I can’t tell you why…

Well, I can’t tell you why this place is so popular – the Sin Ming Kee Cafe… 

Sibu's Sin Ming Kee Cafe

Located among the shops beside the Selemo roundabout in the vicinity of the flood-prone area, I heard that it was formerly in Sungai Merah but they have moved to its present location a number of years ago. I was also told that the people make their own noodles and that is why it is special. Some people call it the “Soon Kai” kampua as they saw the former Sarawak’s DCM eating at the coffee shop ever so often.

I’ve tried the noodles before…a long time ago when I was teaching at the tuition centre upstairs but I never felt they were that great. However, yesterday, I went there again with Kpenyu to meet Pollie, another of my quite regular commentors…

Pollie and Kpenyu
(Psst…Stella, don’t you think Pollie has slimmed down a bit since the last time you were here? LOL!!!)

We had the kompia stuffed with minced meat…

Stuffed kompia

I think these were the oven-toasted ones; personally I prefer those that are deep fried even though they may be a bit oily and not so healthy. And we had the kampua noodles, of course…

WSK kampua

I’m afraid it did nothing to change my impression about it. Maybe it has a somewhat similar taste to the kampua we used to have as children…but I would much sooner go for my current favourites at Rasa Sayang, Soon Hock Cafe or even the char siew kampua at Lot 10 along Ramin Way in the town centre. But then as I always say, to each his own as “one man’s meat is another man’s poison”… 

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

44 thoughts on “I can’t tell you why…”

  1. Oven toasted? I thought the stall there deep-fried the kongpia. Ya, the meat is so thinly sliced – I feel miserable eating kampua there.

    Dunno, didn’t see but the kompia not oily as in other places where they deepfry them. Thank goodness, read so many posts on the place and all the good reviews. Some claim it’s the best in Sibu. Eyew…!!! And I thought I was the odd one out!

  2. I also cannot get what the fuss was all about this sin ming kee kampua. Last time they used to make their own kampua noodle, I saw them making it. Then I think they bought the noodle liao ‘coz the structure is totally different. 😛

    Good, another one on my side! Ya…the noodles used to be smoother and lighter. I guess they no longer make their own… Looked quite ordinary to me like everybody else’s and didn’t taste as good as some other places.

  3. And hor, the taukay (the old man that cooks the kampua) would be in a foul mood when there were a lot of people. He’d scold the wife, the maid, the whoever that’s there. Hahahaha!!!

    Another one of those! Usually at places where business is really good, they’re like that! I thought the portion’s very small…and I think they’re more expensive than elsewhere… I didn’t pay, just overheard something like RM18.80 for 8. That’s RM2.30 or RM2.40 per bowl.

  4. I missed nice and simple breakfast like this. Yeah, then I will meet up with you any weekend that got extra cheap flight. He he he

    Come, come! Will be waiting to welcome you with open arms… And we’ll go karaoke-ing together! Hahahahaha!!!!

  5. stp, once popular, always popular.. like for instance IPOH taugeh chicken koay teow, Old Wong is famous to tourists but we locals go for other shops which are tastier.. but OLD Wong has gotten his popularity.. haha..people see big crowd so must be very good la…

    Yalor…dunno why! Maybe nobody dares to be different! If everybody says it’s good and they think it’s not good, they’ll think there’s something wrong with them themselves. Like the Foochow delicacy, dianpiangu, I think I’m one of the very few around who do not like it…

  6. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!! I thought she was referring to you… “STP, once popular, always popular” like a tagline for advertisement. LOL!!!

    PS: On second thought (not stealing your tagline, Yan 😛 ), she COULD be referring to you! 😀

    Yes, of course…she must be! Hahahahahaha!!!! Everybody loves me! LOL!!!

  7. This particular sin ming kee kampua got small and big one. So if you don’t specify, they’ll serve you small wan. I normally ordered big one, which is slightly less than the standard portion in town. Err…small and big here refer to the portion of the kampua okay…(just in case 😛 )

    Last time this kampua was on my top 10 best list but after a while a lot of better ones emerging in town so this one got kicked out. Don’t find it any special also. Neh that one at Taman Selera Muhibbah wan, the Guiness book record holder for bestman, my mom and I don’t find the kampua nice also. Maybe because people can claimed that they have eaten the kampua cooked by a Guiness Book of Record holder, that’s why lor.

    This one has never got into my Sibu’s best list – just so-so! Never tried the Muhibbah one, but the guy real “bunga” one! Make kampua like circus!

  8. Is it just me or something because I think kpenyu (that one is kpenyu, right?) looked like fattened Badawi or the photo did no justice to the poor man? 😛 *runs*

    Age has not been kind! Hahahahaha!!! There was a photo in whatthefiq.blogspot.com. I thought he looked like Badawi…and the nephew like Najib…in that photo! LOL!!!

  9. Its a matter of taste.. your Rasa Sayang kampua and the char siew kampua at Lot 10 is more like a cross between a kolo mee and kampua… but this is one of those authentic kampua which the old folks and those who wants to have a real authentic kampua will actually go for this one..

    So.. did Kpenyu manage to pop into Tiong Hua Road Kompia? hahahahaha

    Yes.. Pollie has definitely lost weight since last I saw her while Stella was here.. on diet or should I say starving for the feast on the 18th?

    I think my tastebuds not that rigid… I would switch to anything that’s nicer, never mind if it’s not authentic. Ya…she said she’s been exercising! She’ll be going on the 18th. Nope, kpenyu didn’t get to go for the Tiong Hua Rd kompia but he said he’s not really into kompia!

  10. People like the Kampua there as they said it is hand made noodles and it is very “Q”. I don’t really feel the difference. I prefer the kampua at the coffee shop at Jalan Lanang just below the ABC snooker centre. Soon Hock kampua is nice too. The mother and daughters all can make good kampua. Will try Rasa Sayang kampua soon.

    I went to Soon Hock one morning before 8 a.m. and they had already sold one huge bag of kampua – dunno how many kgs and was starting with another bag! Their business is really good. I had the one at Lady; must go and try the ABC snooker centre’s one of these days.

  11. So that was him. Aiya, who ask him to close his eyes lah, I thought look like Badawi coz Badawi always sleep mah. Not bad bah, got “TUN” for sleeping I also wan lor like that.

    PS: I never imagined kpenyu to look so young 😉 *hint hint*

    Hehehehehe!!! Trying to redeem yourself now, I see!!! Ooo…wait for my post on the giant prawns!!! Eat ur heart out now! ROTFLMAO!!!

  12. is that the filipino from sabah?

    Ya, ur ex-classmate! Too bad you missed the reunion! It was a great success and they had a good time. Well, one thing’s for sure they will not kidnap him whenever he goes skinny-dipping at his beach resort in Kuala Penyu! They’ll think he’s one of them! Hahahahaha!!!

  13. 6 pieces of tissue-thin char siew???? Terrible eh?? Next time we should tell them we don’t really need all that carbs…after all we’re going back to sit down/ lie down, not back to manual labour!

    LOL!!! I usually ask for noodles plus pian sip instead of those miserable slices of meat. Hahahahaha!!!

  14. Wait, whose the man in black? Haha 😆

    That one ah? He’s Abu Sayap’s right hand man! Oops…*suddenly images of giant prawns and fresh fish the size of a baseball bat appear in the mind….Ummm…he’s the kindest, the most generous, the most handsome, the most…. Hahahahaha!!!!

    P.S. That’s not me! You can see my pic on Facebook! 🙂

  15. Yeah!Pollie definitely is slimming down!I applauded her for making an effort,easier to put on than shed kilos! Why Pollie n K.Penyu so camera-shy one? LOL Toc’s comment,4points will think twice abt having buffet all u can eat concept for the restaurant after the 18th april!Any kampua is nice to me when I go back to Sibu. Like they say, beggars can’t be choosers!LOL!

    Hahahaha!!! Poor you! So deprived over there!…I don’t eat that much anymore. Just one round or to the most two, and have to be selective. Can’t possibly eat everything anymore like in the old days – and several helpings some more! Gee! LOL!!!

  16. Just realised.. our family lookalikes is getting worrying.. first we have Najib Senior as in our other cousin in KK… and then Najib Junior as in wtfiq and now we have Badawi… and Here I am as Raja Petra.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… NO WONDER I picked the name TheOtherCousin HAHAHAHA

    At least, all comparisons made to me are international ones – Bob Hope, Jay Leno…and Big Show! Grrrr!!!! @#$&*students!!! Hahahahaha!!!

  17. Thanks and soly for the “SO ..V..NEAR..”

    U mean your Calvin Klien underwear? I’ll auction it on ebay!!! Hahahahaha!!!! Most welcome, will post on the prawns tomorrow. Already, mmsed photo to clare, that’s why she’s so sweet to you! ROTFLMAO!!!

  18. stella: you don’t get to pose with stp..he curi curi take photo…

    I’m getting very good at it…so watch out! You’re on candid camera!!! Just don’t dig your nose in my presence and you’ll be fine! Hahahahaha!!!!

  19. i think those kampua noodles are very much like our black mee…only diff, that ours are black. 🙂 i would love to try out the kampua noodles. and i guess, most restaurant are overrated. and they’re selling almost the same food.

    Urs with some kind of black sauce or kicap? The wanton mee? No, not the same… You’ll just have to come here and try! And where got all the same? We are very picky and will only go to the ones we think are the best!

  20. i used to buy the kompia at this shop after my tuition class haha really nice. but I don’t think the kampua is nice cos the wheat smell too heavy..i just know that there are so many places to eat in sibu after reading
    your posts haha..going back soon!!!

    Oh? You went to Teknik for tuition?…Yes, there are so many places. Yunno Sibu lah! One block of shophouses, at least two or three coffee shops (not like Sg Petani). So many that I’ve yet to explore…

  21. Hahahahaha!!! Can see through wan their char sio. I prefer pian sip also. Even with kolo mee here, I’ll order kolo mee kosong with kiaw.

    It isn’t even char sio…just bland boiled pork, coloured red outside!

  22. So was Kpenyu stuffed like the kompia after the Sibu trip? heheheh

    Not really! People nowadays very health conscious! This cannot eat, that cannot eat! But I think he forgot to take his pills every morning…

  23. The kompia looks good… although I have never actually eaten those before!

    Come over one weekend! Everyone can fly! Eat…eat…eat!!! LOL!!!

  24. I used to attend physics tuition at Teknik last time. Wanted to join your English class but I heard they’re all FULL!!! #$%^&*&^%$#!!!

    HAHAHAHAHHAHA!!! He left his soiled underwear at your place meh? That’s hilarious!!! LOL!!! 😀

    Hehehehehe!!! Like u said earlier, I’m so popular mah!….Ya, and a lighter! How appropriate! I think I can use the lighter to burn the underwear to prevent any major outbreak of infectious diseases! LOL!!!

  25. I’m afraid it (this post) did nothing to change my impression about it (the sin ming kee kampua). its too gawd damn good. to each his own 😀

    Ya…to each his own! LOL!!!

  26. No one mentioned Stephen Fry or Eddie Izzard? rotflmfao (Tis is going to get me excommunicated for sure from STP blog)

    Ah…the comedian! Thought he’s more like that since-departed ex-parish priest of urs. Dunno the other fella with a name that sounds like a lizard! Eyew!!! LOL!!!

  27. kongkay..see rubberseed post. Many old familiar faces there..50 out of almost 400..i think.

    I will provide the link to that in my post tomorrow…and everyone can hop over and play “Spot Kpenyu” in the photographs!!! LOL!!!

  28. why the mayo-spare ribs that i order different than the one u ordered that day leh? it came deep fried with mayo sauce on the side…
    *ahem* might be bringing my friend to makan there but my friend ah, no seafood (udang, crab, etc except fish) and no pork. SDA bah… What would u suggest?

    They do not do it the way I ordered. Usually with lamb only. The sizzling hot plate venison, butter scotch fish fillet’s also nice…Thai-style midin, cheesy baby kai lan, bitter gourd with salted eggs, asparagus with beef or sambal udang kering…and their specialty – pandan chicken…

  29. yeap..the kampua at the shop where the indon tried to con the foochow is better…
    Aiyo..don’t be too mean please..tengkui tengkui first..that normally works..I hope..lol.

    That’s Soon Hock! Authentic kampua, I like that one best. New variations – Rasa Sayang…and Lot 10.

  30. yea I went there for chemistry tuition.I forgot the teacher’s name haha but I know she is from Metho 🙂 hmm maybe I seldom go out and eat in SIBU. cos mum;s cooking is still the best then lazy to go out LOL~

    Dunno the other teachers there. Just went and taught and went back – and collected my money at the end of the month! LOL!!! My mum’s cooking was the best too…but she’s bedridden and doesn’t cook anymore. I don’t cook as well…and my missus works all the time, so no choice lor!

  31. YES! the long-awaited part II of the eating marathon series ? The kompia looks very good

    haha I’m relearning so much malaysian food lingo reading your blog- good preparation for eating when I go back 😀

    This is a different marathon altogether, not the continuation of the previous one. That one was over in 3-4 posts…after my internet connection was ok again. This particular marathon will go on for the next few posts, that’s for sure…

  32. STP,’the kindest, most generous……’ the prawns already there lah. Why you worry eat the fish ‘pa to tia’ kah?

    No lah…who knows he may come in two or three months’ time to settle some land dispute? Right, Kpenyu? Hehehehehehe!!! And he can collect his CK underwear then! ROTFLMAO!!

  33. Here is a youtube segment from Eddie Izzard’s Dress to Kill… you would seriously love his jokes..

    Ok…guess he has my sense of humour then! Will pop over and have a look sometime…

  34. Re rubberseeds fantastic photos of reunion I see lots of old men. Manage to recognize 5 or 6 only. Tot I spotted YCT (back of his head, a give away) What is he doing there? He’s my batch.

    Was he there? The Methodist Alumni function next door…so maybe he popped over to say “hi” to “Abai”!!!

  35. Yeah, agree with eiling. Names sound so similar. Never tasted kompia before!

    So it’s time you make a trip here…or to Sitiawan. I bet the ones here are better – at least, they look better compared to those I’ve seen on tv or in the papers. LOL!!!

  36. the burger look so weird geh..

    Those are not burgers! Haven’t they got those in Ipoh? I know they have them in Sitiawan. They’re Foochow kompia and are something like bagels. They slit them open and stuff meat inside, then deep fry or toast them. Another one who should make a trip to Sibu to try… LOL!!!

  37. am happy to hear somebody said I have slimmed down – did not lost much wt – happened to be sitting next to someone bigger – haha.
    do agree with you the kampua mee not that nice anymore- still prefer Ah Kow.

    Don’t like Ah Kow’s also. Have you tried Rasa Sayang or Soon Hock’s. Next time you come, I’ll bring you… A lot nicer!

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