It’s not supposed to be that way…

No, I did not drop by the shop but I think it is open for takeaways. I did drive past once – all the shutters were down except for the main entrance which was blocked by tables. I loved the mee sua or hung ngang in the traditional Foochow red wine chicken soup and the liver soup there and so does my friend, Annie, in KL – she will surely come here for those whenever she comes home.

Well, I stopped by the fruit and food shop near my house to stock up on meat and vegetables – our supply was running out – and the lady owner asked me if I wanted any beef or chicken, already cooked. I wasn’t all that keen on chicken – we could jolly well cook our own – but we had not had beef for a long time so I decided I would try that.

In the course of our conversation, she mentioned that it was rendang and when she took out the container…


…I noticed that it was from the aforementioned eatery…

From Opps Kopitiam

“Yes,” she said, “they cooked it and left a few containers here for sale.”

However, when we heated it up…

Opps beef rendang

…to eat, we were somewhat disappointed. No, it was not supposed to be that way, nothing like rendang as I know it to be and definitely not like one of my favourites that I had enjoyed before. It wasn’t really like curry either but it was closer to that than rendang – let’s just say it was their version of curry, not the best, of course, but it was all right, that much I would say. One thing I would give them due credit for would be how the meat was very tender.

That was RM45.00 a tub, not cheap at all but of course, beef is every expensive here and we only get the frozen ones from Australia and New Zealand…plus there was so much in the tub that we could stretch it over a few days.

I don’t know how long this lockdown/MCO is going to last – perhaps one of these days, I can drop by here and tapao the very delightful beef rendang and everything else they have on their menu – we sure miss them heaps!

OPPS KOPITIAM (2.294073, 111.827333) is located off Jalan Keranji, among the shops opposite the Sibu Public Library.