40 thoughts on “Same old brand new you (2)…”

  1. I thought u are talking about the song by A1~

    You know the song? Hmmm…you must be around my daughter’s age. A1 was her favourite boyband! LOL!!!

  2. Oh, the boy moved to sugar bun to make all these! Sure he needs a lot of social skills, but his kongpia is really really nice. I used to drop by to buy a bag for my KK staff or even Kuching friends. Now, I don’t do that anymore.

    I must drop by there oneday. The sugarbun at the gateway there?

    Yup, that’s right!…The one at Gateway. One good thing now is that you do not get to see the guy…and there are sweet young things to attend to your needs…and the best part is – the price is still the same: 4 for RM1.00 despite the “classier” environment. I hear you can also have the kompia dipped in braised meat gravy ala Tiong Hua Road…except that they use chicken, not pork.

  3. hey, these looks good… kompia.. kampua… hahaha….. must try all the Ks..

    Don’t worry…I have not given up yet! Come! Come! I am waiting….. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. You reminded me about that man at Rajang Park. I thought his “unfriendly” look is normal as he has to work with the charcoal fired hot oven whole morning. I used to go there to buy whenever I went back to Sibu.
    RM1 each is a good price as they look really yummy! I suppose it is going to stay in Sibu for sometimes to come as making those kompia requires skill. I like the chu-nu-pian, as you called them. They are our classic favorite! Now with topping… ah, go Sibu go Sibu! (I better shut up as I still haven’t gone back for so long!)

    He was stone cold – you talked to him, like talking to the wall…and you wondered if he heard. Just had to tell him how much you wanted and when he was good and ready, he would attend to you. Very strange character…but no choice, had to put up with it as I only liked his kompia. LOL!!! Like in Claire’s case…I am waiting. Let’s see how long it will take you to come to Sibu – so near, yet so far!

    1. I thought he is a robot! He is programmed to only certain words and anything else will draw a blank.
      I am counting to see how long it will take me to Sibu. Probably Claire will arrive first!

      Hahahaha!!! You are over-imaginative. Ya, looking at it, she seems very keen – may find her here pretty soon…or maybe she’ll go to Miri with her “anak angkat”, Gabriel…who knows?

  5. wow kompia version gen-y 2.0 lol

    the rendang one looks pretty good. hahaha u still confusing the bun and the girl (in foochow) ar?

    Hah!!! Bet you can’t wait to come home and eat those, eh? Drool! Drool! Hahahahaha!!! No lah…not confused. Come to think of it – I think the chu-nu-miang is female – smooth, soft…sweet, with curves in all the right places. On the other hand, the kompia is hard…tough…pimply-faced and quite tasteless, definitely male! Hahahahaha!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. I am just wondering. Do you eat, sleep and dream nothing else beside food? BTW, I am not complaining if someone else can do the searching of nice food for me. Thanks.

    Hahahahaha!!! Not really food-obsessed but I do enjoy trying new things, new places to know what’s good in town. Never dream of food or 4-D numbers unfortunately. Sometimes, I do have nightmares of blogging or Facebook-ing – all kinds of disastrous and weird problems cropping up…only to wake up and find it was just a dream. Phew! What a relief!!! Maybe I should stop blogging…and stay away from Facebook. LOL!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. wa.. so expensive now? The normal kompia cost 4 for Rm1? Last time it was 7 for RM1, then they reduced it to 6… wow… now 4? I love my kompia PLAIN..

    I can’t imagine the taste of the chicken mayo kompia.. I think mayo doesn’t match with kompia.. but I’ll take your word for it since you say it’s out of the world.. lol..

    Aiyor…you’ve been away too long! 7 for RM1.00 was donkey years ago! It has been 4 for some two years now, I think. That time, when I asked at the Rejang Park shop, I almost fainted…and decided not to buy. Went and bought “tee-piang” instead, also 4 for 1.00 – at least it wasn’t some tasteless, unleavened bread. The chicken-mayo and the kompia went pretty well together – very nice…though I would think the rendang was nicer. Never really a fan of mayo. I guess they will never have ham (non-halal) and cheese – I hear they’re superb with kompia… Drool!!!

  8. LOL, abang, never judge a man by his look! I can see the kompia taste awesome by simply look at its pictures, I’m drolling for the almond topping kompia now!;)

    Have a nice day!

    LOL!!! He’s not the only one. Quite a number here selling noodles – extremely good business, but very temperamental and grumpy. Ask one too many questions and you’ll get bombed!!! Must be the stress – trying to cope with so many orders and so many demanding customers. Btw, the almond one is the chu-nu-miang, not the kompia. According to my evaluation, one is male and the other is female – don’t get them confused! Hahahahaha!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Errrr… sorry for my ignorance, I really don’t know that’s something called ‘chu-nu-miang’, surprisingly food also categorized as ‘male’ and ‘female’, kiahahaha!

      No lah…I made that up myself…based on the appearance! LOL!!!

  9. You know Cikgu, before i came here after reading your post title in my blog list, i was thinking who sang this song,” same old brand new you”… man looks like Kelvin is more geng than i am… A1 bull eye, i thought it was O Town, or Nsynce or those another boy bands…. thank Kev

    Aiyor, my friend. Even I can remember it was A1 that sang the song. You growing old liao lor! Memory loss – better go and buy some gingko biloba… Hahahahaha!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. OH NO!! Kompia!!! Now i eating my chinese dumpling (zhong) while looking at your kompia.

    Kompia with beef rendang it must be very yummylicious!

    Plain kompia only taste good when it fresh from oven.

    New version of chu-niu-piang? With topping some more! I don’t really like chu niu piang, because of the “sweet” taste?

    This one, they toast it lightly for you and serve to you nice and warm. Must be great especially if eating there.

    When I was small, I did not like kompia…only chu-nu-miang but now I like both…and with the extras, they’re really nice! Have to go back there again soon… Hahahaha!!!! Book your ticket, quick! Come back again sooner….kompia’s waiting!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. really look nice and cheap! btw, ur food photography skill has improved by leaps and bounds!

    Precisely – nice and cheap! Thanks for the compliment… LOL!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. All those are from Sugarbun?
    Wow! They’ll experience a surge in sales thanks to your ad here!

    Hopefully… They deserve it as the stuff is really nice. I don’t know why there is no promotion or publicity… I wouldn’t know about it either if somebody did not tell me.

  13. OMG! Those chu-nu miang look fabulous!

    You should see the rest – the colourful ones! Tak kalah the branded doughnuts, I tell you. Wait till I go again, I’ll take the photos and post. Didn’t bring along my camera that day…

  14. kompia sounds so native. hey start a kompia kompia franchise!

    They should. Will probably make a bundle. After all, they do have bagel franchises – had an outlet in Kuching once but it did not last very long. I went to try – not really nice, kompia is a lot nicer. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Woh woh woh have been missing quite a lot lately after I was told to take a rest due to any eye infection. You are not only great in foodie but also good in taking sharp and lovely pixs *salute*. Oh love crunchy stuff..tQ for voting *Against All Odds* appreciate it very much. Kamsia.

    Hahahaha!!! You’re in the Blog Idol thingy. I voted for the songs I like – in that particular order. Oh dear…too much blogging/internet. Hope it’s better now…take care! Thanks for the compliment.

  16. I also thought you were talking about A1~ LOL….I never had kompia before… but looking at the picture, I would prefer those savoury ones in comparisons to the sweet ones!

    Gosh! Another one from that era!!! All the retro-people eh? Hahahahaha!!!!! ….Well, both are nice…but I do like the sweet ones as well – they’re not really that sweet as in the ang-moh cakes and doughnuts, just slightly. I wouldn’t like anything so sweet either.

  17. Hehe… the 1st kompia looks more like Mc Burger and the flatten one looks like pizza to me;X Sorry for my ignorance but I had never tried before and would love to given a chance.;)

    See! It pays to drop by my blog. You learn something new every day! LOL!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  18. rm1 each? So cheap. Can see the filling also a lot. Lucky you

    Yalor… KL, where to find anything nice for RM1.00 hor? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  19. I haven’t tried kompia before. Looks delicious.
    Chu-nu-miang, eat already can become ‘miang’ or not? ha ha ha!

    No plans to hop over to Sibu sometime? Can get to try all these yummy delicacies… You no need to eat, already “miang” – regular customer at Lisa De’ Inn!!! Hahahahaha!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Habislah my reputation, next time must take out Lisa De Inn from my PJ map liao! ha ha ha!

      Hahahaha!!! That will take out all the fun – never fails to tickle me everytime I see that on your map! LOL!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  20. OOhhh I want the almond crunch! And the chicken floss! I want all of them! Yum!!!

    Come to Sibu! Go…go and persuade Saucer! You’ll love it here – everything’s so cheap and yummy…and a lot that you cannot find in KL and elsewhere. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  21. never seen kompia in KL before…looks a simple bread with the filling … delicious looking…

    the kuriya jap food will try once only…hahaha…wont go back unless got vendor wanna treat me there…

    I have not heard of any place selling this in KL…but they do have that in Perak – Sitiawan side…but theirs look awful – those that I saw in somebody’s blog. There are people making in Kuching now as well (last time they had to buy from Sibu)…but if it’s oven-baked, it’s not as good as the real thing – baked in the traditional earthen-oven.

    Oh? So the chance of you taking me to the Jap restuarant to give me a treat, should I happen to go over to KL, is virtually nil lah? ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Hahahahahaha!!!!

  22. alamak am soo late at here. :p forgive me STP! lol too much sleeping. :p

    look like burger. hehe. but this one look much yummy worr!! i want !!

    Sleeping through the holiday!!! Young people should go out and have fun! Ya…take note of this! When you come over to Sibu, you can eat that… I must go back there again to sample the others that they have. So many to choose, all look nice!

  23. OK noted! ๐Ÿ™‚

    You’re sure you have enough days here to eat all the things you wanna eat? Hahahahaha!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  24. I’ve been to Sugarbun to “lepak” a few times and never bothered to try the kompias there! Living in Rejang Park, I never thought kompias elsewhere would taste nice =/
    But since you gave it a good review, I’M HEADING OVER THERE TOMORROW!!!

    You are? What time? Maybe we can meet there…or better still, you can pick me up in your Kolola and we go together!!! LOL!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  25. i think it will be taste nice if put ramli burger meat inside

    That one – same as burger lor! After all, it’s bread. The fillings they have are more original – no need to imitate ang moh style… Thumbs up for Sugar Bun, Sarawak’s own franchise! Very innovative and creative…

  26. feel a bit ashamed that i dont know about this at all. i am sarakian la..

    about the sugar bun, it is famous only in sarawak, sugar bun try to open in west malaysia – selangor but only for 6 months then tutup kedai liao.

    You should! Dunno which hole you crawled out from – everything you do not seem to know…plus looking down on Sarawak some more. It was very popular in the 80s – if you watch the repeats of old Malay movies and tv dramas, you will see it a lot – often used as locations. I was in KL 1986…and there was one outlet in Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman and I’m sure it lasted for more than 6 months, don’t simply say. And considering that it all started from a humble ice-cream parlour in Kenyalang Park in the 70s, and is still very much alive after all these years with all the competition from the foreign and West Malaysian franchises – it is already an achievement to be proud of.

    Incidentally, I saw some people discussing on Facebook just last night. It seems that Sugar Bun has an outlet in Kajang…and they were planning a get-together there. Kajang is in Selangor, right? I wonder how long it has been there…and whether it is still open or not.

  27. bro… i am not look down at Sarawak la… i fullly support. i am not mean that sugar bun is lousy i fully support it in KL. i but the voucher rm30 for the sugar bun but before i can use it before expiry day, they closed down oledi.

    why sugar bun closed down in KL because there are a looot of competitors, do you know that sugar bun in selangor sell clatpot yee mee, kungfu chao and etc.

    last time it opens at USJ and SS2 but closed liao. i ask my friends in KL go to eat… but it closed so early nia…. haiya…..

    Do you know that here also they sell all kinds of nice claypot dishes, curry…even fried Batang Ai tilapia with rice…but my favourite is still their fish burger – no others, never mind which one, can beat.

    Why they closed down? There was a time when the big boss wanted to give up the business and go into something else. I heard he sold it to some Sabah guy. So a number of outlets in a number of places closed down. I do not quite understand the arrangement but the people holding the franchises were allowed to continue the business using the name, for a certain sum of money, of course…or something like that!

    But I heard that the big boss has come back…and is running some of the Sugar Bun outlets again – like the Sibu and Kuching ones. That’s why we can see some changes…and some new things coming out.

    You can check out the outlet in Kajang. Maybe they will let you use the expired RM30 voucher? LOL!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. nolah… that one expired more than 5 years oledi.

      and, i think i throw away the voucher as well.

      Too bad! Come…come to Sibu and I’ll treat you to Sugar Bun – eat-all-you-can!!! LOL!!! ๐Ÿ˜€
      Incidentally, I’ve a friend from Penang, teaching here. He loves Sugar Bun. In fact, he dragged me there – full of praises of the burger – better than elsewhere, according to him…but unfortunately, I’m not really a fan of burgers. See my post on that:

  28. Wow … reminded me of the resurgence of donuts with various flavours, then the humble cupcakes got a facelift. Now kompia?!!

    Yup…anything they can do, we can do better! ๐Ÿ˜€

  29. The Nestum one looks so yummylicious! I dont really fancy those expensive doughnuts! Too expensive for just ‘doh-nuts!”

    Yalor…just glamour only! Bluff the young people – so trendy to them to eat there…and be seen eating there…and telling one another what flavours they like best – eyew….gaya banyak! Taste – not that great…and expensive some more! These are more affordable and taste a lot better!

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