Just like a pill…

Now, now…calm down, everybody.  This is NOT going to be a post on contraceptives! Well, if you’ve noticed, I’m using titles of songs for all my posts (except for a couple of earlier ones) and this is the closest that I can get to what I am going to share with all of you.

As we all know, there is this shift in the medical world to alternative medicine and that includes natural herbs, even those that we can find growing around us. For one thing, I understand that herbal medicine takes some time before there can be any effect.  Recently, I saw the label of one for osteoarthritis (The composition includes ginger, lemon grass, tumeric and so on!) that states that it will take a week or up to a month, so if the pain persists, the indiviidual can take painkillers in the meantime.

I have also been told that some of these herbal treatments will detoxify and cleanse the body and improve blood circulation to enable the body to handle whatever health problem the individual is suffering from, thus promoting recovery through natural healing.  Some people, on the other hand, insist that they should not be taken together with western medicine because not enough research has been done and there may be unwarranted contradictions.  Others say that they will wash away all the western medicine you have taken, rendering them virtually useless; in fact, the same has been said about Chinese tea.

Well, I am not in any way prescribing or asking anybody to follow suit but I have been taking these leaves for a few years now and my blood tests have been encouraging – none of those threatening luminous yellow highlights (though rather high on my triglycerides) in the reports!                                 Well, these are daun hempedu bumi or andrographis paniculata. I understand that they can lower a person’s blood pressure, and others claim that it can lower one’s blood sugar level.  There have been cases of friends and relatives (or their parents) who have taken these leaves…and they will testify to the fact that they are very effective.  Actually, you can google to read up on these leaves; there are quite a number of websites that will provide you more detailed information on them.

Last year or maybe it was the year before, the Sarawak Herbal Society published a series of articles on medicinal herbs in a local newspaper and these leaves were featured in one of them. The article claimed that the leaves could be helpful for many kinds of ailments and even inhibit the growth of any cancerous tumour in the body.

I usually drink it once a day. I will pluck a few leaves every morning and place them in a mug and then, I pour boiling water in it.  After sometime, I will drink the water…but be forewarned! It is extremely bitter (The MOST BITTER bitter gourd will pale in comparison!)…but after having been drinking it for so long, I can just gulp it all down in one go. Anybody wants a cuppa…?

P.S. Another intention of mine in wanting to post on these leaves is to show off that I CAN take and post good, clear photographs! Now, anybody has any more complaint??? Humph!!!! LOL!!!