Wasn’t it good…

Yes, it was good, our dinner last Sunday, Father’s Day, but of course, it would not be complete if we did not have any dessert.

My girl made me this very nice baked Japanese cheese cake…

Melissa's baked Jaapnese cheese cake

…with a hint of lime for me on Friday but it was not very big and there was nothing left of it by the following day so I decided to go out and buy something we could have for dessert instead.

I dropped by this bakery because I could remember they had tiramisu made in individual servings so it would be quite convenient for me to just buy 4. Unfortunately, when I got there, there was nothing in the display cabinet nor in the fridge – they were all filled with cakes, cakes and more cakes for Father’s Day. The trouble was they were not labelled and there wasn’t anybody I could ask.

Another thing that pissed me off was there were a lot of people and there was no effort whatsoever to observe the SOP. Yes, there were lines on the floor and arrows to tell you to go one way and out the other way for social distancing, not that anybody seemed bothered about it. There was this loud woman who cut in front of me in the queue at the cashier’s counter to ask about something and I glared angrily at her – alarmed, she stepped back a bit but kept on talking in her shrill, high-pitched voice to the staff from a distance. Some people are simply so uncouth, NCAA (no class at all)!

I wanted to buy some dinner rolls too as my girl said she would not be cooking any pasta but I did not feel like walking around the small shop to look for those, not with that kind of crowd around, so I just grabbed some croissants (RM3.00 each)…

C & C Gallery croissants

…instead. I did buy the ones from here a few times before and yes, they were very nice – very flaky and had that pleasant buttery fragrance.

I still had not bought anything for dessert so I went to the bakery opposite. There were not that many people inside, maybe two or three besides me, and there were a whole lot of cakes in the display cabinet and the fridge here too. One very nice lady came up to me and gave her suggestions as to which I could buy even though most of them, if not all, were labelled nicely.

They had one baked Japanese cheese cake, with icing, but I thought it was a too big and in the end, I picked this one, their tiramisu (RM48.00)…

WeLove Bakery tiramisu

…which much to our delight, turned out to be really very good, nicer than the vanilla blueberry that I bought from this same place for Mother’s Day.

Well, when my sister came that evening, she brought along some cut fruit – papaya and this tub of ice cream, their almond pecan passion…

La Cremeria almond pecan passion

…and yes, it was very nice! All of us loved it! We all enjoyed the summer berries yogurt a lot that day and that prompted my missus to grab two more flavours after that – their hazelnut chocolate fantasy and their vanilla cashew delight but unfortunately, we were not all that impressed by the two – nothing that would make them stand out above the rest. Now, there is just the mint temptation that I have not tried yet and word has it that it is very good – I’ll surely grab a tub if I happen to see it at the shops.

As they say, all’s well that ends well! We sure enjoyed the desserts that night and to wrap up the great celebration, my girl went to that supermarket here that imports stuff from countries all over the world and bought me these shortbread and made-in-Poland cookies…

Shortbread & cookies from my girl

…to enjoy. Walkers, of course, needs no introduction and is getting MIGHTY expensive these days, Butterfingers from Australia are more affordable and just as nice. Needless to say, I shall have to nibble slowly to stretch these for as long as I can – they’re too costly to eat the way I used to, finished in no time at all. LOL!!!

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