Not many…

As usual, on Friday, we went to get my girl from her school in the jungle and bring her back home for the weekend. I asked her what she would like for lunch and she said she wanted sushi so of course, we went straight here…

Sushi Mentai

…as soon as we got back into town at around 2.00 p.m. Granted that it was past lunch time, on our three previous visits, the place was packed and once, we even had to take a number and sit/stand outside to wait to be called but this time around, there were not that many people and quite  a lot of vacant tables. Maybe the novelty is wearing out so it is no longer as crowded or maybe, at those prices, not everyone can afford to go all that often.

We ordered three cups of genmaicha (green tea, RM1.00 a cup) and they brought us a jug…


There did not seem to be anything new on the carousel – if there were any, there definitely were not many as it sure looked like we had tried most of what we thought we would enjoy before so the ladies just helped themselves to the ones that they liked.

I tried this avocado inari-sushi in those sweet bean bags…

Avocado inari-sushi

…and I thought it was very good.

I did not really like the cheese chu maki

Cheese chu maki

…but I enjoyed the tamago mentai

Tamago mentai

– I sure would not mind having that again next time.

We ordered a number of items from their à la carte menu and had these kabocha korokke or pumpkin croquette (RM13.60 for two sets)…

Kabocha korokke

What I could not understand was it stated very clearly in the menu – 2 pieces and since there were 3 of us, I ordered 2 sets and in the end, we got 8 pieces. Maybe 1 set was 2 pieces cut into halves, so there would be 4 altogether actually, enough to go round with one left for whoever wanted it.

Well, it was nice but nowhere near as nice as what we used to have here – too bad they closed down that place…but we loved the kaki fried (RM9.80), the fried oysters…

Kaki fried

…with the sweet juicy oysters inside.

The ebi gyoza (RM7.90) or prawn dumplings…

Ebi gyoza

…were very nice, nicer than all those elsewhere, the meat ones but we all agreed that we would prefer the ones we had at the Korean place a week ago a whole lot more.

We had this before, their salmon mentaiyaki (RM15.45)…

Salmon mentaiyaki

…but my girl wanted that again so of course, as always, what she wants, she gets…and since she loved it so much, I just let her enjoy most of it.

She also wanted the salmon mentai dragon maki (RM13.50)…

Salmon mentai dragon maki

I can’t say it swept me off my feet and as far as the presentation was concerned, we were always full of admiration for the ones we had here and I do recall enjoying theirs a lot more too!

The total came up to RM85.35, RM93.90 if you throw in the current 10% service charge that they add to your bill at some places here. Actually, I would avoid such places but there are not many choices for us to pick and choose when we feel like having Japanese here.

SUSHI MENTAI, Sibu (2.303279, 111.843161) is located at Wisma Sri Minyak, Lot 3065, S/L4, No. 23&25, Ground Floor, Pedada Lane 7 (Now Jalan Dr. Wong Soon Kai).