Come and join us…

That evening, I asked my girl if she wanted to go back to that very nice Korean place for dinner and no prize for guessing what her answer was.

I asked her to whatsapp my sister to see if she was keen to join us. As far as I know she had never been there as all these years she had to take care of our parents especially at night when we would not be around and they had  a caregiver there in the daytime only – on “crucial days”, they did get some night nurses to come in and help. Well, she was fine with the idea so we went to pick her up and headed to the place.

We had the complimentary starters…


…as usual and even though we could request for a refill should we felt like it, I read a review in their Facebook page that somehow or other, everything was “out of stock” when he or she asked for it. My missus loved the kimchi and another one of the eight, I can’t remember which one now, and she said she would ask for more later. I guess she was already too full after we had had all our orders so she did not do so in the end…so I do not actually know how valid that comment was.

I ordered the moksal (목살) (RM25.00)…


…or neck meat which I said I would come back to try when we were here previously. It was very nice wrapped in the lettuce provided, along with the chili paste and the garlic slices and the shallots and what not…

For the moksal

…and the mushroom and onion that came with the pork and we enjoyed it a lot but I could not tell if there was any difference from the samgyeopsal (삼겹살) or pork belly slices that we used to order before but for one thing, it was quite obvious that this one had a lot less fat.

Of course we did not want to grill the meat ourselves and end up stinking of what we had cooked so we got the guy…

Let him do it

…to do it for us.

My girl insisted on having their dolsot bibimbap (돌솥 비빔밥) (RM20.00)…

Dolsot bibimbap

– she loves it so much but I gave it a miss this time around and happily ate the plain rice that came with the galbi tang (갈비탕) (RM30.00)…

Galbi tang

…that I liked a lot, the rich flavourful soup especially.

We also had their Korean version of the sushi, the gimbap (김밥) (RM18.00)…


…and yes, it was very nice too. We did order something else, another beef dish, but they came back later to tell us it was not available so we decided to cancel it and probably order something else later but we all had our fill so that was it!

That sure was a delightful dinner that the four of us had that night and the total, inclusive of the jug of green tea (RM10.00), came up to RM103.00. Yes, they do accept credit cards here, no terms and conditions but I wanted to pay in cash…except that I did not have any small change and gave the lady RM150.00. The lady asked if I had RM3.00 and digging into my wallet, I could only come up with RM2.00…but no, that was RM1.00 short and she would rather give me the RM47.00 change instead of giving me a little discount. Tsk! Tsk!!!

In another comment in their Facebook page, somebody had this to say: “Btw, nobody would greet or say thank you so maybe the management didn’t think it’s important to be courteous too,” and I couldn’t agree more. The food is great, service is good and prompt but I wish they could be friendlier and at least, smile if nothing else. Except for that guy in the above photograph – he did say thank you to us when we walked past him as we were leaving – if it is niceties that you want, it is best that you go elsewhere.

KIMCHEE KOREAN BAR.BQ (2.296883,111.825859) is located on the first floor in the block of shops to the right of the Old Sing Kwong Supermarket (Kin Orient Plaza) along Jalan Tun Abang Hj Openg.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “Come and join us…”

  1. I like Korean food too! There’s a korean bbq buffet restaurant near my place for about RM50 per head and I will visit that place whenever I crave for it! That plate of moksal looks good eh

    Wowwwww!!!! RM50 a head!!! You take me there when I hop over to KL, can? LOL!!!

  2. The Korean food you showed here all look so yummy, especially the moksal. I am curious in the Korean Sushi, wonder how different from Japanese sushi they taste.

    It was very different though it looked similar. They do not have that sourish rice like in the Japanese ones.

    1. You reminded me that in one of the Korean restaurants I visited, the staff also did not have any smile on their faces, is it a norm among Korean restaurants I wonder?

      Yes, when I was in Korea many many years ago, that was one thing that I noted. The older folks especially – they never smiled, like the whole world was against them. Maybe they had been through a lot, the war with North Korea and all. The Korean family here too – at their coffee shop place selling Korean food at upscale prices – they did not look that friendly either.

  3. Food looks ok, that much I can say and they don’t come cheap. Galbi Tang looks like tang hoon tng. Is that french bean in the galbi tang?

    Yes, my cheapskate friend I was blogging about the other day would have a heart attack if she ever comes here. Korean, Japanese, Thai, Italian…all these places are not cheap…compared to Payung that she was complaining about. Here, I thought the prices were all right except the galbi tang as they did not have all that much beef in it but it tasted so so so so good, the soup was so thick and so rich…will put all the rest like Ah Mui’s to shame – I sure would want to order that again on our next visit.

    No, they did not have tang hoon in it – those were sweet potato noodles, the Korean version – they use that in their japchae…and I did not pay attention to the green things, only knew there were slices of white carrot/radish – maybe stalks of scallion, dunno.

  4. I agree with you that the restaurant staff should be trained to greet and thank customers. A little bit of PR goes a long way.

    Like the guys at Payung, sure feels nice to be at such places. It does make a world of difference. I wonder how people like Ms Poker Face could ever think of being in the food business…or any business, for that matter.

  5. I love eating moksal too especially wrapped in lettuce with a garlic in it. Yums!
    I prefer sushi to gimbap though. Maybe because I like the sourish tone to it.

    I’m ok with all…as long as there’s no kim chi. LOL!!!

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