Nope! I’m not like that…even though I should, for health’s sake and not because of my appearance. I am old, fat and not in any way, good-looking but I believe that I am beautiful…inside. Very often, we hear people commenting, “She’s such a B***H! She thinks she’s SO beautiful!” Or they will say this of a guy, “He’s so full of himself! He considers himself God’s gift to women!” Well, these individuals are blessed with good looks on the outside…but obviously, they are not very popular.

Now, what makes a person beautiful? Here are some extracts from the song, (I am the) BODY BEAUTIFUL by Salt N Pepa

Everybody’s beautiful in their own special way…Beauty comes from within…Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, you will achieve…Open up your mind so your eyes can see…Bodies come in all different shapes and sizes…You’re beautiful, too, just realize this! Can’t you see the beauty in me?…Open up your heart and set your mind free…Everybody’s beautiful in their own way…Express yourself every day and when you’ve got joy on the inside, it shows on the out…Be confident and you’re beautiful without a doubt.

Yes, beauty comes from within and everyone is beautiful in his or her own way. The song talks about believing in yourself and being confident. I reckon that if you have high self-esteem, you will be able to project a personality that may be appealing to others, as opposed to someone who has very low self-esteem and always thinks lowly of himself and negatively about life and everything else for that matter, and that will definitely put people off. I bet not many will want to hang around people like that…unless they are birds of the same feather.

For one thing, a person’s character, rather than his physical attributes, will contribute towards making a person beautiful.  A person will exude “beauty” from within if he is kind, patient and understanding, generous and charitable, considerate and helpful…and above all, loving and caring. These qualities will make him attractive to others, pleasant to be with; these are the qualities that will make a person beautiful. Nobody’s perfect, of course, that’s for sure! But if one can have some of these characteristics, even if it is just to a certain degree, he or she can be beautiful…at least to some extent.

Well, recently, I came across something by Eileen Ramage (1996: www.citylights/ and I am of the opinion that she has managed to put it all down in words so beautifully indeed  in her poem, “THE BEAUTY WITHIN”…

Such beauty that lies within

No joy can compare

You can search the world all over

You won’t find it anywhere

You may like the shine of diamonds

The glitter of pure gold

A body that is beautiful

Nice things that you can hold

All these things are fragile

Get old and pass away

But the beauty that lies within us

Lasts forever come what may

This rare and special beauty

Can lay hidden from your view

I know that you can find it

By searching within you.

Great joy I know will follow

Your life will be free.

The serenity that you’ll feel

You then can share with me.

And I would like to conclude with these lines from Christina Aguilera’s song: “We are beautiful no matter what they say…we are beautiful in every single way!” Yes, I am….. Are you?

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