I was out early one morning to go to the market and I parked my car quite a distance away. I walked through the lane in between this building that once was a cinema, the Palace Theatre…

Palace Theatre

…and the KTS office on the right because a long long time ago, I heard people singing praises of the kampua mee at a coffee shop on the ground floor of the cinema building, at the back but that morning, it was not open. I don’t know if it is closed for good or they just took a day off to go for Ching Ming or something or they had gone on a holiday since the schools are having their one-week break right now.

I spotted another coffee shop right next to/behind the KTS office…

KS Cafe

…where there was this couple running the kampua mee stall…

Kampua mee stall

There were quite a lot of people eating there so I decided to give it a try.

The kopi-o-peng (RM1.80)…


…was very good and I was wondering if they got the coffee powder from this shop on the other side of the cinema building.

I ordered the gu tor (beef tripe) kampua (RM5.50) and the kampua mee

Kampua mee kosong

…was very nice and I sure enjoyed the beef tripe…

Gu tor

…dipped in the special chili sauce that they gave with it, very soft and very nice.

I did not quite enjoy the soup though – if I am not wrong, it usually has a light ginger test plus maybe a dash of vinegar.  The one here came across like plain bone stock soup and I could detect a slight smell, very slight but enough to put me off the soup so I just ate the tripe and left everything else behind.

I do not know when I shall pass this way again. Perhaps I can try something else and hopefully, I would enjoy it a lot more.

KS CAFE is located in the lane between what was formerly the Palace Theatre (2.288647, 111.829545) and the KTS Building along Jalan Bengkel.