Our turn now…

Well, it’s our turn now – today, the 3rd Sunday in June is Father’s Day. The mums already had their turn on the 2nd Sunday in May and we had a simple steamboat lunch at home to celebrate the auspicious occasion. My girl insists on some kind of celebration today but no, we are not ready to go out for lunch or dinner yet so we will have to come out with something ourselves at home.

Now that they have relaxed the lockdown somewhat, I guess we can have it in the evening – as always, we are inviting my sister to join us and she will be able to go home after that. Before this, everyone would have to be home and must stay home by 7.00 p.m.

We loved the Aussie wagyu steaks that we had not too long ago…

Aussie wagyu steak

…and even though we have finished the three packs that I bought, my missus did manage to grab a few more from another place and we still have some in the freezer. I am not all that keen on having individual steaks again so I am suggesting grilling two slabs only  and cutting the meat into small bite-size pieces for us to share and we can have something else at the same time.

I went to that place that sells all the frozen stuff and bought these…

New Zealand lamb

– one rack of lamb (RM57.04), lamb foreshanks, two in a pack (RM20.71) and a pack of lamb shoulder chops (RM24.47), all New Zealand grass-fed and I told the ladies to pick one and cook for our dinner.

We had the lamb rack in September last year and it was very good…

New ZEaland rack of lamb

…so I think we shall have it again. We did have the lamb shanks not too long ago, for our Christmas dinner.

I also bought a dozen of these scallops (RM12.99 for half a dozen)…


…and we can serve those as well.

I’m thinking of having a pasta dish too and of course, we shall be having a salad or two. At this point in time, we have not decided yet what we shall have for dessert. We’ll see! I guess there will be enough to go round and we shall not be going to bed hungry.

A VERY HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all you dads out there! Hopefully, we shall all have a delightful day – after all, it only comes once in a year. Cheers!!!