Gosh! This is just like somebody who has completed his education and found a job and everybody starts pestering him to find a girl and get married, and when he has done that, they’ll harass him further telling him that he should begin thinking about having a baby and starting a family…and it goes on and on and on!

So it was with me! I was quite happy making a nuisance of myself, commenting in other people’s blogs…but no, they would not leave me in peace. Everyone kept asking me when I would start my own blog, and when I was FORCED into having one of my own, people started asking me to post photographs… Gee! I certainly hope this is it! There’s nothing more after this, or is there?

Well, this photograph has nothing to do with the post. After all, I’m only trying out my “skill”… It’s a photo of the Sarawak Laksa that I cooked the other day, so feast your eyes on it and I hope it makes everyone drool…and drool…!!! After all, you asked for it! LOL!!!

UPDATED: Ok! Ok! Now pic big enough or not!!! Chesh! LOL!!!!