Not that far away…

I was in the vicinity of this coffee shop

Hock Kee Corner

…or what they call UniCity here that day when I decided to stop by and see if they had anything of interest.

I saw two sweet young things enjoying what looked like nasi kak wok, not that I would want to have that too, thank you very much but I went looking for the stall to see what else they had.

I went to the Malay food stall where I had the very disappointing not-lemak-at-all nasi lemak the last time I was here but it did not look like the nasi kak wok came from there. The dishes for their nasi campur were ready even at around 10 something in the morning and there was a queue of customers lining up to get what they wanted. No, I did not feel like having that so I went to look elsewhere.

I saw a stall directly opposite that had nasi kerabu, nasi biryani, nasi aruk and all the rest on their menu so I asked if they had nasi kak wok and they said yes. They asked if I would like to have that but I said no and ordered their nasi kerabu ayam (RM6.00) instead…

Nasi Kerabu, Hock Kee Corner at UniCity 1

I was glad to see the light blue colour of the rice – I would take that as an indication that the butterfly pea flower (bunga telang) was used instead of some artificial colouring that would give it a shocking blue colour like the ones at some places here. Once was one time too many – I never went back there to eat their nasi kerabu ever again.

They gave the air budu (fermented salted fish sauce)…

Air budu

…and the very nice sambal


…in little saucers and the sambal cili beside the rice but I was of the opinion that they could be a bit more generous with those and also the kerabu (raw vegetables) and the kerisik


…because although on the whole, it was very nice, I thought it was not quite there. I loved the stuffed chili and salted egg and the fried chicken was so well marinated with kunyit (turmeric) and whatever else and was very very nice plus it was not over-fried till hard and dry like the ones at some places here.

All in all, I enjoyed it…

Nasi kerabu Hock Kee Corner@UniCity 2

…very much and I sure would not mind having it again if I happen to be around this part of the woods but I’m afraid I have to say that in my honest opinion, it pales in comparison with my favourite on the other side of town. Unfortunately, that one is so far away that I get tired from the mere thought of having to drive all the way just for it !

HOCK KEE CORNER is located at Lorong Wawasan 9C, directly opposite the Mr DIY outlet in the vicinity of Unicity (2.342337, 111.831781) off Jalan Wawasan, on your left if you are coming from Bulatan Teng Chin Hua in the vicinity of the University College of Technology, Sarawak, Kolej Laila Taib and Woodlands International School, heading towards the Batang Igan Bridge.