Turning Japanese…

There are a few Japanese restaurants here but I don’t know exactly how many are still in business.  One in particular, however, is doing so well that it has extended its business upwards; now, you can dine either at the ground floor or on the 1st floor. I, for one, do not actually fancy Japanese food but my daughter loves it, so I will have to make it a point to take her there once in a while.

Once you enter the place, the workers will start drumming on the tables and counters, chanting something that sounds like, “Dua puluh sen! Sepuluh sen!!” Liars! Nothing there is so cheap!!! In fact, I would think it is quite expensive and not worth the money spent especially when I do not think it is all that nice. When we went there recently, my daughter had the Maki plate and unagi (eel) – two tiny pieces of the fish, as you can see in the photo below!

Note the miserable-looking eel in the background!I can’t remember how much that cost but one thing’s for sure, it wasn’t cheap!  I opted for something cheaper – RM11, I think it was – the Terrayaki chicken lunch set…

It was okay, but for that money, I would rather go to the dimsum place across the road and have 3 baskets of char siew pau and still get 50 sen change…..

I hear the chef’s from Beijing and they’ve got the whole works – siew mai, har kau, lo mai kai and so on. Well, at least, we can get value for money…from my point of view, that is! As they say, one man’s meat is another man’s poison…but if you’re going for dim sum anytime soon, do give me a tinkle! Yum! Yum! Dim sum!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

30 thoughts on “Turning Japanese…”

  1. I’d rather have japanese food than dim sum anytime…except in Hong Kong.
    I still say you need better camera….

    Next time I’ll take the food outside to take the photos!!! I’ve got some pics taken in the open…and they’re nice and clear!…U think if I learn how to photoshop, it will help??? Hey! When I learn how to do that, I can even superimpose my head on some sexy hunky body hor???? ROTFLMAO!!!

  2. i wan, i wan! =D bring me wen i go back!! 😛

    You’ve got a date, girl…errr, you’re a girl, I hope? LOL!!!!

  3. that place looks familiar..hmm

    Yup…we went there once, and the dim sum place too!! When you come back, can go again??? LOL!

  4. That is not looking good! I live in Japan, not China, but this counts as some bad looking Japanese food…

    Well, beggars can’t be choosers, I guess! But it certainly seems to go down well with the people here! The place is always crowded!!! Like the local delicacy, Kampua,in Auckland or what they pass off as it over there, it’s definitely not the same. I won’t say it isn’t nice, just totally different…but NZ$8 (around RM20) is definitely too expensive!!!!…They’ve just opened a Sushi King outlet in Kuching (the state capital) recently but I don’t know what it’s like. Never been there!

  5. sushi reminds me of sashimi.. and speaking of which, check out that link. muahahahaha…

    Shhh….!!!! LOL!!! Like I said, as the English proverb goes, one man’s meat is another man’s poison.

  6. Since Japenis food so expensif no nid to bling me there when i bisit, i wan to eat cheap cheap kopitiam food can oledi

    If kopisoh datang all the way from Amadika, expensif oso namind!!! Susah-susah oso will bring kopisoh wan!!!

  7. suituapui we take you go eat jap food here ya..

    yay.. dimsum!! another thing we have in common. gosh we have chemistry!

    My! My! We are compatible, aren’t we? You got date to the prom yet? Wink! Wink! LOL!!!

  8. When you entered the restaurant, did they mistaken you for a sumo wrestler ah?

    Yalor!!! Especially in my loin cloth…!!! LOL!!! Btw, old cock(a), believe it or not, among my “top searches” is…”SEXY”!!! Omigawd! What did they expect they would find here???

  9. bwahaahaha.. i read cocka’s comment and then forgot what i wanted to say liao haha..

    me, i love food! period. japanese is also my favourite… italian food too.. but dim sum i also sapu! wah, liddat u think nxt time i hv to change my nickname to PuiCharBor??? die… kakaka…

    You and my daughter sama taste lah! Italian! OK lah…but not really minat! U jangan bluff wan lah! Like nyonya, bodyshape like hour glass one!!! Rite or not???

  10. oh ya, abt the 20 sen, 10 sen.. hahaha… itu “irashaimase”.. meaning ‘welcum welcum’ 😛

    Hahahahaha….I know lah! Just joking! Lucky didn’t get slammed by culinaryabortions!!! Joking only, ya??? STP owes talk crap one…so don’t take me too seriously!

  11. You are so going to be a busy man when I go back this time! I’m gonna call you up for breakfast, tea and supper every night until you achieved unlimited horizontal expansion! Who ask you put up all the mouth-watering pictures and explicit description of food lar?

    But, I’ll have dim sum rather than sushi lor…har kau my favourite!

    Hey, eat your heart out, cocka! Lenglui wants to go breakfast, tea and supper with me liao!!! What about lunch and dinner leh, clare???…But, frankly, I’ve to agree with gerrie. My pics not so nice lah! I’ve seen in some blogs…the food pics better than those in food magazines!!! What to do? Some people insisted that I put photos in my posts.

  12. When I go to a Japanese restaurant, it must be because I’m craving for Salmon sushi/sashimi.. hehe ..

    Har Kau!! My fav! and the meatballs too 🙂 Lo mai kai too but it’s not easy to find a lo mai kai here in KK that doesn’t have pork mixed with it .. 😦

    I’ve heard that Promenade serves good dim sum? All hotel food halal! There’s one place in KK, can’t remember the name, Fock (and this is NOT a typo-error) Ling or sumthing like that, that sells some real mean har kau!!! It’s big…and inside you find the whole prawns stuck together in a ball…the size of a golf ball!!! Oooo….they’re really really nice!!! But I don’t think the place is halal though!

  13. The pictures that you put are only illustration of the real thing. But your description hor, make me imagine. *drool*

    Gee! You are very imaginative!!! Wakakakakakaka!!!!!

  14. get a better camera phone. or use a camera. haha! ehem, my food photos nice not? 😛 i tak pandai eat sushi, so cannot appreciate. i tried, it just taste like crap to me. lousy tongue i guess, built for something else… hahahahahahaha! dim sum i love!!! har kau sungguh sedap!

    Aduh! Terkejut saya…thought you said,”…kau sungguh sedap!” ROTFLMAO! Now, angeles punya imagination running wild…thinking about your lousy tongue! Janganlah say “crap”, nanti orang Jepun marah lagi!!! And btw, my birthday’s on 2nd December…so ample time for u to save and buy me a good camera phone or digital camera for my birthday present!!! Wink! Wink! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  15. You mentioned the dim sum place once. i never go yet. So long already I don go Sibu kah? The unagi..my son loves it. They do sell in Ta Kiong here. RM60 or so a kg. That’s about RM12 for a piece about 10inch long. My son forced me to try a very very small piece and I Ran to the sink straight away……

    So when are u coming? Mid-year holidays?…I’ve seen those at Ta Kiong but never adventurous enough to buy and try!!! I’d opt for our local ikan keli masak kunyit…or steam with ginger, soy sauce and brandy!!! Yum! Yum!!! Now, I’m drooling……..

  16. unagi is nice!! … unless u’re talking about the raw one.. *wek*

    The ones at that Japanese restaurant are nice! I’d rather have that than the sushi…but SO small, SO little!!!! U know me lah, so used to big servings and big portions!!!

  17. oi! apa u say i flirt with zewt wohh? yuin wong ahhh!! haha… u understand cantonese ah?

    nyonya’s body shape like hourglass but not mine lorr.. mine like.. mmmm… like coca-cola’s 1.5 litre, the plastic one.. whoa, pui neh!! kakaka..

    bongkersz said his “Lousy Tongue” is built for something else.. wow… how cum my imagination going wild ah? O.o kaka.. now u gonna say i flirt wt him kan? why?? kenot ahh?? 😛

    Nope…dunno Cantonese!!! Luckily! LOL!!! You early-early morning go and sing, “Are u lonesome tonight” to handsome, young man…flirting lah tu!!! If u sing to STP, then not flirting. People will say u blind or sikit punya gila!!! Hahahahaha!!!!!…And do be thankful ur shape not like mine…like Spritzer 4-litre bottle!!! Hahahahaha!!!!…Haiz! People talk about tongue and I think about char siew pig’s tongues at those “roadside cocktail” stalls……Drool!!!! We don’t have that here!

  18. when i use to eat meat i tried some and it was ok. i mean some things were good and some were not my fav. but i loved this post!

    check out bre101 at http://www.bre101.wordpress.com
    join in on the crazy world of bre10!

    i didn’t ask for drama, it came to me,
    on this site =]
    read my newest post on hate comments.

    Hi, bre!!! Nice of u to drop by! U vegetarian??? Will drop by ur crazy world…but what drama are u talking about? I’m blur!

  19. yes de, i am a girl =D

    Good! Then we go out to eat…I can eat more!!! Not like bongkersz!!! Habis everything dia sapu! Hahahahahaha!!!!!

  20. aiyoh, sapu everything kenot, not sapu also not giving face. haha! ehem, my birthday on 30th November, you buy me a present first, then 2nd December, I buy for you kakakkakaa!

    …and I am NOT going to ask u what u want for ur birthday!!! Hahahahaha!!!!

  21. Bdq, do they serve raw unagi? I’ve never seen an unagi sashimi.
    My kids love love unagi, but have not been giving them for a while cos the restaurants have not been able to confirm country of origin. Found out in a Japanese restuarant in Singapore that most of them comes from China now, and the captain remain tight-lipped when I asked for more details. Anyway, they didn’t have any unagi because the supply from Japan was limited at the time. I have aversions to all foods from China..it could be anything turned into unagi for all I know!
    But I LOVE sashimi…Sushi King is very mediocre…only salmon sashimi. The best place for Japanese food in Kuching is still Minoru at Rubber Rd.

    …I heard that one is mighty expensive!!!! Anybody offering to take me there when I go over to Kuching??? Hahahahahaha!!!!! Good grief! I hope nobody from China reads this! First, I had somebody from Japan, then a sweet girl from the States and another from OZ!…Gee! This is beginning to be like the United Nations! LOL!

  22. you’re really making me hungry!!haha. I feel so bad these few days. No appetite to eat. 2 slices or bread from this morning till now.Lol..i’m not on diet

    Missing home? Cheer up! Dont worry…when you come back, I’ll take u to eat all that yummy stuff! Saw ur post on the crocodile meat…but haven’t got time yet to go and comment!!! Gee! This blog is really taking up a lot of my time!

  23. Poor dude, how do you feel now Andrew?

    STP, I didn’t know they’ve expanded vertically. I wonder why they only have those set meals for lunch. I’ll be paying them a visit very soon. *wink* The dim sum shop just across is only good for dim sum. I tried their dinner once and uwekkkkkkk!!!

    You asked for it! Why on earth would anybody go to a dimsum place for dinner? LOL!!!

  24. bdq, need to cook meh??? So what did Fiq feed me.Mimi bought for him!!!!

    Hahahahahaha!!! The blind leading the blind!!! I would never buy those things cos there’s not a word of English on the packets.

  25. hello buddy,
    wats this…. all makan only? luckily i makan oledi, otherwise i’ll lick my LCD screen hahaha……….
    Come Pg next time i take u makan dim sum, u escaped d last time u were here…

    …Gee! Mind ur language! Using words like “lick” will send all kinds of mental pictures to the brain! LOL!!!! Yup, my daughter told me that u took her to some nice dim sum place…! Drool! Drool! Never bring me leh???

  26. I don’t fancy Jap food…but I love dim sum and the likes… 😀

    …to each his own!!! Got nice dim sum in Kuching? I used to go to the food court at Tun Jugah, not bad but limited choices! Hilton had good ones too…but dunno if they still have it.

  27. How come you know more good places to eat in KK than I do? But then again, most of the time I eat at the same place hehe ..

    It doesn’t have to be halal (for now hehe), suituapui.. just a lo mai kai without pork will do hehe..

    Hahahahaha!!!! They don’t call me suituapui for nothing!!! As u know, I used to go to Sabah quite often to give talks to teachers and students…so I know lah!!! But usually lo mai kai no pork leh! Chicken and shitake mushroom!

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