Cold as ice…

That night, after our dinner here, we walked to the other end of the two blocks of shops at Wisma Liberty/Wisma Sri Minyak to this recently-opened place…

Ice+ Garden

…at the extreme right for dessert.

It’s a very nice place…


…serving gelato, popsicles and snow ice desserts. You place your orders with those sweet young things at the counter and pay before taking your seat at a table and they will serve them to you once they are ready. I noticed that there is a mezzanine floor too and one can sit up there as well but I did not go to check where the stairs are that one can use to go up.

I saw that they had some cakes as well and I ordered a slice, their strawberry fromage (RM12.90)…

Strawberry fromage

…which turned out to be quite nice and very much to everyone’s liking. What I did not know then was that fromage is French for cheese so I guess those were layers of cheese cake with strawberry mousse and jam sandwiched in between and the description did mention that there was something yogurt too – probably the layer on the outside. It was served with those edible little gold flakes – nice touch, don’t you think?

My girl ordered this mango milk snow ice (RM18.00)…

Mango milk snow ice 1

…to share and we were given a tiny jug of whatever syrup to pour all over the ice…

Mango milk snow ice 2

…and mix everything together to enjoy. It was so good, not so much mango and a lot more expensive (but  the serving was bigger – that was one huge bowl) than the Mango No. 5 I had not too long ago but very very much nicer.

We enjoyed our orders a lot and one thing’s for sure, we sure will make our way back here again soon.

ICE+ Garden Sibu (2.303365, 111.843198) is located at No. 31, Ground Fl, Wisma Sri Minyak, Jalan Dr Wong Soon Kai (formerly Pedada) 7.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “Cold as ice…”

  1. I love both the desserts especially the mango milk snow ice. From the pix, the serving doesn’t seem huge. Best part, everyone enjoy it.

    Big bowl, like the one we use for soups at family meals. Everybody just ordered one and shared, cannot possibly eat alone.

  2. I am not crazy about mango or another mango dessert. But I dont mind the cake.

    I rarely do dessert after meal. My man not so into this thing. Haha. Chinese man. Lol.

    End of Chinese banquet, there will be dessert also mah! Usually we will not have dessert especially if we are really very full after a meal…unless there is something nice we want to try or enjoy. We dropped by here as we wanted to check out this new place.

  3. I too love to indulge in sweetness every once in a while, key is not to over do it I guess.

    Yes, and what we had here that night was not really that sweet. I, for one, would not have enjoyed it then.

    1. We have ice lab at bugis village in sg, not sure about ice garden though. Very expensive desserts.

      Well, RM18 is not cheap for us here…but only SGD6, after conversion. Some franchises, I’ve noticed, if it is RM18 here…it is $18 elsewhere.

  4. wow….looks like a nice place to come after meal or during tea break!
    I like shaved ice too

    Yes, can eat at one of the many restaurants next door and come here for dessert. This is quite a happening area.

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