Everytime anytime…

The ladies in the house love anything and everything Korean and they sure would not mind going for the cuisine everytime, anytime. As a matter of fact, my missus makes her own kim chi regularly and gives some to our girl to take to her school in the jungle to enjoy and yes, they do use it to cook all kinds of dishes…but unfortunately, I am not a fan of kim chi. LOL!!!

We do have some Korean restaurants in town and this one…

Kimchee Korean Bar.BQ 1

…is actually very good but I’ve only been here once, way back in 2015. The ladies did make their way here another time for dinner when I had to attend some function some place else that evening…and I  heard that they ordered more or less those same dishes as they were the ones that my girl enjoyed the most.

We dropped by last Saturday for lunch…

Kimchee Korean Bar.BQ 2

…and yes, we got all these entrées…

Kimchee Korean Bar.BQ entrees

…on the house and they were refillable, so I was told, but no, we did not ask for more as we had so much to eat that we did not think we would feel like having anymore.

My girl asked for the samgyeopsal

samgyeopsal 1

…the pork belly…

samgyeopsal 2

…which they cooked for us over a fire grill with some hot charcoal…

hot charcoal

…at the next table. I thought that was very good as that way, we would not walk out of the place stinking of what we had just eaten. Of course, it was very nice and we enjoyed it a lot but I was thinking that perhaps, we could ask for the thin version, the daepae samgyeopsal…

Daepae samyeopsal

…on our next visit for a change or the moksal or neck meat…

...and moksal

…that I thought looked really good…


We had the dolsot bibimbap

Dolsot bibimbap 1

…before and that day, I thought it was especially nice…

Dolsot bibimbap 2

…definitely much nicer than any that we had had elsewhere.

The ojingeo (squid)…


…was very good too and we sure would want to order that again the next time we drop by here – my girl has a soft spot for sotong (squid) but this time around, we could not order the haemul pajeon (seafood pancake), another favourite of hers as these places usually use the special imported flour from Korea and we are not sure of the ingredients and whether it is gluten free or not.

No, we did not have this…

Just out of the kitchen

I saw it coming out of the kitchen and quickly snapped a pic of it. My guess is that was their sundubu jjigae and it sure looked like there was a lot of kim chi or similar ingredients along those same lines in it – it did not really tickle my fancy when we had that the last time we were here.

Instead of that, for our soup dish, we had the galbi tang or the beef ribs soup…

Galbi tang 1

…that was really thick and nice…

Galbi tang 2

…definitely on our must-order list on our future visits. It was served with rice but of course, we did not touch that as we already had a lot to handle and yes, we did finish everything…somehow, believe it or not.

The total for our lunch that day came up to around RM120.00 which was all right considering that we enjoyed it so much, value for money, and especially when we do not come by often…and seeing that there are a whole lot of new items on their menu, rest assured that they will see us back there again very soon.

KIMCHEE KOREAN BAR.BQ (2.296883,111.825859) is located on the first floor in the block of shops to the right of the Old Sing Kwong Supermarket (Kin Orient Plaza) along Jalan Tun Abang Hj Openg.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “Everytime anytime…”

  1. I don’t mind Korean at times as I like their Kimchi and Pork Belly. The price of RM120 is very reasonable looking at the amount of food you all had

    Yes, considering that it was really special, different – none of the usual mundane stuff and we did enjoy it so much, I would say it was worth it. Would go back again soon.

  2. Korean/Japanese cuisine, not really my kind of food but the squid and beef ribs soup looks good though.

    Japanese is ok but generally, I find it very mild. I’m not into kim chi so as far as Korean goes, anything with kim chi will not be to my liking…but they do have some very nice dishes – I’m learning to love it! These days, I find Chinese very boring, the same old things and more often than not, oily and lots of msg. More into Asean and Indian cuisines.

  3. I am not so crazy about Korean; drama, song or cuisine.

    But bbq, any time for me. Hehe.

    Not into the songs, that’s for sure, that K-pop! I am not into the drama too but I know many are – they say they are addictive. Once you’ve started, there will be no end to it! Perhaps you have not been to a nice Korean place – so far, I’m just so-so with it but what we had that day was so very nice that I would not mind going again…soon!

  4. Not a fan of kim chi too. Korean BBQ near me charges $40 per person. I’ll never be able to eat my money’s worth.

    Oh dear!!! Well, without converting, it is quite reasonably-priced. What we had that day would average around that amount too…in ringgit, of course.

  5. That’s one delicious Korean feast! Pork neck is my favorite cut for korean bbq as it is quite nice and fatty.

    Ok, we’ll try that next time. It sure looks good!

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