Not my first time…

It was Campari’s somewhat suggestive slogan some years ago that says, “The first time is never the best,” and I must say that there is some truth in that as far as my first time with the celebrated Häagen-Dazs branded ice cream was concerned.

I cannot remember exactly when that was, many years ago, that’s for sure, when I spotted it sold in cups at a 7-11 shop at Bukit Bintang in KL, across the road from the hotel where I was staying. I wasted no time whatsoever in grabbing one to try – the vanilla, and it was by no means cheap, around RM10.00 a cup, maybe a little bit more and that kind of money in those days was quite a lot actually…but I simply had to give it try.

I did not wait till I got back to the hotel – I just stood by the roadside outside the door of the convenience store and ate! Unfortunately, it did not sweep me off my feet and one thing I noticed was how it melted real fast and towards the end, I was like drinking milk from the cup.

Fast forward to just the other day when our local supermarket, the one that brings in all the imported stuff from countries all over the world, shared this photograph…

Wishing you joy

…on Facebook to tell everyone that Häagen-Dazs is now available right here at their place.

I shared the above photo, uncropped, on Facebook and it did not dawn on me at the time but my friend in Singapore posted a comment instantly, “…and happiness…but above all this, I’m wishing you love…and I…I…will always love you!” That Dolly Parton/Whitney Houston classic is an all-time favourite of mine! I must say that was a good one, Alvin! LOL!!!

Well, during the COVID-19 partial lockdown, I saw people flaunting online tubs of the ice cream delivered to their homes for them to enjoy and the last straw was when two of my (blogger) friends shared the special hamper they got from Häagen-Dazs – there were two one-pint tubs inside and one ice cream on a stick among some other things and I particularly love that rattan “suitcase” with everything inside. One of them commented on my post and said the cantaloupe melon was very nice but unfortunately, that flavour was not available here.

I checked online and found that it is priced at around RM30.00 in West Malaysia for one pint, cheaper if there is some kind of a promotion but it costs a bomb here – RM38.90, don’t play-play but bonjour! It is made in France…

Made in France

I was kind of disappointed that there were very limited choices in the exclusive freezer – I don’t know where they got the photograph from as there was no sign of any “festive edition” flavours. I did not want the matcha – I do not like anything green tea and even though I am a coffee guy, I am not a fan of it in ice cream. In the end, I got the two remaining flavours…

Cookies & cream and mango & raspberry

– the cookies & cream and the mango & raspberry.

I decided to try the latter first and when I opened the lid, I found that it was tightly sealed…


The pictorial instruction seemed to suggest that I should wait for 10-15 minutes but I didn’t. I removed the seal right away and it did look a bit hard…


…to me but when I scooped out a spoonful, I was so very pleasantly surprised to find that it was soft…


…nothing like the other brands where it would be quite a challenge to get anything out the instant you take it out of the freezer – as hard as a rock! However, with the seal removed, when we took it out of the freezer again, it was hard like any other and we had to wait a bit before scooping.

I gave it a try and boy, it sure swept me off my feet! That was so so so good! The mango ice cream tasted like fresh mango – nothing like the others which I never bother giving a second glance when I see any at the shops and supermarkets and it went really well with the raspberry swirls. The texture of the ice cream was so very smooth and so fine and it was so very rich and creamy. The ladies in the house tried it too and yes, they loved it!

Of course, at those prices, you would not see me buying all the time, God forbid! I was thinking it would make a really nice dessert at dinners on special occasions like Christmas and New Year – once a year ain’t too bad…and besides, I’ve stopped buying “numbers” even though punting has resumed a couple of weeks or so ago – yes, congratulations are in order as this means that I shall be saving over RM100 each week, over RM400 a month…and yes, I sure do deserve this reward, don’t you think? LOL!!!

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