In the meantime…

…my girl has used the other box of the gluten-free pizza and focaccia bread mix to make these delightful buns…

Gluten-free garlic cheese buns

…with melted mozarella cheese inside…

Cheese inside

…coated with butter, garlic powder and all the herbs on the outside. It turned out really well and of course, she was very pleased.

She also came home from one of her shopping trips that day with these…

Digestives, plain 1

…that she bought for me from one of the shops round the corner from my house, made in Johore…

Made in Johore

I loved the packaging but no, it came nowhere near those original digestives but when I dunked them…

Digestives, plain 2

…in fresh milk to eat, I did enjoy them a lot more with the added richness of the milk.

She also bought this other variety, chocolate flavoured…

Digestives, chocolate 1

…and between the two, on their own, I thought this one…

Digestives, chocolate 2

…was a bit nicer with the light taste of chocolate and I found that when dunked in my coffee, it was really very nice.

Well, they’re inexpensive especially compared to those imported digestives, some of which may not be all that nice as well so personally, I wouldn’t mind grabbing these should I see them in the shop.

And talking about those shops, I was at the one at the other end of the block, the one that we frequent a lot more, and I saw this mee sua

mee sua

…selling for RM6.00 a bag. It did not look like one of those factory-made ones and the noodles did look finer than those so I grabbed a bag to try. The people at the shop did say it was homemade/handmade and dried but of course, those people would say anything as long as they can sell you something – the test of the pudding is in the eating.

I did not cook any traditional Foochow red wine chicken soup so I could not eat the noodles with that…and these days, considering the prices, I am not all that keen on buying Bovril or Marmite anymore. As a matter of fact, at some shops and supermarkets here, they keep those bottles under lock and key alongside the abalone and the sharks’ fins and birds’ nest. I had no choice but to cook it that same way, kampua mee style but substituting the Bovril with the far more affordable dark soy sauce instead and it actually turned out really nice…

Kampua mee-style mee sua 1

I sure wouldn’t mind buying some more of this mee sua

Kampua mee-style mee sua 2

…again when the current stock runs out.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “In the meantime…”

  1. I think I will like the buns with melted cheese as I love cheese and I don’t mind having a plate of your mee sua too as it looks so good.

    Yes, it was good, a nice change from the usual, served in traditional red wine chicken soup.

  2. Gosh, marmite in the same category as abalone and bird’s nest – I guess marmite enthusiasts must be cursing the soaring prices!

    Yes, and it’s yeast, not beef…and so is Bovril these days, yeast! They should change the name…or customers can sue them for misrepresentation, nothing bovine in it…and there’s chicken Bovril too! Lord have mercy!

  3. Oh the mozarella inside! That really got me, also the mee sua! We also have the same stuff like that here in the Philippines!

    You have mee sua in the Philippines too? Never seen anyone blogging about that, noodles…or pansit, yes.

  4. I can have a lot of those buns your girl made, one after another as they look delicious. I love mee sua too but I usually eat them in soup not the dry type

    I do like the dry versions sometimes for a change – they serve it fried at restaurants here but like everything else, some do it well, others not really so.

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