Photographs and memories…

In the good ol’ days, people would have a stack of photo albums under the coffee table in the living room of their houses.  Anyone who dropped in was welcomed to browse through the photographs inside…and those would make up their topics of conversation.

For instance, flipping through my photo albums, you may come across this one…

(Footnote: The photo has been blurred to protect the innocent! Hehehehehe!!! Good excuse, eh?)

You: Gosh! What short skirts!!!

Me: Mini-skirts were in fashion then.

You: Ooo…that one’s got nice, sexy legs!

Me: That’s Teresa! We used to call her “Thui Sa” (strip)! LOL!!!

…or this one!!!

You: Omigawd!!! Is that you?

Me: Yes! I was on my way to Santubong on a picnic.  Those days where got such nice roads like today. It wasn’t so easily accessible then!

You: Gosh! You were so slim then! What happened?

Me: Haiz…time has been so cruel to me…. (Hahahahahaha!!!!!)

Then, you spot this one…

You: And who were those girls with you?

Me: That’s Sophia and her sis.

You: Sophia? Which one?

Me: Haiya!!! You see her lips like Sophia Loren, u know already lah!!!

You:  That one kah? But she looks more glamorous today leh?

Me: Those days where got like today! At best, they had Hazeline Snow or Oil of Ulan.

You: Huh? U what Lan?

Me: Today, it’s called Oil of Ulay lah! Dunno why they changed the name. Still got people use kah? These days, they have all those stuff like Estee Lauder, SKII…

Ah…photographs and all those memories that each of them may bring!!! Sadly, in this present day and age of digital cameras, most people don’t bother to develop their photos anymore…well, definitely not as much as before! If you want to see one, they”ll let you have a glimpse on their PC or laptop…or maybe if they’ve converted it to vcd, then they can play it on their dvd player and show you the slideshow on their plasma TV screen, the background music blaring in your ears! Sigh! Somehow, it’s just not the same anymore…..