Big in Japan…

Well, I don’t think it’s big in Japan…but it certainly seems big in Sibu when it comes to Japanese food…

Sushi Tie 1

I’ve featured this place in one of my posts quite sometime ago. I didn’t really like Japanese food then and I don’t really fancy it still. It’s just that my daughter loves the stuff, so I took her there for lunch the other day. They open quite late for business – 11.30 a.m. This is the front portion of the place on the ground floor…

Sushi Tie 2

…and this is what it looks like inside (ground floor section). The cubicles are a bit too small for me, I’m afraid…

Sushi Tie 3
Sushi Tie 4

…and the back of the chair is too straight and hard. Comfort was probably secondary on the mind of whoever designed it.

I had the salmon terayaki set…

Sushi Tie 5

…for RM9.90 – the promotional price for lunch only, and got the fish with a bowl of rice, some tofu cube, miso soup and two thin slices of watermelon. My daughter had the unagi or eel set (also RM9.90)…

Sushi Tie 6

…plus this soft crab thingy (over RM4.00, can’t remember exactly now)…

Sushi Tie 7

…and enjoyed the food very much…

Sushi Tie 8

I still felt it was just so-so, nothing really great and somewhat expensive…and the worst part was – I was still hungry when I left the place.

Sushi Tie 9

Ya…bye-bye indeed! LOL!!!

P.S. Did you notice the clear blue sky in Sibu in the first photograph – taken around noon on Saturday? Thankfully, despite the hot weather, we are not being choked to death like the people in KL, Penang and so on.

This one was taken earlier in the morning yesterday (Sunday)…

Blue Sibu sky 1

…and this one around noontime…

Blue Sibu sky 2

There were some clouds forming and we had a little bit of rain later, so it was not unbearably hot. Let’s hope that things stay this way…

Have a great week, everybody, and may you have blue skies and everything nice!

Author: suituapui

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27 thoughts on “Big in Japan…”

  1. I got to admit that I really love this theme/layout that you are using. It’s soothing to the eyes and just make people feel like dropping a word or two here.

    It is now raining in KL.. And I can see the KL Tower and Petronas Twin Tower on the way to office. Also the Parliament building just next door.

    Praise the Lord! Thank God for small mercies… Good! Good! Do comment more then…and more often! Hehehehehe!!!

    1. Yeap.. Will drop by here during the night.. Can’t afford to do it during the day anymore. Life is somewhat different now..

      Huh? Very mysterious comment… Not allowed to go online in the office, eh? So you’re gonna be a night stalker from now on, eh? Hahahahahaha…. Any time of day is fine with me! Just keep dropping by!

  2. KL tower is ok from my house. Can see liw. The haze, temporarily gone. Thanks to all the raining these past few days! :p

    I’m not into Japanese food too. Is this place new in town? Cause if it’s new then maybe that’s why it’s big in Sibu? :p

    Spammed again! I wonder why… LOL!!! Nope, this place has been around for many years and has been doing very well, extended upwards from just the ground floor…and now they even have a branch at Wisma Sanyan and another at Sing Kwong, Salim. Others tried but they all closed down after a while… Glad to hear that it’s clear on the western front! I hope it stays that way…

  3. I love Japanese cuisine, especially sushi! Yummy!

    Sushi Tie was so-so, nothing to shout about but because it is about the only Japanese cuisine around Sibu (how about Nippon-something near Civic Center facing the main road near Petronas?) so no choice.

    Sushi King here ar, whenever got RM2 promotion, the queue can reach Kuching International Airport wan. I guess it’s the same everywhere lah.

    All the others closed down already. I’ve eaten the Japanese food at Isetan (Lot 10, KL) and at Sushi King in Kuching and I found that they’re all more or less the same. Ok, edible…but you won’t find me dying for it!

  4. hi good morning… yes, after a bout of rain yesterday, it was cooling last night … finally… thank God for that, in fact, during the saturday night church service, my pastor has asked the whole congregation to pray for rain, rain and more rain… (i was thinking, oops… not so much like Noah’s time, huh) 🙂

    about japanese food, i also dont fancy much too, once awhile, i go cos my girl likes the sushi…

    U have a great week ahead too!

    Ipoh too? Hope your prayers will be answered. I guess it’s better now cos it has been raining…but once the rain stops, the haze will come again…as long as they do not address the root of the problem. Hah…just like me, only my daughter loves Japanese food, not me!

  5. I believe Japanese Sushi is really “IN” in Malaysia. To be honest, I believe the prices of these food are rather expensive. 😀 Anyway good morning.

    As far as sushi goes, we have a lot of stalls at all the shopping malls selling – they all taste the same to me…but in order to have other things like tempura, terrayaki and what not, we’ll have to go to the restaurant for those. Expensive, no doubt about that!

  6. haha… my friends and i used to have them a lot and most of the time we would go to on all-you-can-eat sushi outlet since its so cheap and we can eat as much as we want. i usually go for their tempura sets, california roll and their delicious beef udon. its ironic that most of these japanese restaurants arent being run by japs themselves but rather by the chinese, vietnamese or filippinos.. LOL!!! and yeah…. i once saw.. a chinese restaurant owned by indians how is that possible is beyond me!

    All you can eat? Gee! That’s great! We do not get it here but at Sushi King in Kuching, they have the RM2 a plate (Help yourself to whatever comes on the conveyor belt…) thingy once in a while. It’s so expensive in Sibu – RM9.90 per set, can actually buy two very nice lunches for two persons already!

  7. Do you get the greetings, thanks etc in japanese when you enter or leave?

    Yup…the moment you step in, they start banging on the tables, chanting, “Lima sen…lima sen…!!!” Bluff! Where got anything lima sen, all so expensive!!!

    1. The whole restaurant (staff only) greeted you “Irashaimase” whenever you walked in. “Arigato gozaimasu” when you left. But they didn’t bow Japanese-style hor.

      The place is a bit small for people to be bowing in all directions…like the Japanese do!

  8. Like your new blog design! Huh, getting very IT now?

    Funny, young girls (or boys also?) like Japanese food. My daughter loves it so much. But, when she was home, I always said – budget, budget, very expensive. Now, that she is away from home, it’s time for her to say, budget, budget, even when I said she could use the supplementary credit card for a nice meal outside, she said, “No. no! Mummy, very expensive to eat outside.”

    Ya, my girl’s exactly like that! Here, she’ll want to eat this and that, and at times, real expensive stuff…but I gave her a supplementary card as well to spend…and I always tell her to go and eat whatever she wants over there – so far, it has been used ONCE only – by ME, to make sure it was ok!!! You think they enjoy taking advantage of us? LOL!!!

  9. Is it me or does this new layout a bit the terang… but all in all, rather interesting layout..

    Japanese food…. Sibu??? Then again, you don’t quite fancy it so you wouldn’t be able to tell us if its good or not…

    You can dim the light on your monitor! Hahahahaha!!! It tastes more or less like what I had had elsewhere…

  10. Over here some japanese restaurant,when u go in they greeted u something in Japanese,once we went n they were yelling out loud as usual,when we were seated,we asked them so where are u from, they said…Malaysia!LOL! N I don’t think that kitty is saying bye bye,it is meant to say hello money! 🙂 Ps nice new format!

    Yup…they do that here too. I know – that’s supposed to be the feng shui good luck cat – money, come, come… No wonder their business so good!

  11. Good layout. I love Japanese food especially the sashimi. Me into raw fish !! The ones in KL are really fresh and good!! Goes well with saki!!!
    Haze is gone . I can see blue sky from my room.

    Good for you! Hope it stays that way! Well, if you ask me, I would rather have umai – the Melanau raw fish delicacy) anytime…

  12. Hi, feels like long time didn’t drop by here! Did you make changes to your blog layout or something? I feel it’s different!

    Oh, I love Japanese food! Yummy! But haven’t heard of this restaurant before. Only found in Sibu?

    So nice! No haze in Sibu! Here in KL, I’m staying indoors all the time!! : (

    Yup…long time no see. Just got a new theme yesterday… Nope! This Jap place was opened by a Sibu guy surnamed Tie but I heard that as the business flourished, he was killed in a fatal accident along the so-called (Trans-Sarawak) “highway”…so the wife is reaping the harvest. 3 outlets in Sibu itself but I don’t think they’ve branches elsewhere. Doing very well, it seems… Poor you! Luckily, we’re still ok here….

  13. Yeah, i agree, Sibu is indeed very blessed. I don’t like japanese food too and i think it’s way too expensive. Last few weeks, my friends and i went to the Sushi Tie shop at Sanyan and the bill came close to RM 80.00 and there were only 4 of us. Nothing special we ordered, just normal rice and noodles. What a waste of money…

    The two of us spent some RM26.00…and I was hungry when we left. Went to the coffee shop next door to buy the giant bak pao (RM2.70, and if compared to what we had earlier, I would say RM2.70 ONLY!) for tea… Hehehehehe!!!!

  14. I love love sashimi! So do the kids, and it’s a rather costly affair paying for 4 pax, when they order tuna belly, yellowtail, shells etc.

    Never mind! Lots more where that came from… Unfortunately not for poor people, working from hand to mouth…like me! Hehehehehe!!!

    1. The secret to make a japanese or any expensive dinner worthwhile is not to pangsai for 3 days….sar jit mai pangsai..baru a tat.

      After eating that little bit…no sai even lah!!! Chiak bay pa!!!

  15. The air quality here damm bad! Very hazy lorr!
    Very hard to fill the stomach with just sushi! LOL

    Yalor…and not that great some more! Poor you! Do take care, and your family too! Wear masks…

  16. Haha… I too like shushi!!! And Unagi!!!
    When you wanna bring me??

    When are you coming to Sibu? Anytime…when you are here! But you never want to come… 😦

  17. Wow! This theme is so nice!

    Ah! Finally…some nice words! Hehehehehe!!! Personally, I prefer something with a bit more colour.

  18. they should have designed more comfortable chairs and perhaps bigger space for STP! sigh…

    Ya…people my size are the big eaters…and that means they can make more out of people like me, not the skinny ones that eat like a bird. Dunno how they think! LOL!!!

    1. that would be the last thing in their minds cos they definitely don’t expect sumos to dine there lol..chiak bay time ask for 3 garlic rice la

      Garlic rice Japanese?…We were given plain rice or at least that was what I thought it was, with a sprinkling of black toasted sesame seeds…

  19. my children all like japanese food since dad is footing the bills they will suggest to eat japanese n its vv expensive in KL.
    Young people nowadays are different from what we are -we are vv thrifty simple and class -eat at kopitiam.. always on a budget.

    They know the father so rich mah! Hahahahaha!!! Our time where got so hor-mia! Even eat at kopitiam – also once a week only on Sunday mornings – kampua!!!

  20. Nice layout.
    The most important thing about japanese food is that the ingredients must be fresh and they use real japanese rice. Thats why its expensive. Cheap japanese food are usually very shitty.
    Just got back from KL… the haze was pretty bad when i arrived on Saturday but it cleared up after the rain on Sunday. Attended a wedding in Prince hotel. The food was pretty good…. there were chunks of hu chee in the soup. yum yum.

    Wedding? Oooo…I love weddings! At Prince, must be very expensive especially with the “chunks of hu chee”. Gosh…you people will not be very popular in the eyes of the shark lovers! LOL!!!

  21. Guess I’m a bit late, oh well…

    That cat is not really waving good bye to you, it’s telling you to give it more money. Money money come come, it’s a display staple in jap restaurants 😆

    Ya…it got my money all right but wouldn’t be getting any more for a while. I wouldn’t be going there anymore now that my daughter has gone back to college.

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