I’m not there anymore…

Yes, I think the son, my ex-student, did mention to me that they were not here anymore and they have moved to a new location…

Siong Kee Restaurant

I first tried the father’s kampua mee when he was here but I found it kind of sticky and not to my liking. The second time I got to try it was at their restaurant and I liked it very much. However, for no particular reason, I never got to go back there for more but the other morning, I decided I would drop by to check their current place out.

It certainly is not as elaborate and lavish as the previous place but I like it this way – simple and nice. They had the SOP “counter”


– initially, I did not see the temperature thing on a stand by the side so I went to take my seat. A guy came running instantly with the record book for me to write down my details and I went to get my temperature checked for the record. There are places around town that are not bothered to have all this or there are some that will have everything there but they do not care whether or not you observe the SOP or not.

I was going to a grocery store that day and I noticed that the coffee shop next door was packed with people. When I was done, as I was walking back to the car, I saw everyone scrambling for their lives!!! In the distance, I saw two police officers, one male and one female, walking this way. I don’t know if the coffee shop people bothered to provide all those things for the SOP or not and if they did, probably, none of those people bothered to observe it.

I was early and there was this young man…

Siong Kee kampua mee stall

..manning the stall. I never saw him before so I wouldn’t know whether he was one of the sons or anyone related to the family in any way but he was very pleasant, very nice and so was everybody at the coffee shop.

I ordered the kampua mee, white (RM3.50)…

Siong Kee kampua mee

…which was all right, very old school, very authentic, very original. I thought it was a little on the dry side so probably a bit more oil would be good.

I also asked for the soup (RM6.00)…

Siong Kee soup

…which was all right too except that I was not all that fond of their pian sip – the texture of the skin was kind of chewy and it was not all that thin plus the filling did not excite me either. The soup, however, had a light hint of the traditional Foochow red wine, not overpowering, not too strong and they gave this lovely chili dip…

Siong Kee chili dip

…to go with it.

No, I wouldn’t say it’s anything to get excited about, not anything that would get me running back for more…but yes, it may be considered if you happen to be in the vicinity, alongside this one and this one and a few more in that area of shops.

SIONG KEE RESTAURANT (2.293794, 111.823864) is located at the far end of the Kampung Datu shops, right behind the Sibu High Court, facing the Land & Survey Department building. It may be more easily accessible if you come in via Archer Road.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

4 thoughts on “I’m not there anymore…”

  1. Most kopitiam (if not all) doesn’t observe the SOP. They take things lightly. All they care is business and vitamin M. But for supermarket, I would give them credit. The char siu in the kampua are sliced too thick to my liking. I prefer it thinly sliced. The soup looks good though

    Yes, the supermarkets are fine but not the customers – once inside, no social distancing. They should restrict the number of customers going in at one time…like in the banks. Coffee shops, at least you sit at your own table, not too near the others.

    Authentic kampua, the meat must be so thin that it will fly away when you switch on the fan full blast. LOL!!!

  2. The char siu in the kampua looks good and in the just right thickness for me. 🙂

    Yeah…eateries…do not really observe SOP…perhaps they feel tired reminding customers already.

    In Melaka too? That’s bad. People just do not seem to care at all. Looks like there is the danger of a dunno how many wave already! #staysafe #staywell #stayhome

  3. I like char siew that looks like that, the meat being white colour, some char siew the meat looks dark and black, omg!

    I love it black, charred. After all, it’s in the name – charred sio (burn). This is just boiled meat, coloured red to make it look like char siew – what we had in authentic old school kampua mee.

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