Not far…

That day, when I stopped by here to buy some food home for dinner, while I was waiting for them to cook and get my orders ready, I went outside and strolled down the road, not far, less than 100 metres away, maybe around 50 only, to this place…

Little Umbrella

…round the corner.

This used to be a very popular place for people to hang out at night, very crowded every evening those days before COVID-19. There is a small chu-char section to the right but I did not buy anything from there as I had already ordered the food from the aforementioned restaurant.

I was here once a long long time ago when my ex-students from overseas wanted to meet there. It did not even have a name/signboard at the time but everyone called it siaw yee sang (小雨傘/little umbrella) probably because of the many umbrellas that they put up over the tables outside in the open air.

They had the place done up nicely not too long ago and they put up the signs with their name on them so it is very much nicer-looking now. I don’t think I ate anything that night or if I did, I guess it was not anything that would get me going back for more. I never did.

This time around, I saw this sign…

Little Umbrella pork burger sign

…there. Gee! It has been so long since I last had a burger and I don’t think I ever had a pork burger before so of course I wanted one to try. I asked for one and said that I wanted the whole works, everything (RM9.00) and stood there waiting.

I saw this girl frying the egg…

Frying the egg

…and assumed that she would be the one making the burger. Obviously I was mistaken as once she was done, she placed the egg on a saucer and brought it over to this guy…

Making the burger

…at his counter. He was the one making the burger while the girl makes the roti john using those long hot dog buns. It’s probably quite good as while I was waiting for my burger, a lady in a flashy 4WD stopped by and placed her order for a few to take home. Perhaps I’ll try that next time.

Once the burger was done, I took it…

Little Umbrella burger and fries

…home and tried it right away to see if it was any good.

It was somewhat disappointing, rather bland…

Little Umbrella homemade pork burger

…and it did not help much at all even when I added my own bottled chili sauce. I guess one can tell by the look of the patty, so pale – nothing like the one in the photograph.

Well, I don’t know if I will ever drop by here again and should I happen to do so, perhaps I’ll try the girl’s roti john or something from the chu char section, no more pork burger for me, thank you very much.

LITTLE UMBRELLA CAFÉ & RESTAURANT (2.291920, 111.827852) is located at No. 1-2, Brooke Drive.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “Not far…”

  1. Guess you should try the pork burgers in KL. They are to die for. LOL 😀

    Perhaps, the problem lies in the patty – probably nothing more than minced meat, salt and pepper. It all depends on how you make them as the rest of the ingredients are what they are. My meat balls are a whole lot nicer – if I make them bigger and flatten them and grill, I am very sure they would make lovely burger patties. No need to go all the way to KL.

  2. Has been ages since I last had a pork burger. If my memory serves me right, there is a stall burger only operating at night somewhere near Best Corner kopitiam has the best pork burger. Their patties are homemade, very juicy. Cost RM8/per burger but worth the price.

    I guess all the pork burger patties are homemade, don’t think any for sale at the shops and supermarkets. So nice or not, will depend on the people making. Maybe one of these days, I’ll make my own and see.

    Ya, problem with these burger stalls, only at night and already had dinner, not keen on eating burgers. One roadside stall opposite a hotel, near Payung. Been wanting to try before COVID-19, now dunno still operating or not.

  3. RM1 for a fries add-on is quite reasonable tho – it would cost at least a few ringgit to add on fries in kl! and RM1 for an egg add-on is not too bad either, heh 😉

    Yes, no complaint about the prices.

  4. I made own pork patties over the MCO. Own made pork burger is tastier. Can add whatever you eant and mine has sliced potato or hash brown in it.

    Indeed! I must try to make my own and blog about it – bet it will be a lot nicer that this one here.

  5. Never try, never know… but I can understand how it feels when the food is disappointment…

    I would not say I was disappointed. I’ve never had pork burgers before so I did not get my hopes up high. It was edible, just not something I would want to go and buy again.

  6. I have had pork burger too but somehow I prefer beef or chicken.

    I’m not a fan of chicken either when it comes to burgers – to me, the stronger taste of beef wins hands down!

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