Sunday morning…

Kids in the past were a really deprived lot. We would have to wait all week for Sunday when we would be dragged to church…and during the service, we would have to behave or else, after that, we would go straight home where the rotan/cane would be waiting. On the other hand, if we were able to  withstand the long dreary hour without the devil getting into us and making us do some childish pranks, when it was all over, we would head to Kiaw Siong, a coffee shop that used to be located opposite the present-day fire station,  for oooo….KAMPUA !!!

For the uninitiated, kampua is simply noodles tossed in oil (In the past, they used lard!) and a dash of light soy sauce and a pinch of msg, garnished with fried shallots and spring onions.  At the time, a plate cost only 30 cents and for 50 cents, we would get a few pieces of boiled pork that was coloured red to make it look like char siew.

Simple, you say? Yet, people crave for it, believe it or not.  Students studying in West Malaysia who are not able to come back for the holidays will ask their friends to ta-pau (takeaway) and they will wait for them at the airport…and the moment the friends arrive, they would grab the kampua and eat it there and then. Once I heard of this lady who had migrated to Australia and when she was expecting a baby, she wanted to eat kampua and the family had to courier some over to satiate her craving.

Sibu Thomson Corner seafood kampua

Kids today are much luckier than us for they can enjoy a delicious plate of kampua any day of the week at any time of day! Here, you can see a variation of the real thing.  This is the seafood kampua available at Thomson Corner, opposite Sacred Heart School in Sibu (They have an outlet at Medan Mall too!). Needless to say, with the prawns and what not, it is more expensive – RM3.50! However, there isn’t much quality control so some days, it will be just right and on other days, the noodles may be overcooked – soft and soggy.

I would very much prefer the kampua at Rasa Sayang in the vicinity of the Sibu Bus Terminal.  Gundot loved it too…but she said it was not authentic.  True enough, for it seems like a cross between kampua and Kuching kolok mee…but the end result is absolutely fabulous. Personally, I think it’s nicer than the original kampua and kolok mee for only RM2.00!

But die-hards may insist on what they’re accustomed to over the years in which case they should try Soon Hock, a coffee shop in Pedada Commercial Centre, next to Lilian Pharmacy…along the same row as Chopsticks ( where the chicken rice is something not to be missed).

They say there’s a stall at the Taman Selera in the Pedada area run by the guy in the Malaysian Book of Records for being bestman the most number of times…but I’ve yet to go and try it. It only opens at night.

Well, to those of you who will be coming home for the holidays or for good pretty soon, in the meantime, just drool…and drool…and drool…! ROTFLMAO!!! 

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

31 thoughts on “Sunday morning…”

  1. u know, we didn’t try kampua the last time we were in kuching.. only the kolo mee. iLove!! what IS the diff between kolo & kampua ah?

    They’re different – the texture of the noodles, the method of preparation, even the taste!!! U have to come to Sibu to eat kampua! They have it in Kuching, in KK…even in Auckland (at NZ$8.00 a plate) but they’re just not the same. Just like in KL, they’ve got Sarawak Kolok mee at some places (e.g. the open air food stalls beside Summit USJ in front of Giant Hypermart)…but no, they’re not the same too!

  2. Aha… have you tried the ‘Wong Soon Kai’s kampua?’ It can be found at a coffee shop at Selemo roundabout behind Technic music school. Soon Kai was our deputy chief minister from Sibu.

    I know that one. Used to give tuition upstairs. Somewhat plain…and soggy…and the portion is SO small!!! Have to pay extra if you want more! And the guy’s not very friendly…..

  3. i’m meaner!!i had crocodile meat just now!!HAHA..crocodile meat with x.o chilli on rice..crocodile meat taste like chicken

    Eyew…!!!! U’re going to take over the late Steve Irwin’s place as the Crocodile Hunter kah??? LOL!!!

  4. Kampua is yummy only once in a very long while. I normally have to order the “add more meat, less mee” version, which is RM4.00 a pop.
    The normal version with its 4 pieces of thinly sliced meat leaves much to be desired, and I can’t fathom what the pull was back in the day.

    I reckon we did not have a choice in those days…and going out to eat kampua was a real treat!!! We only ate at restaurants when someone in the family got married…or somebody died!!! Today, when everyone’s so spoilt for choice, why kampua still???

  5. Another place is Sg. Merah. The coffee is very good too. You can get foochow mee with prawn for RM4.50. the very same thing costs RM16 in Kuching.I heard the Taman Selera one is not worth the wait. I’m looking for “gu toh mee”.

    Don’t quite fancy the one at Sg Merah! Everyone says it’s not so good since they moved to the new shoplot! Another good one is opposite Masland Methodist church…but parking used to be a problem. Think I’ve found one “gu toh mee” place that you might like…. Come! Come! Yum! Yum!!

  6. oh well..trying something new =D . Tried kangaroo meat in February. Actually didin’t know it was kangaroo meat until my friend told me. Lol..Taste like beef

    Once, they were saying that OZ exported kangaroo meat here…and passed it off as beef!!! Dunno true or not! Just eat!

  7. Didn’t know Sibu food so delicious! When I go over you must write a list of the places I can go to. Please use my email as I’m sure there’s a long list.

    Don’t worry! I’m free…so I can take u around! And foot the bill too!!! Just come! (Then u’ll go back suisui-puipui like me! Hahahahahahaha!!!!)

  8. i have yet to try his kampua la….

    eh… next time u come to KL… tah pau one! hahahaha… although i am not a pregnant woman!

    No problem!!! If u’re pregnant, I’ll courier to u! ROTFLMAO!!! But jokes aside, why don’t u and Jules come over? I’ll make sure you two will eat to your hearts’ content! Everyone can fly!!! RM9.99…if u’re lucky enough to get it!

  9. I’ll skip the pork… but I’ll have lots and lots of those prawns…!! Can kah like that?? hehehe I like kon lo mee (that’s what we called it over here – if it’s the same thing..)

    the kampua differs to kolok mee just for the kicap kah?? If like that, there’s one place in Tg. aru that sells good kampua la since the colour the same what …

    Can! Fridays I don’t eat meat, so I would tell them no meat, extra prawns!…..Kampua…u can have it “white” or “black” (with kicap). Somewhere in KK, there’s a Sibu Coffee Shop. Don’t know where exactly but I know they sell kampua there!

  10. “I’m free…so I can take u around! And foot the bill too!!!”

    Wah…can I get that special treatment too? Haha…I also dunno where to find good food in Sibu…In Kuching I know la, got lotsa food bloggers and contacts but in Sibu, none la, but I guess now it’s YOU lor. Haha…

    Then hor, if can meet with Zewt ge ge and Jules jie jie so cool…show them Sibu (and Kuching) b4 they move down under…and I get to meet the femes Zewt and STP in one shot! Hahaha…

    Come on over, just email me…and we can arrange to meet up! BTW,”…and I get to meet the femes Zewt and STP“…so Zewt femes, STP not femes lah??? Hahahahahaha!!!!

  11. if you said kids in the past are so deprived, well, kids in the past will think that kids these days are so deprived as well….

    Deprived of their childhood, yes! Other than that, over-spoilt and over-pampered and they could have everything they want!!!

  12. Taman Muhibbah’s Malaysian Book of Record guy punya stall punya kampua not nice at all. Too much lard, most of the times overcooked, maybe due to ‘overwhelming’ demands.

    Hey, there’s one more place that you should try, Sing Long coffee shop (in Mandarin it reads ‘Tian Long’) behind Rejang Medical Centre wan. I think I tasted something that’s a cross in between kampua and kolo mee at another coffeeshop opposite rejang medical centre called ‘5 & 2’ (in Mandarin called 5 Loaves 2 Fishes)which taste quite nice. They have tom yam kampua (dried one, not soup) also, not bad!

    Ooo…we must go together to all these places when you come back! Garden Hotel’s got “Tom Yam Seafood Spaghetti”…VERY nice, RM10 with prawns, mussels, sotong etc…but they increased the price to RM12-14 now, so I’d rather eat something else…

  13. Darn!! I haven’t had kampua in ages!! The last time I was back in Sibu was… 1998! after SPM! I’ll drop by one day lah.. soon! Where can i find the best lampha koi? (balls cake) hahaha… it sounds so gay!

    Itulah…throw stones (buang batu) liao!!!! So sombong, never want to visit poor old man, STP here!!!! Got!!! Best lampha koi at Market Road!!! Eat one lampha…sure must eat another one!!!!…Drool!!!!

  14. balls cake? yarabi.

    It’s actually a Foochow delicacy…tastes something like doughnut, maybe nicer! They twist the dough into a particular shape and deep-fry. At first, not very big…then kembang!!! Looks like scrotums (lam pha)…and nowadays, they coat with sesame seeds, so looks like got STDs (sexually-transmitted disease)!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!! U wont want to eat ’em now, would u???

  15. Foochow meat ball!! yum yum..

    Now my imagination runs wild! Hahahahahaha!!!! Oops! Sorry, forgot u very innocent one! I’m such a bad influence!!

  16. er.. not meat ball.. i think its fish ball.. with meat inside it…

    Here don’t have lah! It’s either fishballs or meatballs! Maybe from the Foochows in Sitiawan, Perak!…Come to think of it, they may have in in the “Tian Mian Ngu” thingy!!! I won’t know cos I don’t fancy that stuff. Ask bongkersz! He loves it!

  17. I think I tried before kampua at at Rasa Sayang. Haha! I love there’s one shop at the waterfront there. Last time when I came back from Miri, I would stop at Sibu and went to that shop to eat kampua 😀 Sarikei also have kampua leh!!!!!!!!!! Kampua is very different than Kolo Mee. I am slightly biased against kampua 😛 or cross between kampua and kolo mee haha! Since many kampua mee I eat too soggy, and overcooked.. yucky. Suituapui, post lah step by step to make good kampua 😛 hehhe STP’ style. Damn I am hungry now!

    I don’t like soggy kampua too, so u need to know where to go to. Come, come to Sibu and I’ll bring u!!!…..Eeee…out all weekend makan with Cibol, still hungry? Apa u makan? Wakakakakakaka!!!!!

  18. STP,can get better camera or not? We are very demanding especially if you’re going to post more food pics. To get us drooling, it has to be high def!
    Hee hee….

    See! I knew it is never gonna end!!! Well, looking on the bright side, at least I have an excuse when the pics are not so good! LOL!!!

  19. i’ve tasted the “best man” kampua lor… not very tasty, lack ooooomph… hv yet eaten kampua that “feels” like kampua (or maybe i have, but memory has failed me -_-”’), but love kampua all the same ^.^

    Doesn’t matter to me…as long as it tastes nice!!!

  20. I’ve only tried Kampua once, though it was not freshly made (it was sent to me from Sibu to KL)I liked it very much, I can’t imagine myself enjoying anykind of modified Kampua mee. To me, the minced meat mixed with lard and the original kampua noodle is good enough to satisfy my apetite. Looking forward to eating it in Sibu itself.

    Hi, jenn…thanks for dropping by! Yes, u must come to Sibu to enjoy the real thing…piping hot! You’re coming over anytime soon?

  21. I missed my breakfast and it’s a big mistake clicking on the link for this post … I’m hungry!!!! haha

    You’re lucky I don’t have ur hp number! Whenever I’m eating something nice or I’ve cooked something special, I’ll take the photo and send it to bongkersz via MMS…and he’ll curse and swear at me!!!! Hahahahaha!!! I love being mean!!!

  22. I have very nice “lampah” pictures, the kueh I mean. If can find I e mail you.
    Got very nice one here. They make mountains of it in the morning but by mid morning it is all gone. Many foochow here i guess.

    Not the ones I saw…The Kuching ones so small and no STD!!! Mana syiok like dat! Hahahahaha!!!!!

  23. I made three failed attempts to Sibu, maybe I don’t have Fuchow luck, of the 3 attempts, I had to burn my air ticket twice, terrible horrr? Btw, somehwere else in M’sia has kampua mee also, it’s Setiawan, Perak, there are lots of Fuchows there, their Kampua is said to be slightly different.

    Well, if there’s a will, there’s a way!!! You’ll make it here one day!

  24. Looks like you will be guiding me around the food if we manage to get there in 2009…. could cause a few problems with the two of us on the same walkway… ROFL

    No problem at all! We’ll avoid the narrow lanes…

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