I often see people sharing photographs of food on Facebook and their friends would say, “Bojio!” Initially, I was kind of puzzled as jio in Hokkien means urine, so bojio would mean no urine. Eventually, I realised it was supposed to be chio or invite, which incidentally also means banana…

Don't say bojio!

…in the dialect.

This place has been around for sometime now, a couple of months at least but it is somewhat out of the way, on the way to the airport and we would pass by every week when we send our girl to her school in the jungle but on normal days, I would not be heading in that direction for no obvious reason.

I decided to make it a point to go over and check the place out…

Coffee shop

…yesterday morning and at a closer range, the full name of the place is actually “Don’t say bojio!” literally translated as “Don’t say I did not invite you!” This place next door has closed down already, it seems, and the pub at the far end corner next to it as well. Times are hard.

I was early so only the kampua mee stall in front…

Kampua stall

…and the chu char (cook & fry) kitchen at the back were open. It turned out that the aforementioned was run by some nice Indonesian guys and according to one of them, they had been doing it for a long time. Perhaps they were at another place before.

I ordered the kampua mee babi hitam (kampua noodles with stewed soy sauce pork)…

Kampua babi hitam...

…and I could not resist asking for the stewed egg…

...with stewed egg

…as well.

All in all, that was only RM5.00, RM4.00 for the noodles and the slices of meat and the minced meat by the side and RM1.00 for the egg. In my opinion, that was reasonably priced especially seeing how generous they were with the toppings and most importantly, I thought it was really nice.

I sure wouldn’t mind going back there for more of the same again or perhaps, I would try something else the next time around. We’ll see.

DON’T SAY BOJIO (2.312758,111.8549007) is located along Jalan Deshon, right across the road from SMK Rosli Dhoby and the technical/vocational college beside it.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “Uninvited…”

  1. Wow, that is a good deal for that bowl of kampua mee with so much toppings. Initially, I thought it would cost a bomb.

    Me too! So much meat! I thought it would be RM8.00 at least!

  2. That one big bowl of kampua. All the goodness in it. Gosh. Only RM5! I am speechless.

    Hard to believe, eh? I sure did not expect so much of the meat…and upon seeing that when served, I could not believe my ears when the guy said RM5.00!

  3. LOL! The kampua mee you had looks delicious. Quite a loaded plate full of porkie goodies.

    It was very good and for that amount of meat at that price, that sure was a steal!

  4. Food in Bojio looks good! Must jio people to go there! LOL…

    Lots of cars, lots of people there this afternoon when we drove past after sending my girl to her school in the jungle, already way past 2 p.m. Dunno if any were there because they saw my blogpost. LOL!!!

  5. what a catchy name! Easy to remember too.
    “I was kind of puzzled as jio in Hokkien means urine, so bojio would mean no urine. ” <—- HAHAHAHAH!! LOL!
    The noodle (minus egg) for RM4 is indeed cheap.

    It is, so very cheap for so much meat!

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