It’s quite alright…

I dropped by this coffee shop in town because my girl’s ex-colleague who was in town over the weekend shared a photograph on WhatsApp of a very nice plate of rice and I wanted to check it out.

I had not been to this coffee shop for a long time and it seemed a lot nicer with all the sparkling new stainless steel stalls and all. The one I was looking for was on the extreme left of the place at the very end/furthest inside. Unfortunately, they only had nasi campur (mixed rice) and I was not interested in that even though I did see a lot of people, probably from the offices in the area, dropping by and queueing up to buy their packed lunch from there. I saw a photograph of their ayam penyet rice – that probably was what my girl’s ex-colleague was eating and showing off on social media but unfortunately, it was only available on weekends, Saturdays and Sundays.

In the end, I decided to order the rojak mamak aka as rojak thamby (Indian rojak) from this stall…

Yummy's Kafe rojak mamak stall

…to see if it was any good.

I had this…

Yummy's Kafe rojak telur

…here before but I don’t think they were the same people. This one is run by a young girl – there were a few not-that-young ladies previously.

Even the cucur

Yummy's Kafe rojak mamak, cucur

…looked very different from all the rest that we have here and there in town.

When it was served…

Yummy's Kafe rojak mamak 1

…I was wondering why the peanut sauce was served separately. Normally, they would just drown everything in the plate with it. They will only give it to you separately if you are tapaoing it to take home so the cucur would not be soaked in it till soft and soggy.  The girl certainly was a lot more generous with the potatoes and egg – I don’t quite remember if there was any in the one here, my favourite in town.

The peanut sauce…

Yummy's Kafe rojak mamak 2

…was very nice but for reasons unknown, the blanched taugeh (bean sprouts) were all underneath everything else, hidden out of sight. Somebody also ordered that and I saw the taugeh on top – it sure did look much nicer that way.

All in all, I would say it was all right even though the cucur wasn’t the way it should be and it was not all that nice, actually. I may go for it should I happen to be around there but no, I’m afraid you will not see me going out of my way to eat this.

YUMMY’s KAFE (2.293333, 111.827763) is located along Jalan Bako, right beside the Alliance Bank.