Marry you…

Marriage is a union of two and two becomes one. No, no, nobody’s getting married and anyway, with this on-going MCO partial lockdown, I hear that many have postponed their weddings for the time being. The union or the marriage, so to speak, that I shall be touching on in this post is that of The Kitchen Sibu Food – instant kampua noodles and Uncle Q Dumplings.

The instant kampua people have come out with some new products including the red yeast rice kampua that I blogged about the other day and my cousin in Bintulu shared this photograph…

Spicy vinegar kampua

…of one of those newer ones, the spicy vinegar noodles. I think I saw my missus eating that once but she did not say anything and by the time I thought I would give it a try, she had finished the whole pack. Incidentally, somebody said that the meepok this flavour is nice so when I happen to go out again, I shall grab a pack to try.

Then there was this pumpkin noodles…

Pumpkin kampua with Uncle Q Dumplings

…from those same people. My missus bought a pack and she said it was just like kampua noodles – like the red yeast rice ones, she could not detect any difference in the texture or the taste. I must say that I shared those same sentiments when I tasted a bit of the one she cooked in some soup and served with the meat and chives dumplings that David, Annie’s brother gave me the first time he sent some over for me to try but yes, it was very nice – the marriage actually worked very well!

I enjoyed it so much that the other morning, I decided to cook my own. No, I cannot use the dark soy sauce version – the ladies in the house prefer that so I’ve stocked up on a few packs of those. Incidentally, my friend in Penang managed to get hold of that and was sharing the photographs…

Sibu instant kampua - dark soy sauce

…on Facebook – I sure wouldn’t want the soup to be black in colour.

That was why I used the original light soy sauce one…

Sibu instant kampua, original


I put the contents of the sachets in a bowl, cooked the kampua noodles and added that to the bowl and I poured the bone stock soup over it. I tossed the noodles to mix everything thoroughly before adding the dumplings that I had boiled…

Instant kampua, soup & dumplings 1

…and garnishing it with some chopped spring onions from my garden.

Just like the pumpkin noodles and dumplings combo, this one…

Instant kampua, soup & dumplings 2

…tasted great too! You may want to consider eating the noodles this way for a change when you’ve grown tired of having it dry.

THE KITCHEN FOOD shop (2.304994, 111.847404), home of the original, the one & only Sibu instant kampua, is located in the Sibu Bus Terminal area at Lorong 7A, Jalan Pahlawan, right next to the UOB Bank there.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

11 thoughts on “Marry you…”

  1. Nice bowl of kampua with dumplings. I always go for the original. Like kolo mee, only original we can have soup but not those added with red char siew oil.

    I don’t mind it kolo mee red…if I forget to tell them I want it white. I think it makes it sweeter.

  2. ooo – super-convenient for those of us in the peninsula who aren’t surrounded by kampua mee in our kopitiams! instant noodles might not be nutritionally sound, but they can be so comforting 🙂

    Yes, you will need to add your own meat and greens for a balanced meal if that is all you are having.

  3. Big portion of noodle!! Dumplings too!!

    Pumpkin noodle huh? Never tasted one.

    I think they have pumpkin noodles at some places, maybe not Sibu or Kuching. Never seen any at the shops, just this one.

  4. I heard a funny joke about this marriage thing, it says that God has given people who are getting married a second chance to change their minds via this COVID. Kidding aside you dont want to be in the headlines spreading the virus because of your wedding, that happened here in New Zealand where it was the biggest cluster

    Oh dear! In NZ? That’s terrible. Yes, people are saying that God is giving everyone a second chance…to change their minds. LOL!!!

  5. I like to eat noodles these days… dry or soupy, I like them all… but tonight I cook rice…. two simple dishes for the whole day, senang sikit!

    Yes, need to alternate, so long the lockdown, will get bored if it is rice every day.

  6. Very good combination I would say – dumplings and noodles. I feel like ordering noodles. Tired of eating rice and soups.

    Need to change regularly or else so bored and can’t go out to eat. So sad.

  7. Yes, I hadn’t thought of that. I suppose there will be a lot of important family events postponed. We nearly had to postpone our wedding in Venezuela because of the riots in the streets. We took wedding photos from a key lookout point in Caracas and were met with a “cacerolazo” (a protest of people banging pots to make loud noises – a sign to the government that there’s no chicken in the pot). All we could do was go with it, grab some pots and pans and used those along with the Venezuelan flag in our photos.

    All the way in Venezuela? Riots? That sounds exciting…or scary, depending on how one looks at it. Come to think of it, it sounds like it was as noisy as a Chinese wedding. LOL!!! I’ve seen Facebook posts of people getting married online. Eyewwwww!!!! That wouldn’t be the same at all, so unromantic – I’d much sooner postpone it till an appropriate time.

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