All’s well that ends…


Of course I had to take my car to the workshop right away the following day, Monday, and I had a new license plate fixed. However, they could not get the replacement for the cover of the fog/spotlight by the side so they had to place an order for a set to be sent over from Kuching. Once it arrived the following day, Tuesday, the workshop boss contacted me and I took the car over the second time and in no time at all, it was done…


They did not have the original so they sent the ones (including the lights) for a newer model of the Proton Wira and I actually thought that they look a whole lot nicer. Those lights never worked – if they did, it was only for a while after I had bought the car before it called it a day…and I did not think I had any need for those so I never got them fixed and finally, they are working again! I certainly hope I will not encounter such a storm ever again, touch wood but should I do, I would be able to switch these on – they are definitely brighter than my low lights and would be a lot more visible to on-coming vehicles. They also helped me to fix my wipers – they made such a loud and horrible sound and that really got on my nerves as I drove through the storm. All in all, I had to fork out RM145.00 only, a small price, I must say, for a job well done and I sure am glad and relieved that everything’s fine again.

I did mention that the workshop that I go to does not keep their own stock of spare parts and would have to order from some place whatever they need. Unfortunately, those suppliers seem to take their sweet time to deliver so at times, I would have to wait like…forever! Well, as the English proverb goes, “Every cloud has a silver lining!” The boss or his brother or son and the employees would go here for breakfast/brunch every morning and without fail, one of them would invite me to join them.

That morning, it was the brother who asked me to come along and he had the pian sip mee pok (RM3.00)…

Uncle Lau pian sip mee pok

…from the kampua mee stall there.

I went and ordered the fried kway teow

Uncle Lau kway teow goreng

…from the Muslim stall at the back and when it was served, I was delighted that it came with the sambal belacan

Uncle Lau sambal belacan

…that I enjoyed so much the first time I had this here but no, it was not the same and though it was quite all right, I did not think it was as nice.

It was RM3.50 a plate that time and for an extra 50 sen, I could get one fried egg with my plate of noodles. That morning, I did not ask for an egg nor did I ask for the special but I got a huge slab of fried chicken, anyway and I was stunned when the boss’ brother picked up the tab – it was just RM4.50! I thought that was VERY cheap especially considering that a plate of Foochow fried noodles would set one back by at least RM4.00 these days and the meat and vegetable in it would be barely visible to the naked eye.

The employee that came along with us ordered the fried mee (RM4.50)…

Uncle Lau mi goreng

…and like me, he too got the chicken.

Gee!!! Looking at the prices that I have had to fork out here and there these days for stuff not all that nice, I certainly would much sooner come back here for this instead.

UNCLE LAU CORNER (2.328131, 111.840397) is located back to back with Udak Kitchen which is to the left of Everwin, Sg Merah along Lorong Sungai Merah 2C, off Jalan Teng Chin Hua, across the road from the St Teresa’s Catholic Church and the SIB Church next to it.