Family business…

Andy has been my Facebook friend for a long long time but I could not recall having a student by that name and I could not recall anyone who looked like that either. I did not know what he was doing but he was very active in one of those international non-governmental organisations and more recently, I saw his name in the list of councillors in the town’s municipal council.

It was only when he and his family took over this place

Siong Kee 1

…and started running their kampua mee business…

Siong Kee 2

…on the ground floor and their restaurant on the 1st Floor and Andy shared a whole lot of photographs on Facebook that I realised he is actually the son of this celebrity in town! They used to have stalls all over the town like some kind of franchise but they’ve closed down all of them to concentrate on this one now.

Well, it so happened that my ex-students, all from the same year as Andy, invited me there on the 4th Day of the Chinese Lunar New Year for a reunion…


The mother…


…was at the helm when we arrived and much later, when we were leaving at almost 10.00 p.m., his father had taken over…and even at that time, there were still a lot of people there enjoying the kampua mee among other things.

This was a special treat from Andy, their celebrated kampua mee

Siong Kee kampua, black

– somebody asked for the dark version and it was really very nice. I did not think it was all that great when I tried it in 2012 nor was I overwhelmed by what I had at one of the stalls more recently in 2017 and at RM3.50, it was the most expensive in town so I never went back for more.

Well, according to Andy, it is now RM4.00 a bowl, restaurant standard price, and instead of the miserable few slices of boiled meat coloured red, theirs would be served with eight slices of real char siew. The kampua mee here was also RM3.50 a bowl – I guess It must have gone up to RM4.00 as well seeing how the prices of everything have gone up there…but having said that, I really enjoyed the kampua mee there and I did not mind forking out a little extra for something I enjoy…and I certainly would say the same about the one here…

Sionge Kee kampua

More about the reunion with my ex-students coming right up in the next post! Do stick around!

SIONG KEE RESTAURANT (2.293215, 111.836281) is located along Lorong Chiew Siik Hiong 1 in the Fortune Commercial Centre, behind the Rejang Medical Centre. It is at the corner opposite Lok Ming Yuen Cafe behind which is Sushi Tie, the Japanese Restaurant.

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12 thoughts on “Family business…”

  1. The kampua mee looks great and with big portion. It seems that most of your ex students, if not all will inivite you whenever there is a reunion. This shows how popular you are, hahaha…..

    No, definitely not all. Many will run away at the sight of me. LOL!!!

  2. The noodle sure looks good, need more of those here in KL.

    Easy and fast to cook, good to eat! Can’t understand why they can’t seem to get it right over there, many of them are merely trying to bluff their way through…or worse, they employ those migrants to do the cooking!.

  3. Yummy looking kampua!! Over here in Ipoh, a plate of wanton noodles already cost RM4.60.. sooner or later, it would be rounded up to 5…. Nothing is cheap anymore nowadays… anyway, just eat and be happy!! 🙂

    What’s most important is it is worth it. What’s cheap need not be value for money, RM2.50 or less even for a plate but it is not really nice. For people keen on having something filling to last through the morning, that would be good enough but personally I do not mind paying more for something that is a cut above as far as taste is concerned.

  4. Wow! Business must be good. Even at night, still got customers.

    Or maybe those were all the people home for Chinese New Year, so late already, still quite a crowd there. They never can get enough of kampua!

  5. I dont mind paying RM4 for a good plate of good noodles. We pay about RM7 for a regular plate of wanton noodles here. Noodles and wonton only.

    Yes, even at the higher price, it is cheaper than other places here, like Kuching, for instance.

  6. Somehow the dark version of kampua mee looks more appetizing. Well, I am looking forwards to seeing what you ate during the reunion 🙂

    That was exactly what my friend, Shereen, in New Zealand said before she came to Sibu – how could anything so pale be so nice? Once she tried it, she agreed with me that the white version is better. The stronger tasting dark soy sauce will drown out the fragrance of the lard and the shallot oil. My friend, Annie, in KL,likes the black version though.

  7. The Kampua Mee in the last photo looks so yummy. Wow all boys in the photo, haha.

    Boys? They’re grown men now – touching 40, most of them married with kids. I was in a La Salle school, no girls…

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