On one of those very few times when I dashed to the neighbourhood shops to grab all I could, I bought some pasta, San Remo but they did not have spaghetti nor angel hair so I had to be happy with the spirals and elbows. I also bought those Prego bottled pasta sauces and needless to say, my girl was delighted when I got home and she spotted them among the things I had bought – she loves these things a lot!

Well, last Friday was Good Friday, a day of fasting and abstinence for us and we only had a decent meal come dinnertime that evening. My missus took the spirals to cook but she did not use any of the sauces I bought. Instead, she cooked it aglio olio, with garlic and olive oil and tomatoes with a sprinkling of chili flakes and a few of the huge prawns that I bought from the fruit and food shop near my house

Tiger prawns, frozen

If I am not wrong, those were tiger prawns, “imported” frozen in ice from Sabah and of course, the ones that size would not come cheap.

I bought a pack, 4A size but I did not check the price – I just grabbed everything, paid the total and ran. In the past, when I bought these, they were around RM45-50 a pack. That day, there were 12 altogether so that would work out to RM2.00 each.

No, they did not come cheap but it sure was worth it considering the size and especially when my girl kept praising how firm, succulent, sweet and juicy they were. They were indeed very fresh and very nice, value for money.

We certainly enjoyed our simple dinner…

Aglio olio spirals with prawns

…that night for the breaking of fast, after having faithfully observed our duty of fasting and abstinence all throughout the holy day.

Incidentally, I’ve bought more of those prawns and one whole Chinese cabbage. Maybe I can try out this recipe that my blogger-friend, Sean, shared yesterday one of these days.