Do ya think I’m sexy…

The following extract is taken from something I wrote on “Teenagers” in one of my books…

…Never for the life of me can I understand why the boys must wear their pants hanging gingerly on the edge of their hips looking as if they would just drop off at any time, exposing more than half of their briefs.  There is a perfectly logical explanation for this, they will declare.  After having spent a fortune on their designer underwear, it makes no sense at all if no one gets to see them…”

That sounds like a reasonable excuse, but perhaps they should just wear their briefs on the outside, like Superman.

Anyway, what this is leading to is…why do girls wear those jeans that barely cover the cleavage in their butt?  Actually, there was a discussion on this on the afternoon show on TraxxFm last week. So, what’s your opinion on this?

Personally, I would think it should be fine when some SYT (sweet-young-thing) wears it to go clubbing or the like. The bone that I would like to pick is with those aunties who still think they’re teenagers (mentally, maybe) wearing those jeans and short figure-hugging tops to church. Gosh! They certainly seem oblivious to the fact that their hour-glass figure is long gone, and the curves that they have now are all in the wrong places. In cases where one chose to sit right in front of me, exposing the complete (almost) view of her big arse, I had to fight this urge to dash out to throw up…but instead, I just closed my eyes in prayer for God’s mercy and compassion! For her, not for me! It’s not at all decent apparel for going to church! Don’t they have any respect at all for the Almighty? One would think that their brains are located exactly at that part of their anatomy that they sit on.

And once I was driving along the road when a motorcycle overtook my car. (Yup! I’m a very slow driver!!!) And lo and behold! There was this guy on the bike with his girlfriend riding pillion…and she was wearing one of those jeans and she was leaning forward on the guy with her arse in full view of anybody tailing behind! Now, I certainly wouldn’t want my girlfriend to make a public exhibition of her asset for all to see…no matter how sexy she may be…..Would you?