Make no mistake…

I blogged about the laksam that I bought that day and much to my surprise, many said they had not heard of it before and some even thought it was a typing error and I had actually intended to type laksa instead.

No, I did not make a mistake – it is called laksam and according to Wiki, it is called laksei in Kelantan and laksang in Terengganu. However, all this while, I thought it was Kelantanese in origin but it is mentioned in that same website that this very nice Malaysian delight is actually from Terengganu.

I also mentioned in my blogpost the other day that my girl loved it so much and wanted to save the remaining pack for lunch/dinner so the mum did not get to enjoy her own pack and only managed to try a little bit of it. That was why I went back to the stall last Saturday morning to buy a whole lot to keep in the fridge and heat up to enjoy as and when we feel like it.

To do so, I would bring the thick and rich fish gravy…

Laksam fish gravy

…to a boil first before I put in the chee-cheong-fun-like rolled rice noodles…

Laksam rolled rice noodles

…and lastly, I placed the raw vegetables…

Laksam raw vegetables

…on top to heat them up a bit before pouring everything into a bowl and adding the chili…

Laksam chili

…to serve it piping hot.

If you look carefully at the raw vegetables, you can see the very thinly sliced cabbage, onion, long beans and cucumber plus a bit of torch ginger flower (bunga kantan) which gives it that very delightful fragrance and traces of cili padi. The gravy is made using mashed fish so you may detect bits of it while you are enjoying the laksam

Laksam Pelangi Kiosks, Kpg Nangka

Inicidentally, it seems that the stall is only open on weekends – Saturday and Sunday from 7.00 a.m. onwards.

NASI KERABU ASLI KELATE (2.311303, 111.820699) is located to the extreme left of the stalls at Pelangi Food Kiosks in front of Wisma Azra, Jalan Kampung Nangka.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “Make no mistake…”

  1. Now it clicks my mind I had it once with my friends at Absolute Tribal but it has been a long long time and I don’t even know how the taste was now. The roll rice noodles looks like our kway teow more or less just that it is rolled up. Wonder what type of fish they are using in the gravy, not fishy at all?

    Probably kembong – that’s what they use for their Penang assam laksa or laksa utara but of course, do not expect them to use a lot. You will get a hint of the fish but it is not going to be strong. Even kembong is expensive these days. I love kembong but the ones they sell now are so small – I can’t be bothered to go through the trouble of cleaning those.

    Absolute Tribal’s no more – different people took over, different concept now. So sad.

  2. Oh yes, this is a Terengganu thing and in Terengganu, any word ending with “n” or even “m” gets a “g” added to it. Therefore we say “laksang” instead of “laksam”. So for eg. “makan ikan” becomes “makang ikang”. LOL!

    That sounds very Foochow. They add a “g” to any word ending with “n” so they will say “makang ikang” too. They say it’s because of the negative influence of the dialect – so many of their surnames end with “ng” – Wong, Ting, Tiong, Ling, Ding etc…etc…

  3. Yes, laksam is Terengganu dish. But I did not get to taste it when I was there many years ago. I had lajsam once in Kuching. Cannot remember where and when, quite long time ago. I am not acquire to it. I did see people selling it in Ramadhan bazaar. Not a common food found here.

    I’ve had it at a shop once, since closed down…not surprised. My girl loves it – I guess she had it in Sg Petani when she was there and she had her hopes high but she was so disappointed. I did buy some from the Ramadan stalls, pretty ok but none as nice as this one. It’s just like laksa, nasi lemak and everything else, I guess – you can get it EVERYWHERE but not all are nice – in fact, most are not nice!

  4. The Laksam must be good!! Like many others, I have not tasted this before but it sure looks appetizing!

    Should be very easy to get there, not like here…not so many Malays, even fewer West Malaysian Malays and what more to say, those from Kelantan – mostly teachers…or in the army.

  5. That gravy sounds so good!

    Very good. This is one dish you simply must try if there is a place where you can get a really good one like this.

  6. Thanks for sharing about laksam. I would be interested to try if i can find in sg.

    Maybe you’d have a better chance of finding it across the Causeway.

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