Should I stay…

Today is the last day of Phase 3 of the MCO (Movement Control Order)/partial lockdown and but it was announced a few nights ago that it would be extended till the 12th of May. It really doesn’t matter to us as we make sure we are well prepared at all times.

Of course I do not go out as and when I like – so far, I went to the town centre once to go to a pharmacy to stock up on those masks so we will have some we can use as and when necessarily. I did go to the supermarket in the vicinity in town then and even though they insisted that the customers sanitised their hands and observe social distancing at the cashiers’ counters, I did not like how the other customers would walk so close to me instead of waiting for me to move on before going near to whatever I was taking from the shelf. I would rather go to the shops near my house where customers are few and far between and may be easily avoided.

Even so, I only stopped by twice, I think, to stock up on food and stuff when on my way home from somewhere – usually when I was sending something we had cooked to my sister at her house. After all, I was out already so I might as well do what I would need to do before going home and washing and wiping everything I had bought and taking a bath myself right away.

My missus went out twice too, once when the lockdown just started and she wanted to go to the bank (but it was not open) and she went shopping for stuff after that. She went out again the other day and unlike me, she had a list of everything she would want to buy. I would just run around the shops, grab anything and everything and sort them out when I got home.

One thing that I had not bought was this…


…and she got me a bottle. The new stock had arrived at the mini-supermarket near my house, it seemed. Now I do not have to worry that I have already reached the bottom of the existing bottle and I can cook and enjoy all the mee sua, noodles or pasta I want without any fear of running out of that completely.

Well, if you’re wondering how much food we have in the house at this point in time, there are two huge bags of rice, alongside two tins, one of cream crackers and the other, Weetameal…and all the noodles…

Noodles and stuff

…and everything else stacked up here and also here…

More here

…(no, the insect spray there is not part of the loot) and the freezer is filled to capacity…

In the freezer

We have not touched most of the canned food in the pantry…

In the pantry

…except maybe a can of tuna that my girl used that day to make some onigiri (Japanese rice balls), a can of santan (coconut milk) and my missus did take a can of sweet corn kernel to cook as there was not much left of the vegetable dish we had for lunch that day.

As everyone can see, we have enough for quite a while so even when they finally decide to lift the MCO, I think I should just stay home, no need to rush out and run around frantically like a dog that has been tied up way too long. I do think it would be best to let the dust settle first and venture out when all is clear.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

10 thoughts on “Should I stay…”

  1. Your pantry looks like a mini supermarket…😲😲…. So well stock. Wow, so many cans of peanuts. Is that braised peanuts? Notice my favourite can of Porkies too. In the freezer are few packets of dumplings if I am right….🤣🤣🤣

    No, the braised ones are in the pantry. These are the salted ones. My girl enjoys snacking on those…and all the chips and what not. No, I think those were packs of sliced lamb shoulder. The packs of dumplings not visible in the pic.

  2. ur home pantry is really well-stocked with dry food, canned food and snacks!

    It sure is. Ready for anything, don;t care if they keep extending, we’re well-prepared!

  3. ur home pantry is well-stocked with dry food, canned food and snacks! so well-prepared and neat!

    Yup! Gotcha the first time. Dunno why you went into spam – probably you’ve been away way too long!

  4. Wow!!! Can open a mini sundry shop already! I still go out every three days… to buy greens and sometimes fresh meat….

    Every three days!!! Oh dear!

  5. You are very well stocked right down to snacks! I see that you have the V-Soy Multigrain soya bean milk. I love those, my favorite!

    Yes, it’s very nice!

  6. Wow thats a lot of food in the pantry. Mine is nearly depleted after a 4 week full lockdown. Never bothered to go to a Supermarket those days, now I have to replenish.

    Lockdown still on there? I had the impression things going on really well there. So it hasn’t been lifted there either then.

  7. Wow you are so well prepared and well stocked and your pantry looks so neat and organized. I can see pasta, canned sardines, instant noodles and so on. Your frozen meat are stacked up nicely in the fridge. Maybe i should share and blog abt my fridge and pantry too? But very messy my ones, shy lah… Maybe should tidy up before can show people lolx.

    I like to arrange and clean when I have the time, my OCD, I guess.

  8. We are not safe as long as the vaccine is not available.

    If it is available, how long will it take to mass-produce for everyone throughout the whole world? Bet it will be only for a few…the ones with the money, lots of it!

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