I tried this sparkling new brand of instant noodles…

…the other day, the dried chili shrimp flavour…

I suppose this chili shrimp thing is the current trend like how at one time, maybe even now, there was this salted egg everything!

I bought a tub of the very nice  spicy crispy prawn chili sambal (RM20 for one plastic tub, full)…

…from the coffee shop not far from my house and since then, I have seen quite a lot of people promoting this same thing in bottles. My missus did buy one, dunno from where, and she said she liked it…and ate it all by herself. LOL!!!

This is a Singapore product…

…made in Malaysia…

I did see it at one of the neighbourhood shops that day when I dropped by to grab something. They removed all the other brands from the eye-level shelf and placed all those from this brand there on display. I was attracted by the vibrant colours and the picture of this man…

…whoever he is, obviously a renowned chef somewhere, most likely Singapore.

I don’t know what flavours there are because I did not stop to browse around. That is the problem these days – I would go out to buy something, stop by a shop, grab it and pay for it and rush home, no time to linger when my main concern is to #staysafe #staywell #stayhome. It was my missus, out on her fortnightly outing to stock up on food and supplies in the house who bought a pack and brought it home.

Inside each pack, other than the noodles, there are three sachets…

– one with the seasoning, another with the soy sauce and one more with the oil and the dried chili shrimp.

It said this on the packet…

…but it sure did not look like they were in any way, thin…

…to me. It also said that the noodles were non-fried, whatever that means. I did buy some “non-fried” noodles once and I wasn’t all that thrilled by them but they were not too bad when I tried cooking them another way. One thing’s for sure, they certainly were not the same as your regular instant noodles and they did take a much longer time to cook and even though I did boil the noodles for quite a long time, in the end, they were still very QQ (firm), not soft nor soggy at all.

I did not bother to add any ingredients of my own – I just garnished it with a sprinkling of spring onions and served it with one hard-boiled egg…

…by the side.

My missus said it was nice and she liked it and yes, I would agree with her on that. The dried chili shrimp was not as nice as the aforementioned freshly-made one from the shop but it was good, much nicer than any of those bottled or canned sambal that would have a certain kind of smell that would put me off right away.

Having said that, at RM13.50 for a pack of 5…

…RM2.70 a packet which is more expensive than some of those Singapore brands, not as expensive as some of the others, I certainly would think twice about going back for more.

KIM TAK MINI SUPERMARKET is located along Jalan Ruby, in the block of shops on the left of the parking area – AH KAU CAFE (2.316346, 111.839861) and LOUIS BAKERY LW.Pattisserie (2.316411, 111.839847) are located in that same block to the extreme left.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

14 thoughts on “Trend…”

  1. Hmmm…another new brand of instant noodles. Your house are well stocked with all kinds of noodles, like a mini kedai runcit… 😊😊. Comes in handy and a life saver if there is nothing to eat.

    1. Indeed! My missus buys a whole lot everytime she goes out but I try not to eat too much and too often. Most would be the extra hot or “pedas” ones. I usually would not bother to try, especially the Korean ones.

  2. I once bought a bottle of some sort of chili sambal and it was very nice and crispy. I must buy again (and blog about it) as it makes for a very nice condiment when eating rice.

    1. Yes, I’ve been wanting to go back to the coffee shop to buy some more of the guy’s very nice chili sambal, freshly made is anytime better than factory made, I’m sure.

      Unfortunately, the coffee shop was closed for a long time, just reopened a few days ago. Dunno what happened, maybe got positive case there. So scary!!! I will always avoid places where there have been positive cases as far as possible.

      Another thing was when I put the sambal in the fridge, it became as hard as stone. Dunno if that was because of the oil or there was too much sugar. My missus said oil – I would have to ask him first before buying. I’m on a low sugar diet.

  3. My family once bought sambal with shrimp…RM60…too expensive I would say. Anyway I have never heard of this brand of instant noodle…never seen them over here too.

    1. Never saw it before either – must be really new. Good grief!!! RM60 is so expensive!!! But hay bee (udang kering) doesn’t come cheap these days. They probably use a lot!

  4. It’s hard to believe it’s made to cater for Singapore market.
    Singaporeans prefer their noodles lighter, but across the Causeway we like ours darker.
    So maybe Chef Pung is also Malaysian?

    1. I haven’t the slightest idea.
      You’re probably talking about Singapore after they got rid of all the coffee shops, the hawker stalls and the hawker centres to turn the city centre into one massive fairyland, not like when I was living there for over a year in 1973. The food was never the same again after that – used to go back there every year, now I do not bother anymore…especially when the exchange rate is killing, not worth it..

      Same thing with Bukit Bintang (and Jalan Alor) in KL – the food was so good when I was there for a year in 1986.

      I see on TV this Singapore show called “Old Taste Detective” where they go in search of the iconic dishes the way they used to be – they themselves know where they stand today.

  5. I also like the chili dried shrimp and I have tried a few types. Some are very nice, some not so nice. Hubby and I like to add the chili dried shrimp to the instant noodle. Taste great.

    1. I ate mine with crackers that day, tasted so good! Great with bread too. I guess it’s the same as with everything else – must know where to go for the really good ones.

    1. Life savers, they call them but actually, it is not good to eat too much of these. Be selective, enjoy only the good ones…once in a while. That should be fine!

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