He’s the new guy…

My ex-colleague dropped by here…

New Hee's Food Corner

…the other day and had the lor mee that looked very good in the photograph that he shared on Facebook. I asked him where he ate that and he said it was from the kampua mee stall at this coffee shop in the corner. That took me by surprise as I did not know that the fat, not-so-friendly guy sold that.

Well, it so happened that I wanted to go to the bookstore at the mall next door so I decided to stop by there on the way to check it out. I was here twice before for the mee sua, the first time and again, another time and we went there for dinner one evening to try the dishes from the chu char (cook & fry) place at the back. Yes, these two are still there but the stall in the middle, between the kampua mee stall and the mee sua stall, has called it a day.

The aforementioned guy at the kampua mee stall…

Coffee shop guy & the kampua mee stall

…was no longer there – the new guy had no idea whatsover what had happened to him and no, that handsome young and friendly boy in pink is not him – he’s the one behind, blocked from view. This one saw me taking snapshots of the stall and he insisted on posing for the photograph. Actually, he runs the coffee shop there but even though I insisted that I did not see him on our previous visits, he said he is not new and has been there for a long time now. Maybe he’s in school or works somewhere else but with the schools and offices closed during COVID-19, he is able to stick around here to help out.

The instant I sat down, somebody came to take my temperature and get me to record my name and telephone number in a book. I asked for the lor mee (RM6.00)…

New Hee's Corner lor mee

…and it came in no time at all. Yes, it was very nice though I would not mind a thicker broth with a bit more egg in it – I could see some bits of the egg but there was so little of it, it might as well not have been there.

The guy did ask me for my verdict but I just told him it was very nice and that’s a fact – I certainly would go back there again to try the other stuff on his menu.

Incidentally, the nice restaurant next door, for reasons unknown, has closed shop and its place has been taken over by people selling fresh meat – actually, it was going to open earlier but COVID-19 struck and it had remained closed until very recently.

NEW HEE’S FOOD CORNER (2.311365, 111.846638) is located along Jalan Pedada, now Jalan Datuk Wong Soon Kai, the very first one in the block of shops to the left of the Delta Mall, with the Astro Sibu office at the other end of that same block.