One by one…

We dropped by here again for lunch last Saturday for no particular reason other than the fact that it is conveniently located on our way home and we do enjoy the choices in their nasi campur buffet spread…and parking is a breeze and free.

It appeared to me that now, they have itemised every dish available and will charge accordingly one by one…just like their sister coffee shop here. Both my missus and my girl had their very nice vegetable curry…

Vegetable curry

…and another vegetable dish plus one meat – I remember my girl took their ayam percik and that was tagged at RM3.00 a piece for a somewhat small drumstick, not much bigger than this one that I had…

Ayam berlada

…except that mine was their ayam berlada or something, a different dish. Their total came up to RM7.00 each so deducting the price of the chicken and RM1.00 for the rice, the vegetables actually cost RM1.50 each. No doubt the prices of everything have been shooting up sky high but I thought that was a bit expensive since they did not really take that much.

The liver…


…that I had – I believe that was beef, was not very nice. It was a bit hard plus I did not fancy how they cooked it that day. I most certainly had nicer liver, usually chicken, here and elsewhere.  The ladies fingers did not stand out in any way but at least, the fish and the chicken were good.

Altogether, mine was a whooping RM9.50…

Nasi campur

…but that was because I helped myself to quite a lot that day.

On the whole, I thought it was quite expensive at their sister coffee shop, the way they charged for the items one by one but looking back at my old posts, it certainly appeared a little cheaper there than here…unless they have increased their prices too since the last time I was there. Having said that, I do think we would be going back time and time again, both places, since we like the food very much…until it reaches a stage where I would have to draw the line.

LA’ZZATY CUISINE (2.307198, 111.828479) is located along Jalan Tun Abang Haji Openg on the left if you are coming from town, right after the SHELL petrol station, at its junction with Jalan Nibong. The Sibu Buddhist Temple is on your right on the other side of the road.

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5 thoughts on “One by one…”

  1. I seldom have nasi campur outside. They look too oily for my liking, same to chap fan too. Your choice is great but too much for me.

    Chap fan, the ones here, is even worse, very oily and all msg…and does not look appetising at all. I have not come any that I would want to go for, not even once. I had chap fan in Kuching before, much nicer…like home-cooked.

    Malay cooking is often oily because they have to tumis the pounded ingredients, not enough oil, not nice and if it is chicken, it is worse, all the fat will melt and come out and make the dish even more oily. But when you pick the items, you can let the oil drip back into the tray, no need to take it all. As far as the taste goes, everything is nicer than any at the Chinese chap fan here, anytime.

  2. I like what is on your plate! It would cost more than RM9.50 over here.

    I guess so but for us here, at that price for nothing more than a coffee shop, we would feel the pinch. I did!

  3. that drumstick does look alarmingly tiny – almost more like the drummette that comes with chicken wings!

    Yes…and I bet it’s one those frozen ones, sold at the supermarkets in boxes. Such eating places should be heaps cheaper since they use cheap ingredients.

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