Not thrilled…

I saw these noodles…

CINTAN non-fried noodles

…in somebody’s blog sometime ago and yes, I’ve seen it in a lot in the shops and supermarkets. Obviously, it is very well-marketed.

I can’t remember whose blog that was or how she cooked it and what she thought about it but I went ahead and bought a pack in March at the beginning of the MCO/partial lockdown as I thought if we had nothing else left in the house, we would be able to cook this – there are 10 pieces in a pack…

10 pieces

…enough for the 3 of us for 3 meals, at least. Now that the lockdown has eased somewhat, I was thinking that I might as well open the pack to cook and eat to get it out of the way.

I decided to use it to cook my usual Bovril mee so I fried two peeled and thinly-sliced shallots in a bit of oil in a pan till golden brown after which I took them out and used the fragrant oil to toss the noodles. I added all that was left in the old bottle I had in the fridge – no, I have not started using the new bottle yet – plus a bit of dark soy sauce and a pinch of msg. I boiled four pieces of the noodles for 3 minutes, drained it well and tossed it with the aforementioned ingredients.

I bought some quite nice char siew (for once – we do not get good char siew around here) from the fruit and food shop near my house and I had a bit leftover so I heated that in a pan and sliced it thinly to serve with the noodles…

Bovril mee with char siew

…garnished with the fried shallots and chopped spring onion from my garden.

As we all know, all noodles, instant or otherwise, may vary in taste and texture and I felt that this one too isn’t quite the same as the rest. Yes, it was quite nice but no, I was not all that thrilled by it. It reminded me of some made-in-China so-called “Hong Kong Noodles” that I bought a long time ago. Personally, I would prefer our own mee sua or dried kampua noodles or kolo mee or even our mee sanggul (mee kua).

I still have six pieces left and I intend to cook it some other way – who knows it may be very much nicer. We’ll see!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “Not thrilled…”

  1. From the picture, the noodle looks pretty nice. I have seen this type of noodles on the shelves but never get to buy and try.

    I guess there are people who like this kind of Hong Kong/China noodles. Not so fond of the texture and taste. Yee mee is nicer, that kind of dried noodles.

  2. Why? Is it because it tastes weird? I wonder if such noodles are coated with wax like instant noodles as well?

    Did I say it tasted weird? I just said it had its own taste and was not compatible with Bovril. Never mind if it is coated with wax as it would be boiled in a lot of water and then rinsed thoroughly, all the wax would be drained away.

  3. I always maintain that cintan mee + maggi soup makes the best combo for 2 minute affair!

    Have you tried Sibu’s Mee Daddy? There are people who would swear by it!

  4. Before the MCO, I thought of buying something like this too.. just in case… but somehow I ended up buying angel hair spaghetti and mihun instead. If I bought this, I think it would be lying in my pantry cupboard till now…

    I bought A1 bihun, finished already and to this day. I’ve yet to buy some angel hair. I did buy some spaghetti, macaroni, shells but I’ve not come across any angel hair. My missus said that day all the pasta sauces sold out here and no new stock coming in. I don’t mind having aglio olio – in fact, that’s my favourite.

  5. I don’t know what possessed me – I bought a pack of Maggi Mee. LOL!

    I never buy Maggi. Try our Mee Daddy, so much nicer. Too bad Posaju is so jammed, here, people are queuing up till the road outside! Otherwise, I can send you a few packets to try.

  6. I still have 10 packs of instant noodles not finished yet, kind of sick of instant noodles already.

    In a way, me too. Not going to buy anymore once the stock runs out. Not good to take instant noodles so often.

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