Food for the soul…

Whenever my girl comes home for the weekend, we will try to cook or tapao something that she likes for her to enjoy over the 2/3 days home and also to pack for her to take to her school in the jungle to sustain her over the dreary week there. In the meantime, we would also take her to places where she loves the food a lot for some of what I called in an earlier post, food therapy.

Knowing how she has a soft spot for Korean cuisine, last Saturday, I suggested going to this very nice Korean place in town


After all, we had not been here since November last year but she and the mum did go to Korea in December.

As always, we were served these complimentary refillable ban chan (반찬)…

Ban chan

…or starters/appetisers as soon as we were seated. No prize for pointing out which one I did not touch but I did enjoy the brinjal (extreme left) and the tofu (bottom right).

I was thinking we could order what we had not had on our previous visits but no, my girl insisted on having her favourite dolsot bibimbap, RM20.00 (돌솥비빔밥)…

Dolsot bibimbap

…so of course, what she wants, she gets and they do it really well here, very much to our liking.

My girl heard from a colleague of hers that the gun mandu (군만두) here was really good so of course, we ordered those (RM16.00)…

Gun mandu

…especially considering that she loves those dumplings, especially the pan-fried ones and I must say I would agree with her colleague 100% which, of course, is saying a lot for someone who isn’t really into those things.

We also had the haemul pajeon (해물파전), the Korean seafood pancake (RM28.00)…

Haemui pajeon

…which was nice though personally, I did not think it was anything to get excited about.

We wanted the beef dish, the galbi jjim (갈비찜), RM35.00…

Galbi jjim

…on our previous visit but it was not available so of course, we ordered that this time around. It did not look quite like the photograph in the menu but it was very nice, bursting with flavours. Having said that, I think I prefer the galbi tang (갈비탕), the beef soup that we had before and loved it so very much, good till the very last drop.

The total came up to RM109.00 altogether, inclusive of a jug of iced green tea and no, I would not say it was cheap but yes, we certainly would want to come again, considering how much we enjoy the food here, my girl especially.

KIMCHEE KOREAN BAR.BQ (2.296883,111.825859) is located on the first floor in the block of shops to the right of the Old Sing Kwong Supermarket (Kin Orient Plaza) along Jalan Tun Abang Hj Openg.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “Food for the soul…”

  1. Ha ha…less food in her school in the jungle might be a big blessing . People are just eating too frequent and too much these days as diabetes and hyper tension diagnoses soar.

    As they say, square meals make round people but on the other hand, improper meals, irregular eating, a diet that is not balanced will also lead to all kinds of problems – many young people these days fall into this category, never mind in the urban centres or in the jungle.

    You’re new around here? Name’s not that familiar. Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

  2. I don’t mind a change of cuisine once a while. Good for the tummy. Lol.

    Yes, Chinese say, every day eat meat also boring, sometimes must eat vegetables. LOL!!!

  3. Korean/Japanese cuisine aren’t cheap but once in awhile for a change, I think it is good but unfortunately I am not a great fan of it. What a loss. Of all the above, I like the gun madu.

    I’m never into those siu jiao or whatever name they give to those dumplings, steamed or pan fried…not into xiao long pao either but the gun mandu that we had that day was really good. Sure would not mind ordering those again the next time we drop by this place.

  4. Indeed! I love food therapy hee..hee… I enjoy Korean food and like your girl, I enjoy dolsot bibimbap.

    Can’t say I love bibimbap but the one here is really good compared to others I had elsewhere.

  5. Yes, as long as your girl likes it, the pricing is not really a problem! 🙂

    That goes without saying! Anything she wants, she gets! Wink! Wink!

  6. wow…I’m sure ur Wifey & Melissa enjoyed their trip to Korea. Cold weather la kan.
    What I like most about Korean food is the refillable Ban Chan…hahahaha

    Yes, it was quite cold when they went but they had a great time!

  7. When you saw your blog title, I knew that it was about Korean food hee hee. Food for the (seoul). Here we have a Korean food stall named Seoul Yummy LOL. Love all the Korean dishes you ordered here, just that I don’t eat beef.

    Oh! So far their gabi tang is my favourite dish here, beef soup.

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